Do I have Pancreatitis?

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Thanks to fellow posters for making me feel not crazy!! I was going to give him some butter but decided to do some research first. I get the itchy mouth, lip swelling that most say. Anyhow, I took lexapro for 8 days and then tried to wean off it on my own after this, so its been about 2 weeks. Kevin 29 May, , 1: Just ask the doc to start you off with a low dose and see what happens. Also do you know what variant is it I could check?


I have no idea my cause. My gallbladder has been gone for 28 yrs. I am age 55 now. It seems since the diagnosis I cannot get rid of the abdominal pain and nausea, it was coming and going before that day but I just wonder could something have stirred up my Pancreas during the Endoscopic Ultrasound procedure?

Pain is sometimes tolerable if I lay on th right side and draw up my legs and sometimes severe! I was hospitalized last year in Oct, Dec, and then March- never a diagnosis! He then decided to do an Endoscopic Ultrasound and finally- a diagnosis! Since then I have had constant abdominal pain and nausea. I went to ER twice last week, the first day, they found I had Pneumonia and sent me home!

Went back next day and they pretty much did nothing, it seems every time my Amylase and Lipase are checked they are normal, including each of the 3 hospitalizations! Sorry for this long post! I think she is hoping the MD that specializes in the Pancreas that I see next week may have something else to tell me! I think finding your blog may be going to save my life!!

What do you think I should do next. Thank you VERY much for your lifelong knowledge, your willingness to share and to answer questions!! I know it sucks. The more damage you have the more it sucks lol. Your PCP is right. Worry about eliminating the inflammation. Once the inflammation is resolved you can begin healing as long as you keep the inflammation resolved.

That is an ongoing battle. Diet and supplements help to eliminate the inflammation and keep it gone. Again, it will be a life-long, ongoing battle but it can be done. Once you heal you may regain your weight and almost feel normal. Think of it as remission.

A life-long remission as long as you adhere to a new lifestyle diet and supplements. It beats the heck out of pain, nausea, disability and death. Thank you SO much for the response!! LOL I already knew that but I like your idea of thinking of it as remission. I am totally committed to living the rest of my life with the new diet and supplements needed to keep me feeling well!!

I am an RN, and I enjoy that part of my life as well! I HATE being on the other side, the sick patient in the bed- it sucks!! I am a much better nurse than patient, trust me!! Some times I forget the diet and I feel little pain in the stomach and the back, but it heal in 4 days without painkiller or any medications.

Hi Paul, I believe I may have answered my own question by reading more of your blogs today. Vegan diet for 6 months for now, along with supplements you recommend. Find the right doctor.

Learn all I can bout CP. Yep Jackie you got it — stopping the inflammation is the secret. The only way I know how to do that is with a proper pancreatitis diet and the pancreas supplements. To my knowledge there are only two enemies, alcohol and fat. Do the proper prep and food diary, be careful of what you eat and drink and take enough grape seed, curcumin and vit C to actually resolve the inflammation and heal your pancreas varies from person to person.

I want to ask you about something I read here: Processed white sugar is useless, empty calories. Brown sugar is less refined and still offers a bit of nutrients.

Over ripe fruit can be a problem. When the peel of a banana start to darken spots the sugar is beginning to turn. If the banana has a lot of spots you can smell the alcohol in the peeled fruit. I eat brown sugar, molassess and fruit fruit sugars. I am pretty sure it is a safe choice. I have never tried it. I use sugar brown, molasses but I would think stevia would be fine.

Anyways, have decided to embrace the new lifestyle no alcohol, no fat am excessively obsessive about what I eat and within 10 days got all my numbers down to normal with medication of course. I must confess I do have nagging pain that is not excruciating at all but there nonetheless below by left rib cage towards the back. Do you think it is due to the fish or just an excessive qty of protein given that I have organic egg white omelets cooked without oil for breakfast, lunch and evening snack — I try to eat times daily.

Thank you for your help. If that pain resolves then you can try a meal of fish and see if it returns. If none of that helps get on the supplements and cut back on the food. My last hospital visit was about 1 month ago. I seriously thought I was dying! My lipase count was over 3,!!! But this does seem really overwhelming. How were you first able to change your diet without everything seeming like …. Would love ANY advice! Have been sober for a year, and do eat at least once everyday, but the fat thing is a hard pill to swallow!

Bigger than my creon I take everytime I eat!! Yes, that FAT in foods will kill you, just like alcohol. Fat, like alcohol inflames the pancreas. You could eat a steak tomorrow, feel fine, eat some prk chops the next day and skate and then 3 days later bam! You are sicker than a dog! The scary thing is that your next fat filled meal could be the one that ends your time here on earth.

Do I miss some foods? It definitely can be overwhelming. Imagine a fat free or very low fat pancreatits diet coupled with the need to be gluten free! You simply need to learn how to cook great tasting low, low fat food without using oil to cook or bake, just like I had to do. It sure beats being sick. Rely on a quality set of non-stick cookware. You can use almost any recipe and fix something similar by taking out bad ingredients oil for example or substituting ingredients such as beef in chili, pork and beef in spaghetti for ground chicken or turkey.

Ground chicken has less fat than turkey. You want your meals to contain no more than 5 grams of fat with a total intake of 25 grams of fat daily including snacks.

In fact the best thing to do is to go modified vegan for the first 6 months. Vegans use fat filled oils, sauces, nuts, seeds, etc and you? You however will rely on egg whites for a zero fat source of extra protein. You can also try fat free milk to see how that works for you. It should be fine. Because I am lactose intolerant due to long-term, undiagnosed celiac disease I have to drink lactose free, fat free, organic milk.

Overwhelming amounts of information work best or are learned easiest if taken in smaller chunks. At the moment I feel better but I have problems with my weight.

My weight was 90 kg and now is only 60 kg and I am sm high. I eat only brown rice,potatoes and eggs white. Could you tell me what to do to gain some weight. Is it safe to eat white bread? Long time since you have commented.

Are you still having pain and other symptoms or have you been feeling good no pain, no other symptoms for awhile? If you are feeling good you could begin to try some white meat fish like Cod super good protein with little fat. Skinless chicken breast would likely be a good addition as well.

Do not cook either using oil. White bread is probably ok, check fat content per slice and ingredients no lard. Wheat or whole grain bread would have more protein and nutrients but … white should be fine.

Unfortunally there are bad news fo me. I was in good health about 4 months. In the next day I began to feel that my stomach is upset. I had a lot of gas and heart burn. Two days after that I began to feel pancreatic pain. I can not mistake that pain. Probably the acids in my stomach irritated the pancreas. I began to take Grape SE but unfortunaly I felt pain in my kidneys.

I took only mg per day GSE. I am afraid to harm my kidneys with GSE. I dont know what to do. I read a lot of articles and in all I read that GSE is good for kidneys. What is wrong with me? Why my kidneys react that way? I am so desperate. Then I took GSE and the pains gone. But then I had pain and burning in my kidneys. Then I took 1 g per day I probably I harmed kidneys. Now I take 10 times lower doze I again I have pains and burning in kidneys.

I am sure that GSE can stop the pain but it damage kidneys. Could you give me an advice. WebMD is usually like ALL medical sites when it comes to alternative remedies yet they have nothing bad to say about grape seed extract. So you my friend are what is called an enigma. I wish I could be more help.

It does sound like grape seed extract may be a tad to powerful for your system, for some reason. You may want to consider getting your kidneys thoroughly checked because most doctors do NOT catch kidney disease until tests slap them in the face. You could have early kidney disease and the action of grape seed extract pushing toxins from the body is simply to much for your kidneys to handle.

That would be sad since it has already helped your pancreas pain previously. Thanks for your advices. A doctor said that my problems are due to my gallbladder.

Then doctors said that my gallblader is ok. All researches show no problem with gallblader but two doctors said that if they remove it that will heal my pancreas. I am sure they dont say this to take money for that operation because they are family friends.. They think the gallbladder is infllamed and it inflames the pancreas. What do you think? I didnt change my diet or drink alcohol-pains beggins after my stomach was irritated.

Could it be due to gallbladder? Unfortunatelly the same story is with other antioxidants-sellenium,ala. I could not tolerate also vitamin C due to my gastritis. I had never before had problems with kidneys. But I noticed that after that kidneys problem I had gout.

Now I begin to feel the burning of gout again. There is some connection between kidney problem and gout. Unfortunatelly I wiil try to handle with pancreatitis without supllements. I hope when remove my gallblader my pancreas to feel better.

What do you think -is it good idea to remove gallbladder? I worry that after the removal of gallbladder all juices from liver wll go directlly to my stomach. And I have gastritis and afraid that will irritate my stomach.

I have problems with my job. I have not went to work since August. Probbally I wiil lose my job. Hey Miroslav — your doc could very well be right. Yet, if you have SOD, even though you had a sphincterotomy, may still become an issue.

Yet eliminating inflammation GB could help. The biliary tree seems to be closely related. If one member part becomes inflamed it seems to affect the other member parts. I find it amazing that you seem to be inable to tolerate grape seed extract. Is it safe to drink juices that I have taken from shop?

I think to get antioxidants from fruits and juices. But there are sugar in some juices in shops. Is it safe to drink them? Grapefruit juice is excellent for the pancreas.

Pomegranate juice is also full of antioxidants. Of course you could always try grape juice. Vegetables are also extremely high in antioxidants, especially kale, spinach, swiss chard, broccoli, cauliflower. Hey Miroslav i think i have same issue. I have lost almost 20 lbs in a month, and after i eat i have to go to the toilet in an hour. Where do you feel the pain? Is it under your left ribs? Lets talk about this i think we have the same problem.

And I struggle with finding a good nutritious everyday diet. Huldra I am guessing you are diabetic? Is that from your acute pancreatitis attack severe damage or were you diabetic previous to the attack? If you are insulin dependent of course you have to take your insulin. Huldra — ok, I misunderstood? Anyway — yep — fat is not good! We have to have some fat but no more than 5 grams per meal, 25 grams of total fat daily and most of that fat should come from vegetables polyunsaturated.

Then it would be prudent to start with low fat — bo fat foods such as brown ricee, veggies and similar fair all cooked without oil or fat butter, margarine, etc of any kind. You are simply out of imminent danger. So prudent diet is extremely important. Well, too late for me now, as it is one month since the attack.

At the hospital they wanted me to eat from day 1. And I also developed a bad reflux problem. So I ended up with 9 days of only drinking water. Then my doc gave me nutrition drinks.

And I got very ill. Turned out they contsined milk and fat. Now I try to figure out things on my own. But no litterature in my home language. I got a juicer and a blender from friends. Will it have an effect if I start juicing now, you think? And maybe fast with only water a couple of days ahead?? Huldra if you are sick and in pain yes I think so. And you are welcome. My name is steve. I was diagnosed with chronic E.

I quit drinking alcohol 6 months ago before i even knew i had this. My biggest problem so far is constapation. What can i eat that want cause it? Congrats on stopping the alcohol. First step in in getting your alcoholic pancreatitis under control is accomplished.

Just remain alcohol free, for life. The next is to make sure you read this blog because no matter what the cause except for CF the most profitable thing for me was to adopt a low fat, anti inflammatory diet and anti inflammatory supplements. The constipation thing may be helped by eating more fiber. What about grilled White meat turkey, chicken, etc…? What seasonings besides the ones you listed? Hi Keith — yea applesauce is great. Grilled, skinless white poultry chicken, turkey breast, wing is fine.

Dark meat has a higher fat content drum sticks, thighs. Ketchup, mustartd are fine. Anything not on the no-no food list with ZERO or low, low fat should work. Remember 5 grams of fat per meal, 25 grams daily total. Some people tolerate more fat grams, some less. Depends on damage and healing. Yep cerals are fine most anyway. Just make sure you read labels.

Oat meal, cream of wheat rice too are all great. Even that may still cause some people problems. Hi, my name is Leiann. Thank you for all of the helpful information! I quit drinking 18 days ago, the day after I quit, I started experiencing what I now know is acute pancreatitis. Unfortunately I was stubborn and waited 7 days to go to an urgent care. The doctor said I had gallstones a lot of my pain manifested on the right side and sent me home with Hydrocodone and instructions to follow up with my GP.

Five days later I woke up my husband and told him to take me to the ER. They gave me morphine that shit felt awful I really think the morphine made it worse.

After blood work and an ultrasound no gallstones the ER doc said I had pancreatitis. I was admitted for observation, and after 24 hours on fluids, the doctor said I could go home if I could eat.

They gave me oatmeal and french toast. The doctor told me to to keep taking the hydrocodone for pain. He said I will always have some pain because of the damage I have done by drinking, and then walked out. I am so glad I found your web site! Everything you say has common sense to back it up!

I admit I am feeling a little overwhelmed with all of the extreme changes I am having to make, but I have been juicing for three days, and this afternoon ate a small baked potato no skin and poured some vegetable broth my husband made no oil on the potato and it was delicious! And thanks to you for your wonderful site! Hope it turns out to be helpful for you. Coongrats on quitting drinking! It is extremely important to stay alcohol free. It hides in places so make sure to be vigilant.

I hope you heal up nicely and suffer few or no problems. Are MCT oils ok? This is from the Sanford health site https: MCT Medium Chain Triglyceride is a type of fat that is absorbed directly into the blood without the need for pancreatic enzymes to break it down. It is found in coconut and palm kernel oils.

Mix MCT oil into your foods. Hi Keith — no oil is safe. No matter how good it may be for your healthy neighbor fish oil, flax, avacado, coconut, olive oil, etc — Oil is fat. Fat is the enemy.

It helped a great deal. I am Diabetic and prior to getting Acute Pancreatitis I had the burning pain on my feet. I live in California so I started smoking medicinal Marijuana. It worked on my feet. I recently tried Hemp Oil , taking a tablespoon a day. I use along with Curcumin, Grapeseed extract, Grapefruit juice and low fat diet. Hi Callie — use lemon juice or lime juice and spices garlic, cilantro, etc.

Hi Rene — Sorry to hear you have been diagnosed with CP. IF you really want help read my post on doing a pancreatitis food diary. Otherwise you really are just guessing. IF in fact while doing your food diary you do have a reaction to spices highly doubtful you should have your doctor check you for some other illness I.

My third guess would be a medication you may be taking? High blood pressure meds? Ok now for the weight issue …. IF you are still sick, which it sounds like you are, your first objective should be to heal. Once you heal you should be able to tolerate larger portions of fairly safe, good protein sources skinless chicken, skinless turkey, fish.

Beans and egg whites are good protein sources with ZERO fat. But it is hard to gain weight on very lean meats chicken, turkey , fish, egg whites, beans, fruit and veggies. None have a huge amount of calories even in larger quantities. And even when you are healed you are NOT cured so eating banned foods is not a good idea. But higher amounts of fairly safe protein sources and strength training may help you increase weight and keep muscle.

White meat fish such as cod, pollock, bass, and so on have less fat and seem to work well while other fish such as tuna, salmon, mackerel, sardines and similar cold water, oily fish have to much fat for a damaged, unhealed pancreas.

Once the pancreas has healed up nicely small amounts of salmon, tuna, trout and other cold water, oily fish may be ok. Hi Suresh — aspirin and ibuprofen are highly anti-inflammatory and help resolve pancreas inflammation. Grape seed extract, curcumin from turmeric root and vit C are excellent for reducing inflammation.

Hi Micheele — yep boiled, fried, poached or raw egg yolks contain 5 grams of fat per yolk. It is best to stay away from egg yolks until you are healed nicely and even then too many could cause a problem and even one may cause problems for some folks who have extensive damage. Can I do my regular sport activity? A long time or a few weeks? Does sports activity make it worse?

I have read from great reliable resources such as Mayo Clinic and various wellness experts. IF you were diagnosed are you now totally healed, completeply pain and symptom free? THAT tells me there is a good possibility you are still sick because you follow the dietary advice of people who have no damn clue how to heal a pancreas damaged by pancreatitis. Thank you so much for your site. Can you give me an example of what 5 g of fat in a meal would include or 25 g a day?

Exactly what foods should I be getting this fat from? What do you mean by plant based? I need to know how to put a little in. I just had my first attack of pancreatitis last weekend and just got out of the hospital on Wednesday of last week. In the hospital the gastroenterologist called it idiopathic, then the hospital doctor said maybe it was the hydrochlorothiazide and took me off of that. Honestly, he looked so clueless, I was sure he had never dealt with a case of pancreatitis before.

All he wanted to do was get out of the room. I had a hysterectomy in January of and my health has since taken a nose dive. I overdid the carbs and portion control was always my problem and had no health insurance for many, many years.

Now I have type 2 diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and high triglycerides I loved 15 grain bread, which was the only bread I ate after the diabetes diagnosis, but when I got home from the hospital I kept eating it with the egg whites, and it me nauseous — probably the seeds in the bread — cut it out and the nausea went away.

Hi Eva — Last weekend you joined the pancreatitis hall of pain huh? Diuretics such as hydrochlorothiazide and furosamide cause acute pancreatitis. Diabetes drugs almost all and drugs used for hypertension are notorious for causing pancreatitis. Do you know how rare it is to find a doctor who even cares enough to research what could have caused what you have?

THAT doc is a saint! About the egg whites and other foods — sounds like you need quality non-stick cookware. You can cook anything without oil in a quality non-stick pan. Somewhere on this blog I have examples of meals that are 5 grams of fat or less. Let me see if I can find it for you. Ok here ya go:. I am better now. I am still on low fat diet and take 2,5 g grape seed extract every day. I think grape seed extract is the key to beat pancreatitis.

I want to thank you for your advices. I want to ask what can I drink. Is it safe to drink coca cola and non-alcoholic beer? Either one should be fine. First off, thank you for creating this site! Your information has been extremely helpful to my family and me! What are your thoughts on Hummus, Baba Ghannouj, and Soy? Should I ban them completely or give them a try? I know it is made mostly of garbonzo beans which have a little fat. Check for fat content. Soy beans have way to much fat. Most soy products are the same soy milk, soy cheese etc.

So tread lightly with soy products. The others are up to your discretion as is everything and what the labels say. How to prep for and start a pancreatitis food diary. For example fat free cool whip, or yogurts, I even spotted fat free fig newtons at the market the other day. Do you think things like this are safe or no? What I mean is I can tolerate a glass evey couple days but I doubt 3 or 4 glasses per day would work when just one every day gave me minor symptoms and I then backed off.

So … It depends on the damage you have personally sustained and how healed you are. I have been eating salads and chicken , fish , cereal.. Are there any types of exciting food to add to my diet that you can suggest? Hi Tamera — sorry to hear you have been inducted into our growing group.

In regards to exciting foods that are safe? There has to be a reason. Does someone in your family usually parents have it hereditary panc? The thing is if this was your only attack and you heal from this last attack and have no more you may heal up totally and be able to be normal in a year or so. Hi Maria white meat fish is great Cod pollock, perch, bass etc. Cold water, oily fish salmon, sardines, tuna, mackeral etc should be eaten with caution.

Fish oil is great for healthy people not so much for those who have an inflamed pancreas. I am new to your site and just started getting acute attacks, ALL this information you provided is great.

I have two quick questions:. If not, what do you use to cook your fried onions and potatoes? I use a quality non-stick pan. Garbonzo beans chick peas have fat in them whereas red beansm black beans, pinto beans, peas, lentils etc. Just watch the amount of fat you consume. Try to stay at 5 grams per meal or less with no more than 25 grams total per day. Once you HEAL you can experiment with more fat per meal to see how it goes for you.

Thank you so much for this blog. You say no oil. However, my doctor asked me to take 1 tablespoon omega fish oil every day due to low vitamine levels.

In the first weeks it made me nauseous, so I took it in small portions to my main meals. Now I take it with my gluten free oatmeal breakfast. The fish oil I use is pure, and of good quality. I am on Creon enzymer I seems to be tolerated, and I count it into the 25 grams. Do you think this will harm my pancreas? Gluten free oat meal? Are you a celiac? It is also possible it irritated the pancreas. IF you are not a celiac and your pancreas tolerates a small amount, well, it may be ok.

The NOW grape seed product does have C in it. So, how would this work to take both? I have a pancreatic cyst that was diagnosed 3 years ago. Thank you for your response. Hopefully by now, since I am slow in responding, you have already had your MRI and have the results. Thank you for responding. But, what I still DO have, no one knows.

My liver and pancreas enzymes were normal. All blood work normal, except B was too high and magnesium was slightly high.

I do not know why I have the pancreas cyst. To my knowledge I never had pancreatitis. But, all these cramps and pains surely do feel like it, I guess.

I had the MRI yesterday, but no one has called as of yet to tell me the results. She has me keeping a daily diary of what I eat and what pains I have, etc. There are exceptions Serous cyst adenomas which are usually benign but time could be of the essence. Hear is material you need to know. Is that the much food to be eating? Hey Fred — IF you are tolerating that much food and fat in a day you are doing well. Im always so sick and weak Thank you i cried then i realised veggies aint so bad…….

Hi Myrabella — almond milk contains fat. So go easy on it. If you notice symptoms find something else to drink or put on your ceral etc. Thank-you for all your efforts. Am I able to eat fermented foods such as pickles and take pro-biotics? No fat in pickles.

There is some question about the use of probiotics in those who have pancreatitis. They have been suspect in regards to worsening the mortality rate should AP occur. I retired to Mexico and had my second pancreatitis attack last one 8 years ago here. The first one, morphine barely touched the pain. Within a week, I knocked my Lipase serum levels from down to should be below 60 , my Amalayse serum levels from down to should be below and my Glucose from down to should be below Hi Stuart thanks for your input.

And you are correct diet is extremely important. By the way I love this website for your help and your honesty. I think I had a acute attack 3 weeks ago which lasted 2 weeks then I found your site got lots of great info on what to do then I switched to vegan, fat free and obviously alcohol free.

Question, is it okay for me to eat wholemeal bread and oats for breaky? And would chic peas be okay now? Appreciate your help so much. This website has given valuable info I would not of had otherwise. Hi Stacey — Sorry to hear you are not well. You really should pursue a concrete diagnosis simply so you know what the problem is for sure.

Ok with that said …. Do you think it would be okay for me to have done with my oats or coffee? I just like my coffee to be a little sweet. Many thanks again your advice is the only thing that working for me. Hi Stacey — I already responded to your question about Shape. If you have Stevia in Australia you could try that or whatever you like.

I put molasses in my coffee lol. But thank you for the reply. Sorry to be a pain but did you reply to my question about pantoprazole?

Hi Stacey — yes I did. It was with the original about Shape. May 6 had acute diarrhea with fever thought it was the flu. Diarrhea 20 plus times a day for May 6 and May 7. Probably ran low grade fever for a week so so May 8 started feeling better and ate a grilled cheese sandwich and one piece of cheese pizza. Seemed to be okay.

May 9 feeling okay and ate chicken noodle soup for lunch and boy it brought on diarrhea again. May 10 went to internist fever Took imodium once in evening on May 10 and three times on May From May 11 to May 18 did eat pretty normal again and did drink some wine 4 glasses on May 13 and then wine and beer too much on May Diarrhea started again on May 18 not as bad as first episode on May 6 and 7.

Took imodium three times on May 18 and diarrhea and pain stopped again. Ate pretty bland low fat diet and did not take any more imodium after May May 22 diarrhea again only times that day and only took pepto bismol two or three times that day. Again ate very bland and low fat that whole week and diarrhea came back on May 27 and took pepto again.

All stool samples came back negative. I did drink glasses of wine on May 29 and some diarrhea began again on June 1 not too bad thought. Took Cipro for 5 days and then GI doc said to stop Cipro as I was still have mild pain and oatmeal consistency stools. Continued to take flagyl for full 10 days, ended on June During this whole time have eaten very bland and low fat and no alcohol since May Only nauseous maybe two days during this whole time period and during the time taking antibiotics.

The GI doc decided to do blood work. Everything came back normal with exception of slightly elevated Lipase of with range of GI doc then ordered abdominal ultrasound which right kidney, bile ducts, pancreas and liver all normal findings. I have literally been eating a banana, jello for breakfast past few days have added one piece of gluten free toast with breakfast for lunch have two slices deli meat turkey, white rice and sometimes applesauce and have now added gluten free pretzels boy how something can taste so good and for dinner two more slices deli meat turkey and a whole baked potato.

That is it staying away from dairy and decided to try gluten free as well not sure if need to. Have been drinking plenty of water. Low and behold last night was my first normal good solid stool I have had during all of this. He stated the alcohol really irritates the intestines and eating bad and I have high tryglcerides, and maybe a virus stared all this, etc.

Well he drew lipase again yesterday and results are still slightly elevated less than 2x higher blood was drawn at different lab with normal range of and my level was at I am feeling better, have more energy boy was I weak and tired during all of this but still concerned about elevated lipase.

Will ask GI doc when he calls with results I looked up results on line. I know your not a doc but does this sound like an episode of acute or chronic pancreatitis. Also scared to death to add anything to my diet but know I need to. Can I add oatmeal for breakfast.

Can I add a small portion of green beans at dinner, some blueberries with oatmeal, boiled chicken breast, salad with tomatoes. What about decaf green tea or any juices. I have never taken any advil during this but maybe I should to help with inflammation. My GI doc also told me to start a probiotic and I have started taking a multi vitamin. I have a follow-up with him in five weeks and he stated to call him if I added green beans, etc and had bad symptoms from adding anything to diet.

Maybe you can suggest what to add to my diet and if I should be taking anything else other than the multi vitamin and probiotic. It seems like you really like the grape seed extract. Hi Marie — Just curious have you ever been tested for celiac disease?

Celiac D and other IBS conditions are notorious for causing diarrhea. Lipase definitely does elevate with acute pancreatitis but low or moderately increased lipase values can occur in other conditions, such as kidney disease, and may also be due to decreased clearance from the blood, salivary gland inflammation, gallbladder inflammation, celiac disease, a bowel obstruction, or peptic ulcer disease. Ok, now to answer the food questions.

Salads vegetables again are safe as long as you do NOT put high fat, oily dressings on them. There are a lot of posts on this blog that deal with diet. Sorry another question I forgot to ask in long winded story above is can you have CP without ever having an acute attack? Also back in beginning of January 4 months prior to the May 6 lingering episode I had what I thought was a GI Virus as I had diarrhea for about hours and then I was completely fine.

Not sure if that was a virus or linked to this long episodic whatever starting in May. Marie in answer to your question: Diarrhea can also be a symptom. Because of this someone who did NOT present with classic symptoms and were NOT tested properly could have recurrent attacks which damage the pancreas enough to cause CP. Quick question do you know if elevated lipase levels can last for awhile after an AP attack like a few weeks? I love the website and recommendations for the diet.

I believe I read somewhere you mentioned salad dressing to use white rice vinegar and lemon juice — is that correct? Also, no I have not been diagnosed with Celiac I just have been so anxious about all of this that I started cutting so much out of my diet. Maybe I should add gluten back in for some calories, low fat obviously. Thanks again and have a great day!

Hi Marie — Your question: Amylase rises within hours and usually normalizes in days. Lipase rises within hours and can stay elevated for days. However sometimes things do not always follow normal. Rice wine vinegar sweet nice flavor , lemon juice and lime juice lime juice is great with cucumerbers, celery, green pepper and tomatoes. They can all be used to make salads taste better safely. Gluten free pasta, bread etc just suck in taste compared to the real stuff. MRI showed moderated hiatal hernia and mildly dilated common bile duct of 9mm.

Pancreatic duct was fine, pancreas showed normal, as well as kidneys, etc. Only findings was the moderate hiatal hernia and the common bile duct is mildly dilated measuring 9 mm.

This tapers appropriately at the pancreatic head. No filling defect is seen within it. No intrahepatic biliary ductal dilatation. The pancreatic duct is not dilated. The gallbladder is surgically absent. Waiting for a call from my GI doc today. Do you know if mildly dilated bile duct is a prognosis for chronic pancreatitis. From what I have read it can be.

Still on my very low fat diet. I have added in green beans. Also, what about taking a probiotic if this is in fact CP. I thought I have read somewhere you should not take a probiotic if you have CP. I have read so much stuff and am confused. Believe it or not I have not had to take any advil. Again, so thankful to have found this site and your kindness to everyone. Hi Marie — I do not know about the dilated common bile duct but it would not surprise me to find out it does in fact have something to do with CP especially if it were in close proximity to the pancreatic duct.

Rice vinegar or rice wine vinegar, in fact all vinegars seem to be safe. It is true that vinegar is made by fermenting sugar alcohol but the alcohol is turned into acetic acid. The end result is no alcohol. Yeah keep us posted as to what the GI doc has to say, especially about the common bile duct dilation. I had lipase blood drawn again prior to my appointment with GI doc last week. Lipase is finally back in normal range — hooray and I am feeling better for the past week.

He stated since I was not in the hospital and completely rested my pancrease and continued to eat it took my body awhile for pancrease to heal after attack. He does not think I have CP at this time and I understand not wanting to give that diagnosis right away however he wants to really baby my pancrease like you would with CP and absolutely no alcohol ever again and low fat diet for the rest of my life.

I am scared to death to add new things into my diet but I know I have to. In the case of pancreatitis, like other deadly conditions, it is ALWAYS better to be looked upon as a LIVE hypochondriac rather than a dead or maimed disabled victim who did not seek proper medical care in time.

Simply put pancreatitis is inflammation of the pancreas. There are two 2 main classifications of pancreatitis. The acute condition appears or happens rapidly. You can be or seem fine one minute then become sicker than a dog the next.

The pancreas becomes inflamed due to various circumstances. This inflammation can result in prematurely activated pancreatic enzymes becoming trapped within the pancreas and digesting the pancreas which causes damage. Pancreatitis can become life-threatening very quickly. This is why you should go to the nearest ER if you suspect that you could have acute pancreatitis.

Go to the ER. Symptoms can vary but for the most part acute pancreatitis presents like this: Pain — The pain comes on fast like a freight train, without brakes, going down hill. It can be so intense it is difficult to breathe, difficult to sit still you may rock back and forth.

You may find yourself leaning forward instinctively to help ease the pain. The pain is steady, constant. It does not come and go. It often radiates to the back behind the rib cage.

Not behind your shoulder, behind your ribcage. The pain will most likely be the most horrific you have ever experienced. Nausea and Vomiting — You may have nausea and vomiting and you may not. Sometimes the nausea and vomiting can be severe, relentless. In other words you may puke your guts up, continuously. Vomiting does not relieve the pain.

Other symptoms may include: Complications that may arise in severe cases include: It is entirely possible to have the condition without the classic symptom of severe pain. That is why it is important to get a complete work up at the ER where they can use a battery of tests to determine whether you have pancreatitis. If you have any of the classic symptoms or any of the secondary symptoms or a combination of classic and secondary go to the ER and get worked up.

Find out what is wrong. Finally, I found a site with information that gives me hope!! I was diagnosed with Cambridge V Chronic Pancreatitis due to pancreas divisium. I had a cardiac arrest at 28 years old, respiratory failure twice and kidney failure. So I have literally been through hell since then. After seeing a gastroenterology doctor and having a MRI and a ERCP in which they placed two stents in to open the bile ducts, they said my pancreas has calcified and irreversibly damaged.

Then I received a dictation of the procedure and in it the surgeon diagnosed Cambridge V chronic pancreatitis due to pancreas divisium. And as I read this outline of how bad my pancreas is damaged, it says that upon looking for the stents that they were not visible and had dislodge and unretreavable. Gave me Percocet and neurontin. They asked me about anxiety, stress and depression, I answered truthfully about feeling overwhelmed and feeling doomed.

Hell the doctor said I was doomed so I believed it right!! So I have been up now in a attack for 48 hrs. Idk and I called and called the doctors office with my concerns and no return call yet. I am lost , and so confused about what I need to do to stay alive, and these attacks hit and I suffer for days on end and wonder how I am going to be able to live with this condition.

I read your advise and how you feel about the medical profession when it comes to the way they treat this, and I felt that I have hope after all! Thank you and god bless you for taking the time to share your story.

I am truly sorry you have to go through the horrors and agony. I know a little but a little information is sometimes dangerous. I think diet, supplements and Ibuprofen my help but they will NOT cure you. Let us know how things go. Hello, I am one of those people who has never had pain to indicate pancreatitis.

I was an extremely healthy woman age 51 when I unwittingly ingested a bacteria that immediately made me nauseous. I went to the doctor two weeks later and was met with a blank stare. I went home with not as much as a blood test. The nausea slowly increased over the last four and a half years.

There was a point in time it went away for several months with the aid of very strong lemon with a bit of water several times a day. The doctor told me to stop drinking it because it would damage the stomach lining.

The nausea came back soon after I stopped. I thought the nausea must be from the bacteria but it took 4. Gastroenterologists are the only doctors that are approved to order it. The antibiotic Xifaxan combined with Emycyn, gave me my energy back with in a few days, but the pancreas did not improve. I went to a new doctor who gave me who finally ordered Lipase test which indicated Chronic Pancreatitis.

He then referred me to a Gastroenterologist. I have zero problems with my bowels since taking the Xifaxan. The Gastro doc performed all the usual tests, ct scan, endoscopy, ultrasound etc…but I have to wait six months to get in to see him and discuss his findings. I just wanted to tell my story for those who have no pain. Only a few months ago I went to Italy and had a glass of wine and Gelato with dinner for ten days. Sadly this trip turned my morning nausea into an everyday constant nausea.

I truly Thank you! Hi JJ — It is unusually rare but not non-existent to only have nausea and no pain. MY CP produces mostly nausea when I over step bounds but the acute phase is a whole different story.

Glad to hear the diet helped. Sorry you had to suffer for almost 5 years needlessly. Someone should have done better by you. By the way grape seed extract works very well to help control nausea, reduces, even eliminates the inflammation in proper doses.

Test ruled out the gallbladder or any stones. If so, OTC or prescription? Local health food store suggested HCL with Pepsin. Hi Peaches — sorry to hear you too have joined the pancreatitis hall of pain.

With your previous history of AP I would guess or at least hope that they again did blood work that checked your amylase and lipase levels. You could be experiencing residual symptoms. The damage may have been enough to cause minimal change CP. CT is a great test but sometimes misses minute damage. EUS endoscopic ultrasound is often better at showing minimal damage and diagnosing early stage CP. I do take OTC enzymes.

There are probably others that will do as well. Thank you for the kind words and God Bless you back. I wish you better health and times. GI dr said AP attack may have been from the bacterial infections. I have family history both grandmothers passed from digestive issues. I read there can be a genetic disposition.

Honestly, I must give you credit because in between my 1st and 2nd bout to the hospital is when I came across your blog while on Curezone. I just woke up felt fine, went to the bathroom and then all hell broke lose. I literally stayed in there all day. Over 15 hours before I made it to the ER. The second time was this annoying, agitating tender pain, nausea and lose of appetite. Since I was released the 2nd time I started taking your recommended supplements.

Failed to mention test showed kidney stones. Too large to pass so will have to be removed one day. Kidney specialist said they are non obstructive and not the cause of my pains. Would you ever consider starting a foundation? I have no thoughts about a book, I am a horrible public speaker and get stage fright lol. Hi, I am having my blood checked for lipase and amylase levels. Would they always be high or only after you eat? Would all foods trigger a pancreatic attack?

What are somethings I could look into besides these enzyme tests? They do NOT elevate simply because you eat nor are they always high. Foods high in fat or alcohol are usually the foods that cause inflammation in a damaged pancreas and lead to an acute pancreatitis attack or a chronic pancreatitis flair. That usually safe food would NOT normally trigger an attack or flair IF the pancreas was not already highly inflamed due to alcohol or high fat foods previously eaten.

So do grapes cuase an acute attack? Do vegetables cause an acute attack? Do carrots and apples combined cause an acute attack?

In essence it is theoretically possible for ANY food to trigger an attack but it is NOT likely unless a high degree of inflammation is already present and the fuse of the underlying bomb is very short. Hi Lukus again, I have read more things on your blog. First let me back up to when it all started. Back in Oct of i started having a pain, a mere stitch in my side on my left side. It would come and go, more annoying than anything. Then it started happening more and more. I finally went to the doc, she said Pancreatitis.

Ordered some enzymes tests, they came back normal. I kept having this pain like someone inflated a small balloon in my left side all the time.

It got worse when I tried to eat and I had a beer. I came back tot eh doc, she said it was probably an ulcer. Put me on meds Omeprezole. Stupid me, I took them without having an endoscopy. Anyway At someone point in December I have severe pain in my left side thought it was an ulcer — an endoscopy later revealed no ulcer went to the ER, the pain went straight through me to my back.

I cried, i rarely do. I was given morphine etc. However they did an ultrasound on my abdomen, several different times no indication of anything — or atlas they never mentioned it I even had a contrast CT at one point. However that mysterious night that the pain came out of the blue makes me wonder. I changed my diet drastically mostly to heal my gut- i still eat meat not as much and absolutely no junk food or alcohol anymore and on occasion I have mild pain not sure what to think cause of the leaky gut causing IBS symptoms.

Is it possible to have mild inflammation? Maybe I should do the diet and eliminate fat and see if the pain goes away. Hi Lukus — hey my thoughts are that if you went on the diet and your symptoms disappear your condition obviously responds to a diet low in fat.

Now that could be liver disease, gallbaldder disease however your pain is in the wrong spot for GB issues , the sphincter of oddi also causes abdominal issues that can be mild or very severe, including acute pancreatitis.

Depending upon where the pain is exactly it could also be kidney stones or a spleen issue or IBS. Lipase elevation of 3x normal is considered enough to diagnose AP. And yes atrophy means your pancreas has shrunk which can happen as we age whether or not one has pancreatitis. The creon is also an interesting prescription.

Have you been diagnosed with EPI? Or do you have an intestinal disorder that has caused malabsorption? I find that life is passing me by as i feel unwell most days and yet can not get a proper diagnosis. It also sounds like you have more rough road ahead. I am truly sorry you are having to go through your ordeal. I KNOW it sucks. I also do not know what to suggest as a possible solution except what I have already said in another comment.

There are forms of pancreatitis that can present FIRST with chronic pancreatitis type symptoms instead of acute and so likely go undiagnosed for years. Get diagnosed with a concrete diagnosis that actually fits the symptoms and makes sense.

So dr wants to look at my gallbladder function. I never have pain on the right only the left and feel it radiate to my back with nausea. The catch is they want me to eat bacon and eggs the morning of the scan. Am petrified to say the least. Hi Stacey — dang that would scare me too! She experienced no pain. Do you know of whether this is true. I have a case study somewhere about an old man who presented with severe vomiting but no pain and he died.

Diagnosis was on autopsy. So yes I have heard of painless acute pancreatitis. Painless acute pancreatitis is rare and usually ends up fatal because the hallmark clinical symptom pain is not evident and so it rarely gets diagnosed in time. Painless acute pancreatitis mimicking pancreatic carcinoma.

It is tender and feels swollen. Sometimes have 1 bad day 1 good, interspersed with a few weeks of awful. I have had 2 CTs, an ultrasound and too many blood tests to count!

Have had 2 lots of fevers during this time which have lasted about days. The pain appears unrelated to food but hard to tell! Celiac and autoimmune have all been ruled out- currently testing for Crohns. I was just wondering about the chances of having chronic pancreatitis having never had any pancreatic problems previously?

Hi Lu — sorry to hear you are not well. All I can say is that there is definitely inflammation somewhere because your CRP is elevated which clearly indicates inflammation. Neutrophilia could be indictive of any number of infections, even though slight. There are certain types of pancreatitis that can start out with symptms more like those a the chronic form.

Have you done any genetic testing for hereditary or acoholic pancreatitis? You do NOT have to be an alcoholic or even a heavy drinker to get alcoholic pancreatitis if you have the gene varaiant.

Sorry I am not more help. The discomfort is dead center in my upper abdomen, and does not radiate to my back. Undiagnosed, as all GI tests came back normal. SOD sphincter of oddi dysfunction can present with very similar symptoms to acute pancreatitis and does actually cause pancreatitis. It could be neither yet is a harbinger of things to come. I have abdominal pain radiating to my back especially after food, soft stools, dizziness and have seen a number of doctors. I have had a CT scan, two MRI Scans and an ultrasound endoscopy and they have all come back saying my pancreas looks normal.

My bloods are also normal. I was told the ultrasound endoscopy would definitely show if I had a problem with my pancreas. Is it possible to have chronic pancreatitis when all the tests have come normal? I am also worried I have malabsorption issues as my bones have begun to hurt a lot and I am wondering whether undiagnosed pancreatitis has resulted in osteoporosis.

Is there anything you would suggest for malabsorption other than juicing which I am trying to do as much as possible. Hi Jen — The problem is that there are more than one condition that offer those types of symptoms. Your pancreas may or may not be involved. Endoscopic ultrasound is a very good test. Both of those conditions can cause acute pancreatitis as well.

Yet with the tests you have had a gallbladder issue may have already been ruled out. SOD can also be seen not always on those tests. Things sometimes get missed. Gallstones can pass leaving nothing to be seen.

Blood enzyme levels have been known to be elusive rare. Thank you Health Guy. Could that be responsible for my symptoms?

Bile is made in the liver and stored in the gallbladder. If your liver is toxic the bile probably is as well. Good liver cleansing herbs are mint, parsley, garlic, chives, shallots, basil, coriander and small amounts of thyme and oregano.

IF that is gonna work you should see some results within 30 days. Do you think getting my gallbladder removed would result in a lessening of my symptoms? Thank you so much for your help.

I seem to get better advice from you than the consultants I have seen! After a week or so the pain slowly started to go away and turned into a mild, but constant burning sensation under left rib and in upper stomach in general. If I eat really big meals or junk food it may comes out in a diariha shape. The sympthoms are still there. Again, I understand you are not a doctor but from what I see online for the las months you have more info than most of them!

Do you have any advice for me? What do you think? I know it can be frustrating to be ill and not know why. Did the docs check you for celiac disease or IBS?

Were you ever in the ER? If so … Did they draw blood and check your lipase and amylase levels? It may not be pancreatitis.

It may be an intestinal or liver problem left lobe. Hi Health Guy thank you for the response. I heard stories about people that had mild symptoms for years and than one day their pancreas was so damaged they needed to remove it completely.

If that is the case with me, i want to make a change before its too late.. Never been to the ER because the pain was and still tolerable. They are from the stomach, mostly from the place of the burning pain — under my left rib. Just for giggles and grins have him test you for celiac disease blood test.

Read this whole article from the Cleveland Clinic. By the way — go to the store and buy some Mylanta antacid. Take a dose twice a day for a couple days and see if that burning pain goes away. If it does it could indicate an ulcer, or a problem with your esophagus. I had esophagus pain left and right side that feels like it is something other than the esophagus that was relieved by Mylanta.

I also had reflux at times. By the way — even though most of your symptoms do NOT indicate pancreatitis as yet they may be signs of things to come. I have dropped my grape seed extract for now because the milligrams I feel were way too high. I need to keep reading and visiting the beatingpancreatitis website because importantly for my state of mind I need hope. Hope that I can heal too. Hi Stacey Wykes — I was just asking the Lord yesterday about you! I mentioned to Him that I had not heard from you and asked that He made sure you were ok.

You can always try the Now Foods Super Enzymes. It may give you the relief you need. Just ask the doc to start you off with a low dose and see what happens. Such a great quote from the bible and very true. Because of your good work and wonderful effort I think God led me to your website very early in my illness and for that I am so grateful. Anyhow I will see my dr tomorrow check the creon dosage is low and then try them. I feel ok am still following the diet not as good as I know I can so I need to get myself organised.

Need to get the inflammation under control and do my food diary. You can do it! Hi Stacey — weird, maybe something happened when I deleted all the forum sign ups. Glad to hear you are feeling better! Hello Healthy Guy, I really enjoyed your blog, I think I have chronic pancreatitis and Im so upset by it because other websites and forums only say I will suffer and die soon: I also used to be a party animal on university.

My stomach and intestines are ok, my stool tests showed single fat drops, I dont know what to think about it, this constant indigestion is so annoying also Creon sometimes helps and sometimes not I can eat fat steak and feel ok with no Creon and have problem with light food I never felt bad after alcohol, however my symptoms started after eating bad fish, I am so worried…: Hi Kate — sorry I have taken so long to reply.

Why were you prescribed Creon? Someone a doc thinks you have something going on. Did they mention any diagnosis?