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Green tea has gained tremendous popularity as an all-around health elixir, touted to burn fat and prevent an array of illnesses, including cancer and heart disease. But is there scientific substance behind the claims that green tea is good for weight loss or overall health?

We reviewed the research and spoke to experts to find out. Nieman, who has studied green tea extensively, says this effect is probably due to a combination of its caffeine and catechins—antioxidants that are plentiful in green tea and present in smaller amounts in some fruits, dark chocolate, and red wine. But the effect is likely to lead to little, if any, change on the scale. For example, in a study published in the journal Clinical Nutrition in , overweight women took either a daily dose of about 1, mg of green tea extract in supplement form the equivalent of roughly 15 cups of green tea or a placebo for 12 weeks.

Though the green tea group dropped an average of 2. A few cups per day is probably safe, Lipman says. These antioxidants have the ability to block the action of molecules called free radicals, which can cause changes in healthy cells that sometimes lead to cancer. In the Cochrane Library published a review of 51 studies that included a total of more than 1. Each study investigated whether consuming green tea reduced the risk of developing specific types of cancer, including those of the breast, colon , oral cavity, liver, pancreas, and prostate.

The results were conflicting, says lead author Katja Boehm, Ph. Some data suggests that green tea can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease —a narrowing of the arteries that can lead to heart attack, chest pains, or stroke. For example, in a study of more than 40, adults, researchers in Japan found that those who consumed five or more cups of green tea per day were 26 percent less likely to die of cardiovascular disease over an year period than those who drank just one cup per day.

Similarly, a study of 76, people published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health in found that women who drank one to six cups of green tea per day had a reduced risk of dying of cardiovascular disease over an average of 13 years compared with those drank none. How might green tea protect the heart? Experts say it may reduce high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure , which are important factors in cardiovascular disease. To reduce your risk of diseases such as cancer and heart disease as well as keep your weight in check , he says, you need to eat a healthy diet that includes plenty of fruit, vegetables, and whole grains.

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