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She is almost 10 and still call me that. Papa — well he wanted to be called pawpaw but i changed that u know!!! Click here Do you believe that this item violates a copyright? For years and years I felt completely at the mercy of my habits. We are not really sure why, it just came out that way when he tried to say Granny. We are committed to clinical excellence, while building trusting relationships with our patients in a fun and comfortable environment.

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If you were to receive a gorgeous set of cotton yarn, what would you make? Instead, I got out my crochet hook and made a coaster pattern! And be sure to scroll to the end to see the other projects our talented and creative fellow Canadian blogger friends made with yarn! Into Magic Ring ch3 counts as 1dc , 11dc into Ring, join with sl st to 3d ch of starting ch3. Ch4, sk next sp, sc next sp, ch3 5 times, sl stitch to 2nd ch of starting ch4.

In each of the 6 loops created in Round 2: In each of the 12 loops created in Round 2: Fasten off and sew in tails. Moreover, be sure to explore all the beautiful crafts our fellow Canadian blogger friends made with their Lion Brand Yarn! Crochet Cowl from Brooklyn Berry Designs. Free crochet coaster pattern for beginners from Sustain My Craft Habit. Email us a photo or share it on Instagram and tag us sustainmycrafthabit! Do you have any other questions about how to crochet a coaster?

This easy crochet pattern with a step-by-step photo tutorial makes it a great crochet coaster pattern for beginners. Pearl bridesmaid earrings set of 7, cultured freshwater pearl earrings on solid sterling silver, dangle earrings with white or ivory pearls.

Tiny heart necklace, friendship necklace, mother, daugher, sisters, handstamped heart charm, daintly silver necklace, Valentines Day gift. Flower bud pearl earrings, Swarovski Crystal pearls, leaf bead caps, solid sterling silver earrings, small dangle.

Tiny gold initial necklace, personalized necklace, custom initial, gold monogram, layering necklace. New mom necklace, April birthstone necklace, personalized mothers necklace, silver initial necklace, freshwater pearl custom family necklace. Sapphire Blue bridesmaid necklace, Gold initial necklace, personalized leaf necklace with freshwater pearl navy blue gold bridesmaid jewelry. Personalized bracelet, silver initial bracelet, custom bangle bracelet, layering bracelets, stacking bracelet, solid sterling silver bangle.

June birthstone necklace, personalized pearl necklace, coin pearl, custom initial necklace, teardrop pearl, silver monogram necklace. Bow necklace Tie the knot necklace Silver bow charm Bridesmaid gift box Pearl necklace Bridesmaid necklace Silver necklace Bridesmaid card.

Anchor necklace, beach theme wedding, something blue, silver initial necklace, pearl, ocean, nautical necklace, sterling silver necklace. Verified purchase means that the person writing the review purchased the item from this seller on Etsy. I bought it for my daughter as a surprise, she hasn't taken it off since I gave it to her!! August birthstone necklace, personalized green peridot necklace, custom initial, sterling silver monogram, silver necklace, freshwater pearl.

Jessica Lamar on 15 Sep, Gold necklace, past present future necklace, gold eternity necklace, mother in law jewelry, wedding day thank you gift.

Initial necklace Rose gold bar necklace, personalized bridesmaid necklace, initial bar necklace, blush pink wedding jewelry, horizontal bar. Bridesmaid earrings, set of 5 five pearl earrings, sterling silver, filigree earrings, vintage inspired, white pearls, bridesmaid gift,. Personalized gift pearl necklace Bridesmaid necklace set of 3 necklaces Silver initial necklace Freshwater pearl Bridesmaid jewelry set of 3. Personalized just for you. I have always felt the need to create, to make something with my hands.

I thank every customer who shops with me for allowing me to have this outlet for my creativity! I first began making jewelry as a creative outlet and project to adorn my bridesmaids on my wedding day. After opening my Etsy shop as a way to support my bead habit, I grew to realize I could turn my love of making jewelry into an income for our family.

I'm now the proud Mama to two great kids, and work full time on my jewelry business from my cozy home studio. Karen first began making jewelry when she created necklaces and earrings for her bridesmaids almost 20 years ago. She has been selling full time on Etsy for 9 years while homemaking and caring for her two young children. I accept returns I do not accept returns. I accept exchanges I do not accept exchanges. I accept cancellations I do not accept cancellations. Because of the nature of these items, unless they arrive damaged or defective, I can't accept returns for:.

Please see individual listings for processing times. Shipping inside the USA takes an additional mailing days. Most orders are delivered within business days after ordering. Please feel free to contact me if you need your purchase shipped more quickly. I'll do my best to accommodate earlier deadlines. Expedited shipping options are available for an additional charge. I use solid sterling silver and 14K gold filled components for earrings; both are considered hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive ears.

Rose gold is an ally containing copper; some wearers who react to copper may not be comfortable wearing Rose gold-filled earrings. Any applicable VAT or customs charges will be due at delivery and are the sole responsibility of the buyer. Please see my policies for more information. Close Beginning of a dialog window, including tabbed navigation to register an account or sign in to an existing account.

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Announcement Last updated on 03 Jan, Contact shop owner Karen. Report this shop to Etsy. Ba-Maw — The kids started it! Babah — I was so intrigued by my name that I wrote a story and gave to my granddaughter for a keepsake.

BaBa — Our daughter adopted a 5 year old from Bulgaria. She is now 15 and so beautiful. She has always called me BaBa, which is grandmother in Bulgarian, and now two of our other grandchildren do.

The others call me GranJan. CeeBee Missy — translated into ceebee in toddler language — missy. He died many years ago and he was a very nice man. He had eight wives. He never fought with them. He taught us to be independent for our selves. We are now call our children with his name as his remembering.

Cookie — I wanted a name that when all my grandkids were together, I was called the same name by all. Plus, they just might think of me at snacktime! We love it cause it fits his personality. D-Boy — At age 2, my granddaughter made up this name for me and it stuck. She is almost 10 and still call me that. Now just about everyone knows him as Daddy Bill.

Dah — When my oldest granddaughter, Amanda, began to talk, she could not say Grandma. I guess Ma sounded like Dah to her so that is what she called me.

Her sisters called me that for a while but now call me Grandma. Sometimes Amanda still calls me Dah, even though she is 11 years old. It makes me feel special to have my very own name. Dammy Given — By grandaughter in place of Grammy which her brother named me. Deedee — I wanted to be called Grandma-D because my name is Debi , but when my grandson would try to say it — it came out DeeDee and it stuck!

For 10 grandkids now! DebDeb — My grandchildren are blessed to have 2 sets of grandmothers, of which I am one of them. I think I got the better nickname. Emmy was the only nickname that i ever had and it was given to me by my late Father. Not only sweet but touching i think. EE — My first and only grandchild,evan, calls us ee and pop…the first time he said it my heart overflowed… — Elaine TX.

Fi Fi — My aunt only 8 yrs. GG — Is for Great Grandma. Gunga — My oldest grandson, now 8, calls me Grandma, but during times of excitement still reverts to his childhood name for me Gunga.

His momma liked it so it stuck…I even have it on my license plate now. Gubby — My first grandchild, a boy, dubbed me Gubby, his version of Grandma. His younger sister picked up the name, but my other 2 grandkids, from another child, prefer calling me Grandma Jill. So I have 2 names. They always have a smile on their faces when they call his name! Gree — My first grandchild was born 18 years ago. Grantma When my first born grandchild was born, very early in his life I was holding him and thinking.

He is almost 3 now and he says Grantma as clear as a bell. She would always bring us treats and spend time with us. Grandy — A friend of mine tried to have her granddaughter call her Grandy but she never learned to pronounce it so it never caught on. I was determined to have my granddaughter call me Grandy — and she does! So we added their surnames to it.

My kids were spared that by having Grandma and Grandad Nanny and Poppy. I thought it was cute and original. Now other grandkids now have picked up on the name. GrandmaSherman — Shermaan was the name of my cat, my granddaughter loved him because unlike her cats she could hold and cuddle mine, so to distingish me from her other Grandma she called me this.

It was so special because it came from him not because we told him to say it. Grandmommy — My first grandchild always called me Grandmommy, but her little brother for some reason calls me Mum Mum — I love them both. Our grandchildren, honorary grandchilren, and their friends have reserved that name for me.

Grandmom — Two of my grandkids call us grandmom and grandpop.. Grandmama — I was determined to be called Grandma instead of the Southern Granny. My first granddaughter said Gamama and I decided I liked it. As she could talk plainer she said Grandmama.

The others all followed her lead. I love being called Grandmama. I really enjoy my precious babies!!! I wanted something different than what I had called my Gr-Grandparents and Granparents so we went back to the basics.

Grandma tippy — My oldest grandson named me after our now deceased dog, Tippy to define me from his Grandma Cindy. Grandma Sonja — When my grandchildren were very small, they visited us quite often. As an educator, I often worked with them on mathematics, reading, etc. I changed it to Grandma Sonja! One time I called her Love. She is now three and calls me Grandma Punkin. Grandma Michigan — I have 3 grandchildren living in Virginia.

They have grandparents living 2 houses away from thier house. They now call me Grandma Michigan. Grandma Kit — My first-born grandchild, Joseph, started to call me this because everytime his parents would be getting him ready to come for a visit they would ask him if he wanted to go visit Grandma and Kit my pom.

Which he took to be my name, Grandma Kit. Grandma Joyce — My grandchildren in arizona call me Grandma Joyce because all the other grandma names in the family were taken and they wanted to personalize it…: Grandma Honey — Our lil Joey is living with us and he hears his paw paw call me honey so now I am known as Grandmaw Honey…. We shared a warm chuckle about this in her last illness. This brings great memories. Thx — Jeff IN. Grandma from Mars When my oldest grandson was about 2 or so he started calling me grandma from marrs due to part of my name.

Grandma Fro — We call my Grandma this because of her curly hair. And it stuck ever since — Brenda. So it seemed appropriate. Grandma — When my first grandaughter was born and my 1st grandson i wanted to be called grandmommy,that lasted a short time.

Now i have two of each and they call me grandma and thats justfine!!!! Of course others would not agree with me smile so because I like the name diva my friends started calling me GranDiva when they knew my daughter was having a child. Gramom — Over the hill When my 2 year old granson answered my phone call his Mom asked him which Gramom was on the phone.

It stuck until they moved to a new home. This is very different from the French Zee-zee GiGi. Grandad America — My 3 grandchildren live in the UK. Although I visit twice a year, and phone often, the eldest kept asking where I was. It makes me feel like a comic book superhero.

Gran Fran — I heard of another lady with the name Fran, she had all her g. My great nieces call me Gran Fran and I love it! Grammie — When our daughter was pregnant with our first grandchild, I thought long and hard about what I wanted to be called…no Grandma Kay, Granny or Nana for me.

I wanted something that would be unique for me. I came up with Grammie. My husband is Papa. We are blessed to have all six of our grandkids agea living right in the same city as us. These were the names I called my grandparents. Grammy Awards — I got a kick out of my new nickname my eldest,11,gave me. Grammy — My 5 grandaughters call me grammy because I make them blankets and they call them grammy-mades..

What a heart melter. I have no idea why! I love hearing it come out of their little mouths. Gramma Sami — The name of my pet. Gramma Bitsy — My beautiful grandchildren are lucky to have 4 grandmothers modern blended family so I needed something to distinguish me from the others. My grandson found the way. He loved my verson of Itsy Bitsy Spider. Grama weezy — Of my 20 grandchildren the twin boys and there father,my son inlaw gave me the nick name, I love it.

They are 4 and 5. Gramcracker — My oldeest grandchild started calling me gramcracker and it has stuck she is now 21 and now my youngest grand child calls me that at times but she says mostly just grammy and my grandson its grams — Erdina.

The first time we visited them they greeted me with shouts of Gramary! Gram — I chose it since it is easy to say, write and spell. I am retired kindergarten teacher…can you tell? I am a Grandparent, and I am an advertiser in the magazine that maybe my ad will help other grandparents and their grandkids, like it is helping my grandkids and myself.

You all are invited. Gomma and Gompa — We wanted very much for our first grandchild to name us. We love our special names! Gaga — My darling grandaughter started calling me ga ga instead of gramma and it stayed shes a beautiful 4 yr old today.

Now our third Granddaughter has added a touch of her own personality to it, so now I am Gagee or Gaguu! Genny — My grandson started calling me this as soon as he could talk and it has stuck!! One day he just started to call me Gibby. Ghanga — When my grandson was a year this was all he could manage. My car became the Ghangamobile!

It was given to me because I baby-sat full time. Ginny — When my first grandchild was born, I decided to become Granny. Gingers in doggie heaven now and I remain her namesake. Better than what they call their other grandmother, Grandma-With-the-White-Hair. I had to create a way to spell it. Now I have five and they all call me the same.

The rest of them call me grandma, but she has always stayed with gaggie. Gagee — My name was created by attempting to say Grandma and Momie. Gaga — My grandaughter, Scarlett, calls me Gaga. Her brother, John, called my husband Popuck when he was little. So, GranDee was perfect for the babies!!

G-maw — Our 21 old twin grandsons started calling me this after they started college — Margaret KY. My oldest grandson named me Gramaria. All my grandkids and all their friends call me that. Gigi grandma — One day I tried to teach my granddaughter how to say grandma gloria.

She could not, or would not say it. She pointed to me with her little finger and said gigi, I said, ok, gigi grandma sound good to me. So all my grandchildren call me gigi grandma or grandma gigi. I called my grandparents Gan and Gandy. I love Gan for me.

Maybe the nickname is fitting — I am a little over weight. Hamma — My grandson could not say Grandma….

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