Dog Parks in the U.S.

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Bowen Therapy Technique Practitioners

Mind, Body Class, Instructor: Bowen Academy of Australia Bowtech , Instructors: Ozzie and Elaine Rentsch. Certified since Bowen Therapy International, Instructors: Gene Hummel and Cheryll Hillier. Debra Keathley Equine Bodywork, Instructor: Bowen Therapy International, Instructor: Bowtech Bowen Research and Training Institute. Debra Keathley and Graham Pennington.

Lynn Peck Bowen Bridge, Instructor: Level I Bowen Therapy International. Alexia Monroe and Nancy Pierson. Certified Animal Bowen practitioner - Level 2 - Instructor: Crystal McGraw Advanced Trainings: Bowenworks of Cincinnati, Instructor: Therapy Academy of Australia Bowtech , Instuctors: Carol Bennett and Lynn Peck. Bowtech Modules 1 to 4, Instructor: National College of Naturopathic Medicine - Bowtech - Nancy Pierson Thru Module 8 as of Jan Instructor Robyn Woods - Teaching candidate.

Margaret Spicer and Ann Shubert. Rick Minnery Mind, Body, Bowen: Robyn Woods Sports Bowen: Robyn Woods Specialized Procedures: Basic and Advanced - Ossie and Elaine Rentsch. Michael Nixon-Livy and Ron Phelan. Craniosacral, Myofascial Release, Counterstrain. Doctor of Podiatric Medicine. Instructor - Gene Dobkin. American Bowen Academy, Modules , Instructor: National Bowen therapy Training, Instructor: Vicki Mechner , Sandra Gustafson.

Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia: Advanced Training Certified Advanced Practitioner Sports Bowen from Raymond Augustyniak Other: Margaret Spicer and Ann Schubert Advanced training instructors: National Bowen Therapy Training, Instructor: Basic and Advanced Training Instructors: Abby LaRock and Nancy Pierson. Milton Albrecht BowTech , Instructor: Bowen Therapy International, Instructors: Raymond Park, located on Raymond Street, 6: Each area houses a water station, waste station and both enjoy a secure unleashing gateway.

A free dog park license is required to use this park. There is a general dog section and a section exclusively for small dogs under 25 pounds. Sharon Dog Park, 30 E Foxboro St Sharon, MA Conveniently located 7 minutes off I in Sharon, halfway between Providence and Boston, the dog park is fully fenced in with double entry gates and a smaller area park for dogs who aren't ready to play with the big dogs.

Open dawn till dusk days a year to dog park pass holders. Dogs of all sizes can come and enjoy this 1. Featured amenities include benches, complimentary pet waste bags, an area for small dogs and a drinking fountain for humans and their four legged friends. Paw Run is a private membership-based recreation area. It's also the upper portion of Fuller Park. There is an enclosed small dog area specifically for dogs under 30 pounds and a large human-made dog swimming pond. Additionally, there will be fenced trails for off-leash walking.

Dog Parks Dog parks in Oakland County include: Bennett St, Saline, MI. It is a leash free 1-acre fenced area located south of the play structure. Access to the pond is available for dogs that like to swim. The dog park is situated in the southwest corner of Burdi Park, and features a six foot fence surrounding a one acre portion of Burdi Park, with water supply, several park benches, pooper scooper bags and secure access.

The dog park is open June - April closed for the month of May for grass re-seeding from dawn until dusk. The park offers two fenced in exercise areas, one for small dogs and one for large breed dogs. There are benches for pet owners to relax and enjoy watching their pet run, fetch and play with other dogs. Also provided are water spickets to keep your pet hydrated. Dog Parks Duluth has four fenced, off leash dog parks: The off-leash dog area has about.

Marked trails within the park leads to the off-leash area. Dog Parks Dog park locations in Minneapolis include: You need to buy a permit before you bring your dog s to an Off-Leash Dog Park; the permit is valid at all seven dog parks.

Dog parks at Three Rivers include both fenced and unfenced off-leash areas: Dog Parks Dog parks in Rochester include: The area to the left of the park entrance is completely fenced so it is accessible to people with limited mobility and their dogs can enjoy the park too.

The second area is designed so that dogs can run free in approximately five acres of open space. Dog Parks Saint Paul has four off-leash dog parks: It features a separate small dog area with play equipment, a splash pool in the large dog area, walking paths, built-in benches, poop stations and shaded areas with log benches. Membership is required to use the dog park. The dog park features two separate fenced enclosures, one for smaller dogs and one for the larger dogs.

It offers 2 fenced areas, one for dogs 25lbs and under, and one for larger dogs. Waste pick-up stations, tables, water, small covered area, and concrete entrance gated area. It's a fun place for dogs to play. Louis County Park's first dog park.

It features separate areas for large and small dogs. Other amenities include two water features, four permanent agility and skill stations, biodegradable waste bags, disposal containers, WiFi and watering stations. The dog park is divided into two sections: The Creve Coeur Dog Park is open to registered members only. Dog Parks Dog parks in Kansas City include: There is an additional area for small dogs 40 lbs.

The park offers water fountains for people and dogs, as well as a spigot for filling water bottles. Dog owners must register to use West Terrace Dog Park; you do not have to be a Kansas City resident to become a member. Two sections are designated for either large dogs or small dogs and occasionally rotated to help save the turf.

A non-reservable pavilion was installed to provide shade to guests in the North area. Louis, MO Annual dues, membership, but open to any one with proof of shots and agreement to adhere to dog park rules.

Snowfill Recreation Area - Off-leash Dog Park, McIlhattan Road, Bozeman, MT Snowfill Recreation Area is a acre open space, formerly part of the city's landfill, that now serves as one of the area's largest and most scenic off-leash dog parks. The hilly site has over 2 miles of gravel trails with views overlooking the Gallatin Valley and mountain ranges in the distance. Off-Leash Dog Areas Dogs may be off-leash in the following areas: Jacobs Island Bark Park, 6 S.

Hugh Rogers Wag Park, E Second St, Whitefish, MT The 5-acre dog park includes an agility course, human and dog water fountains, a small dog area, trees, and a swimming pond for dogs. There is a small area,. Both areas are surrounded by six-foot chain-link fencing with access through a double gated entrance for a more secure setting.

There is water available, benches, dog waste baggies, a trash can, and plenty of shade. Dog Parks North Platte has two dog parks: Dog Parks There are two dog parks in Omaha: Dog Parks The City of Henderson has a variety of dog parks: Bark Park at Heritage Park, S. The 5-acre Bark Park features separate dog runs, agility course, walking trail, dog bone-themed benches, and drinking stations for pets and some for people too. The Bark Park hosts classes and programs, and can also accommodate small dog shows and events.

A splash pad is also available at the Bark Park. It is just for dogs NO humans and is open daily from 7am to 6pm, May 1 through Sept. Dog Fancier's Park, E. Dog Parks Dog parks in Las Vegas include: Barkin' Basin Park, W.

Selby Park, N. Dog Parks There are two dog parks in Reno: Dog Park, Merrimack St. Park hours are 6: Dog Park, Second Street. Manchester, NH There is a membership fee to use the dog park. Membership is open to any dog owners, including owners who do not live in Rochester, NH. Both sections have a stone dust surface and various pieces of apparatus where the dogs can play and exercise. There are safety enclosures at each entrance to prevent unleashed dogs from running away, time out areas where excited dogs can calm down, dog washing areas and water fountains.

The dog park is located in Cooper River Park. Dog Park Located on Swift Road across from the Egg Harbor Township branch of the Atlantic County Library, the dog park is fenced in, with a small dog section, for breeds under 30 pounds, and an area for larger dogs. The dog park is open only to members, who must show proof their dog is licensed and up-to-date on its rabies shots, and agree to a list of safety rules in order to join.

The leash-free dog area is located off of Mettlers Road and is accessed via the same driveway as the Spooky Brook Golf Maintenance area. Dog Runs There are dog runs in the following parks in Hoboken: It features a separate area for small dogs up to 25 pounds.

It is accessible for people with disabilities with designated parking areas and sloped paths. Park facilities include double gated entrance and unleash area with secure electronic locking gates, shared pavilion in small and large dog area with picnic table in each area, open shed shelters, sitting benches, water fountains for dogs and owners, "pooper scooper" dispensers and disposable bags, trash and recycling containers, several inoperable fire hydrants for doggie relief, interactive play equipment, a Port-a-Potty, free off street parking lot and a designated handicap area.

The park contains three fenced-in areas for small, medium and large dogs. It also contains a walking path, a pavilion and a small pond. The area features two concrete patios with sheltered picnic tables while the small dog area includes one concrete patio with sheltered picnic area. Dog Parks Dog parks in Albuquerque include: City of Gallup Dog Park The dog park is located at South Second Street in Gallup, and features separate lighted play areas for small and large dogs, as well as animal drinking fountains in both play areas.

There are tables and benches, and shade covers to protect you from the sun. You will need a tag to bring your dog to the dog park. Ortiz Dog Park has arroyos and hills, miles of paths, and commanding views of the town. The park is not fenced so dogs must be under voice control. Dog Parks The City of Albany has four dog parks: The parade ground in Washington Park also serves as an informal dog park -- it doesn't have fencing.

The park is in Wallenberg Park, the slice of land that sits diagonally from The Palace, up against the on-ramp for I The 15,square-foot enclosure will be open dawn to dusk, seven days a week. There's a baby pool for pups to cool off, and several benches and picnic tables sit in the shade near a cluster of trees.

Prospect Park Prospect Park offers wide-open spaces for dogs to roam and includes a place for dogs to swim: Off-Leash Hours are 9 p. Long Meadow, Nethermead, Peninsula. Dogs must be leashed at all other times. Dogs should not be off-leash during off-leash hours if they are not responsive to voice command. Only dogs are allowed to swim at Dog Beach, and they must be leashed except at off-leash hours.

The Dog Beach is located near the Long Meadow ballfields, most easily accessible from the 9th Street entrance to the Park. Eldridge Park Dog Park Small, bark covered, fully fenced single dog area with running water, large covered area, just NW of the baseball diamonds and difficult to find if you don't know this. Dog Park at the Lake George Recreation Center, Transfer Road, Lake George, NY The dog park includes two fenced in sections, one for small dogs, 14 inches and less to shoulder, and one for large dogs, more than 14 inches to shoulder.

There is a watering station on site, running tubes, benches for doggie parents and pet waste removal stations to keep things tidy. Village workers will be constructing a permanent structure to provide shade. Dogs are not allowed on the beach or in any County parks or preserves, with the exception of the dog runs. Small dogs have the choice of mixing with the big dogs or can play in a separate area for dogs under 25 lbs. The landscape of the park has contrasts of flat open areas and rolling hills for dogs of all sizes to enjoy.

Dog Runs Dog runs are located in the following Nassau County parks: These are the only areas in the Park where unleashed dogs can exercise and play. Central Park In Central Park, from dawn until 9 a. Dogs are welcomed in most areas of the park when leashed. Signs throughout the park indicate areas where dogs are never allowed e. The dog run is open days a year from 6 a. Dog Parks There are two dog parks in Asheville: The dog park consists of approximately 3.

Annual Pooch Passes are valid for one year from the date of purchase. There is a fenced-in dog park by the park entrance, on the left right after you drive in. Dog Parks There are two dog parks in Cary: Pet owners can purchase an annual membership or day pass at any Cary community center. Dog Parks Catawba County offers two fenced dog parks: Dog parks include waste stations, benches, tables, and shelters to protect users from the sun or rain.

Entrances are double gated for safe leashing and unleashing. Dog Parks There are two dog parks in Chapel Hill: Part of the area is fenced for small dogs and another larger area for big dogs. The dog park is free to the public and is located across from the RV Campground. Dog Parks Dog parks in Durham include: Piney Wood Dog Park, E.

Riverside Dog Park, N. Dog Parks There are two dog parks in Forsyth County: Fuquay-Varina Downtown Dog Park The dog park has a large breed area 30 pounds and up and small breed area under 30 pounds.

Sanitary stations, benches and water stations. Lots of shade and play for for your furry friends. Access to the park is granted to registered dogs and their owners only. Dog Parks Dog parks in Raleigh include: The dog park is composed of three separate fenced-in areas: There are fenced areas for both large and small dogs. Rocky Mount Dog Park The dog park consists of nine acres divided into three fenced areas: Large dog flex area: The park is only partially fenced.

Flaherty Dog Park, N. Washington Park Dog Park, S. Century Bark Park, E. Big Paws Field, for dogs over 30 pounds; Wiggly Field, for dogs 30 pounds and under; and Fetch Field, for all dogs training and obedience area. Dog Parks Dog parks in Fargo include: Dog Parks There are two dog parks in Athens. Benches, picnic tables, fresh water. Downtown Dog Park, Merwin Ave. Off-leash dog park at West 11th and Clark This gated off-leash dog park at West 11th and Clark is approximately one acre.

Fresh water and shade are available, and the park includes benches and trees. Friends of Clark Field maintains the park. Dog Parks There are five parks that have off-the-leash areas: Big Walnut Dog Park, E. Crosby Township, OH Miami Whitewater Forest includes an acre dog park with play fields, an all-season area and a dog agility course. Bark Park, Webster St.

It includes a fenced area for small dogs, 25 lbs. Bow Wow Beach is open from March 15 through December 1. All dogs must be licensed, have current vaccinations, wear a collar with identification, and not show signs of aggression. The park offers separate areas for large dogs and small dogs. A separate section is provided for small dog breeds. Park benches, a doggie shower and drinking fountain, and plenty of parking are provided at this popular facility. Newly upgraded 3 acre dog park located in scenic Ray Trent Park and has a separate small dog area, and lots of trees, turf, lights, play equipment, chairs, water fountains, and paths.

Two covered entrances separate small and large breeds while the entire facility is surrounded by vinyl-covered fencing. A dog washing station is included. Water stations, trees, benches, lots of room to run and a pond make it the perfect play area!

The Paw Park is bordered on the north by a Duck Pond. Park features restrooms, water, dog pools, shaded seating areas, and night lights. The following parks have designated off-lead areas: The all-season area is open year-round; the grass areas are open April through October.

Water and scoopers are available on site. The two-acre dog park is in the northeast corner of the park, with separate fenced areas for large and small dogs. Dog Off-Leash Areas Bend has eight dog off -leash areas within the following local parks: The criteria for small dogs is less than 15 inches at the shoulder and under 25 pounds.

Off-Leash Dog Parks Dogs are allowed off-leash in designated areas in the following parks: Park - open fields south of the multi-modal path, except ball fields; Willamette Park - entire park except sports fields, playground and shelter areas; Woodland Meadow Park - west side of the park only; and Crystal Lake Sports Fields - turf areas from November to March only, dogs must be on leash near the boat ramp.

Most off-leash areas are not fenced; for their safety, make sure your dogs are well trained before taking them to an off-leash park. Dog Parks Dog parks in Eugene include: Hawthorne Park Dog Park, E. Main Street, Medford, OR The dog park has an enclosed area for small dogs and one for larger animals. Dog Parks The following parks have off-leash areas for dogs: Dog Parks There are three dog parks in Tigard: Off Leash Dog Areas Dog parks are located in the following parks: Conneaut Lake Bark Park, Foust Rd, Conneaut Lake, PA Conneaut Lake Bark Park, is a 65 or so acre dog park with kenneling, landra-mutt dog bathing , grooming, doggie day care, off leash areas, diving dock and even a pet cemetery.

There is one section for small dogs and one section for large dogs. Water is not provided at the park. Beau's Dream Dog Park at Buchanan Park Beau's Dream Dog Park at Buchanan Park includes splash pads for large and small dogs, custom designed spray nozzles, a roller-coaster inspired footbridge and a tennis ball tree.

Heritage Park Dog Park Located in Heritage Park off Saunders Station Road, the Dog Park is a fenced-in area with plenty of trees, a doggie-level water fountain along with tall and short human-level water fountains , and a doggie-bag dispenser. Orianna Hill Dog Park, N. The dog run is the only area in Schuylkill River Park where dogs are permitted to be off-leash. Off-Leash Exercise Areas Citiparks offers several special areas where your dog can legally run without a leash: Water fountains and bags for waste disposal are available all along this trail.

The park has a fenced, off-leash dog area. This is a user-funded, community park open to all owners of licensed, non-aggressive dogs. Newport Dog Park, Connell Hwy. No water available please bring your own. Pawtucket Dog Park The dog park is located in Slater Park, just behind the Looff Carousel which is across from the duck pond in the center of the park. Dog Park, 19 Luzon Ave. Each dog park features large and small dog sections, and the dog park at James Island County Park has a large lake in which your dog can swim and play.

The dog park is a 2-acre, fenced-in area for dogs to run off-leash. To access the off-leash dog park, a permit is required for each dog, available at the park office. Conestee Dog Park, Mauldin Road, Greenville, SC Conestee Dog Park is sectioned into 2 areas, a small dog run which is 14, square feet in size, and a large dog run which is over 30, square feet in size. Each area includes a double gated entry, naturalized areas, rounded fence corners to reduce canine conflict, benches, shade shelters, and potable running water.

All dogs must have current rabies vaccinations and wear current tags. Freeway Park The dog park is 3 acres completely fenced and safe for dogs of all ages and sizes. There is a clean pond for swimming and all the comforts of home for dogs and owners to enjoy.

Barc Parcs Myrtle Beach has two off-leash dog parks: Both parks are fully fenced. North Barc Parc offers separate areas for large and small dogs. Bark Park Located on 12th St S. The off-leash areas encompasses approximately 11, square feet.

Dog Parks There are three dog parks in Sioux Falls: Spencer Park Dog Park The dog park offers areas for small dogs and big dogs, lots of shaded seating for humans, and a three tiered water fountain in the park. Family Park Dog Park The off-leash area offers two sections of approximately three acres of permanently fenced space. The new park amenities include fencing, concrete walkways, irrigated open space, bench seating, shade structures, drinking fountains, dog wash stations, and natural dog play features.

Also, in the northeastern portion of Family Park, there is approximately 22 acres of open space to conduct dog training activities. Dog Parks There are three off-leash dog areas in Chattanooga: Greenway Farm Dog Park The dog park is a large fenced-in off-leash area across from the bathrooms near the Hamill Road entrance and includes several agility ramps and water sources for dogs and owners.

The park has separate areas for large and small dogs. Dog Park, E Main St. Dog Parks Dog parks in Knoxville include: PetSafe Village Dog Park, PetSafe Way, Knoxville, TN Knoxville's first public dog park, this 1-acre facility is an on leash park but offers off leash hours only in the evenings when the park is staffed. Features include a natural pond, full set of agility equipment, walking trails, doggy water fountain plus picnic tables and benches.

The Outback features a water fountain with a doggie bowl and a dog wash station. This is a multi-use area where dogs may be off leash but are likely to interact with hikers, cyclists, horses and runners.

Bark Park, W College St. Water is available during the warm weather season. Dog Parks Dog parks in Nashville include: In general, all parks are open for public use each day from 5 a.

This is a peninsula, water on 3 sides, with trails thru the woods. Doggies can swim and play in the water. Stillman Dog Park is open to the general public from 7: The park has two sections for large and small dogs, water fountains for the canines and shaded seating. There is also playground equipment for dogs to test their skills.

Cedar Bark Park, W. Amenities include a natural dog pond, pet waste stations, benches, drinking fountains, and dog showers. Dog Parks College Station has four off-leash dog parks located throughout the city: The park has separate areas for small and large dogs, and amenities include natural shade, hybrid Bermuda turf, irrigation, seating areas with water fountains, trash receptacles, pet waste stations, landscaping, and 40 parking spaces.

Dog Parks Fort Worth has two off-leash dog parks: ZBonz Dog Park, located at W. Fort Woof Dog Park Located at Gateway Park, north of I between Beach Street and Oakland Boulevard, east of downtown, Fort Woof provides two large fenced areas for dogs to roam, one for dogs 40 pounds and more and a separate area for dogs weighing less than 40 pounds.

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