Crockpot Chicken and Stuffing Recipe

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My picky twin grandbabies ate everything on their plates. NOT sure what happened — after 15 minutes the broth was gone and the potatoes and carrots were starting to burn. I followed the recipe — but only 3rd time using the instant pot so wondering if I am just not sure how to use it. Make sure the vent on top is set to seal, next make sure the rubber gasket inside is functioning properly.

This meatloaf was delicious! I had to cook the meatloaf a little longer because it was a little over 2 lbs and I used a lot of potatoes. The potatoes and carrots did get mushy, but they tasted good. We did love the sauce on top, so good!

I placed the meatloaf inside of it with tin foil. Unfortunately for me it was still raw in the middle after 37 minutes. I turned it back on for another 10 minutes and had to end up putting it in the oven… not sure what went wrong as I followed the instructions. I beat the pan had something to do with it. I cook mine in tin foil or using a vegetable steamer.

I would guess that more steam gets to these ingredients than using a pan. If I am only cooking for 2 people and want to cut the recipe in half using 1lb of meat , how long should I cook as a total?

You might do 25 minutes to start with. I cut the recipe in half and cooked for 22 minutes, it came out perfect. I absolutely will make this again. Loved the sauce on top. Thanks for telling us the time for half the recipe! I know there were a few people asking! Tried this out and it came out just as good if it was cooked in the oven. The best part was cooking the potatoes,and carrots in the bottom supper cooked in one dish.

Can this be made without a steamer basket? Just put it on top of trivet with extra foil under the meatloaf package? I put a bottom layer of potatoes. This keeps the meatloaf out of the liquids at the bottom of the pressure cooker. As long as you have something to keep it from sitting in that liquid you should be fine. I would think you could even put some balls of tin foil to create a stand if you needed to. This was delicious and easy! Hardly any clean up! So far, all the meat I have cooked in the Instant Pot has been so flavorful and moist.

This recipe is definitely tough to explain because the shape and size of your meatloaf will determine the time it needs to cook. Now a days I always cook it at 35 minutes and top it with the remaining sauce in the oven on broil for about 5 minutes. Comes out perfect every single time. I have brain damage and directions are often difficult for me. All because of how thourough, perfectly explained and accompanied with photos so I can see my ingredients do match hers in the recipe.

Where I am very confused at now is this post about it not being written very clear. Maybe I am missing something then. Jennifer, thank you so much for taking the time and thought to write this out the way you did. I want to cry as I feel like I function in the kitchen like a normal person does. My guy is so nice and never complains about waiting three hours for a one hour dish.

It will be nice to have him fed early enough for him to digest it in a healthy mannor now by following all your recipes, instead of my usual dinner served at bed time.

I would hug you if you were reachable. You are my kitchen angel! Your ingredients list 1 cup beef broth. Please clarify this, as I would like to try this recipe this weekend. That was a typo and it should only be 1 cup of water that goes in the bottom of the pressure cooker. I made this tonight and unfortunately it was a huge flop.

I definitely added way too much water but not sure where I messed up. At the top of the entry you list the Meatloaf ingredients and at the bottom of the list is 2c of broth or water. I later read in the actual recipe written out towards the bottom of your entry it say 1c beef broth. So is water actually added to the meatloaf mixture, or is that the water you pour into the bottom of the IP? Both the meatloaf and veggies were complete mush. Sorry for so many questions. The meatloaf flavor was excellent so I really want to give this another shot!

Holly, Thanks so much for your questions. I have updated the recipe a bit to explain more about why we put water or broth in the bottom on the pressure cooker. You must have a liquid in the bottom of the pressure cooker so it can create the steam to cook your meal. You can make this recipe with or without potatoes at the same time. I usually put the liquid in the pot first, then add a layer of potatoes, then set the rack that comes with that pressure cooker on top of the potatoes.

It will become to soggy if it does. I would cook it on high setting for 35 minutes in the pressure cooker. I always put it in the oven on a high temperature after the pressure cooker for an additional 5 minutes to caramelize the topping too.

The red sauce on top almost comes out a bit sticky and full of flavor when you do that. Please, let me know how it goes for you. You have just turned the lightbulb on in my head on my pressure cooker.

I never thought to cook a meat loaf in mine, but when I saw your pin, it just hit me. Thanks, I will definitely give this a try! I have a meat loaf recipe for pounds, guessing I would have to cut it back to 2 lbs ground meat.

To absorb extra liquid from zucchini, and to keep it carb friendly and healthier, I use almond flour and ground flax seed instead of any bread crumbs. I have a silicone vegetable steamer, that might work even better. I made this tonight, and the meatloaf is delicious. I have never before put a small slice on my plate and gone back for more. A;so having it for lunch tomorrow. The sauce is to die for!

And I am not a sauce or meatloaf girl. Also, I used fresh green beans instead of carrots. They were mushier sitting in the bottom with the potatoes and broth than I normally would cook them, but still delicious!

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