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Nutrisystem 5-Day Jumpstart Kits Now Available at Walmart
To top it off, I have not needed any medication for acid reflux or indigestion. Proteins are made up of chains of amino acids. Information and statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. Not too sweet though. I knew I needed a reset and that my portions were out of control. Big squares of chicken and the sauce tasted like real cheese. Get to Know Us.

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Nutrisystem® 5 Day Weight Loss Kit, Protein Powered Jumpstart

It's a good system because it lays everything out for you It is a real helper for busy people better than stop at any fast food option or a gas station convenience store's snacks.

Great food not empty calories food. One weeks worth is a rip off. That's not long enough to lose any weight. The cost is too high for no results. Buy a month worth and see results. This is s waste of good money. The product works, but not in a week. Skip to main content. I ordered 4 more kits - cheaper from Walmart than at the N. Plan to continue to order this particular kit from WM until Christmas.

Then, maybe 2x a month through spring. I didn't think I could lose weight at 80 years old, but it is happening! NelliefromTexas, October 5, This is a good way to try Nutrisystem out before committing to hundreds of dollars.

I felt better while on this. You'll get a number of pre-packaged foods that can be heated up or eaten cold out of the pouch or can. They all taste delicious, but are very small. The soup for example is about a cup. But you boost it with salad or cooked vegetables, which are filling.

You also add nuts and yogurt and stuff. I felt better on this, and stuck to it all day, except that I wanted more for dinner. That's my problem, however, and I need to learn proper portions. Can't blame Nutrisystem for that! Missing 2 Nutrisystem dinner items. I've used Nutrisystem in the past and did lose weight but not as quickly as stated. Food taste is pretty good. My complaint is that there were only 18 menu items in my box - I was missing 2 dinners.

Wow, what were you expecting? If you are used to eating decadent, high fat, sugary glop, of course it tastes odd.

I am not a granola bar type of person either, but this diet I'm on this weight lose plan and think the food is very good!

I lost 8 lbs my first week and am on the 2nd week now. What can we help you with? Write review Call customer care. Rating Not enough information. Customers Don't Like No items. Customers Like No items.

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