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Decoding the Human Body-Field to Get to the Root Cause and Restore Your Energy for Life

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The Basics An infoceutical is a treatment that addresses the biochemical issues your body experiences. The science behind infoceuticals separates it from traditional allopathic medicine. We see health holistically. Want to write for NES? Our technology, therapies, and philosophy take all of these into account, as we measure and correct fields that drive physiology and encourage lifestyle choices that support good health. Using the Client miHealth YouTube link to share: You may not have heard the term infoceuticals before.

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What Are Infoceuticals?

You may not have heard the term infoceuticals before. Created by NES Health, infoceuticals stand as one of the frontrunners in a new wave of allopathic medicine. An infoceutical is a treatment that addresses the biochemical issues your body experiences. An infoceutical offers a precise treatment based on information gathered via digital devices. This data forms the core of an infoceutical treatment. As such, the infoceutical becomes a form of energy therapy. It targets a specific organ or body part to provide targeted treatment for an issue.

Your practitioner uses a special system to figure out your dosage. Infoceuticals come in a bottle. You apply a set amount of drops to a glass of water, in the order your practitioner tells you. After that, you drink the water and let the infoceuticals get to work.

Two main elements make up an infoceutical. The first is filtered water. This acts as the base of the treatment. The second is microminerals. These come from plants and are where the bio-information that forms the treatment gets encoded.

When you take your infoceutical, your body field undergoes some changes. As such, the infoceutical interacts directly with your body field. It helps to remove energy blockages and fix any irregularities. Infoceuticals help your body in several ways.

The core treatment focuses on achieving energy balance. Properly coded infoceuticals help your body maximise its energy flow. The Practitioner of the Month is Need to Stress Less?

Getting to The Heart of the Issues: Lyme Disease and Energy Medicine: Is There a Cure? Feeling Anxious or Depressed? Want to write for NES? From Asthma Attacks to Feeling Good. Software Downloads and Guides. This update allows clients, scans, notes and recommendations to be synced with the Portal, enabling clients to view the scan screens selectable by practitioner , the addition of client-friendly help files, summary screens, recommendations and the order status of Infoceuticals.

This is an English version release only - translations for the update will be available in the near future. After updating and running the latest software you may be presented with a message stating, "This software requires the.

Only clients in ProVision with an email address not duplicated will be synced with the Portal. Note that an email address is required to allow clients to log in and see their scan results.

Portal and ProVision clients will need to be linked before the syncing can proceed. When syncing clients between the Portal and ProVision for the first time, it may take a while to complete. This is dependent on the number of clients and scans you have in both the Portal and ProVision and your Internet speed.

If possible, the sync should be completed for the first time before ProVision is used for scanning, especially when installing ProVision on a new computer and syncing a large number over of clients from the Portal. Alternatively, copy and paste this link into your web browser: