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Andro Side Effects (Androstenedione, Androstenediol)
And I use a liter per serving as well. Increasing your fibre intake is the best way of offsetting the flatulence associated with high protein intake. To date, no studies have show Androstenedione to have side effects on human subjects - this does not mean that Andro has no side effects. Plan on dropping 10 lbs in weight and strength when you quit. There are downsides to taking pre-workout supplements as well.

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The Dark Side Of Taking Pre-Workout Supplements

Nonetheless, following are some side effects of Androstenedione. To date, no studies have show Androstenedione to have side effects on human subjects - this does not mean that Andro has no side effects.

Some side effects of andro include:. When the need for testosterone is satisfied, signal is sent to the hypothalamus and secretion is stopped. When you add prohormones in to your system, a similar effect takes place.

So instead, your body doesn't get the chance to take its natural course of action. This can be dealt with through cycling. Most information you read recommends 6 weeks on and 2 weeks off. However, it's in your best interest to take a equally long off period, or even longer off period. Tastes amazing with water and is good value for money as well! BSN still the best tasting protein shake out there.

Tastes fantastic and mixes well. Just low content of protein per serve and extensive fillers included. Awesome taste, mixes well, seems to work as advertised will probably buy in future. I keep coming back to Syntha-6 time and time again because it delivers the results and the Chocolate Milkshake flavour is amazing! I've been using protein powders for about 10 years and have seen some shockers, even some of the leading brands today are average but I love BSN syntha 6.

It mixes well and wont foam up like others do when shaken. The taste is amazing and it has those extra calories you want when you are bulking up. This is probably my favourite protein powder ever. Taste just like milkshake but even better and more protein!! Been using this for last 3 years and never get bored with taste or flavour. My fave is chocolate peanut butter.

Been meaning to try this for ages and finally ordered some from mrsupp the other day. Well pretty nice stuff, although just a bit furry for my liking. Seems fine on the guts. I had chocolate flavour. I really like syntha 6 and use it when ever I'm training.

Great taste and the 10lb bag is economical. Syntha 6 is the only powder out there which tastes good in all flavors, strawberry is my favorite. Cool taste, cool packaging.

What can I say. Can suggest strongly to anyone who wants a goo tasting powder. Best tasting protein powder out there bar none. Doesn't matter what flavor they are all crazy. Has a few more carbs than some other powders but when your taking it 3 times a day it needs to taste good. I buy it in the larger 10lb bag now that it's available. Great product at a great price from Mr Supp Love the taste. The core of my training supplements. On my second tub now.

For heavy doses you might want to try another brand, as stacking 2 scoops can turn your drink into a mega thick-shake or you can add more water.

I space mine out to 4 shakes a day with 1 scoop 77kg body weight. Musashi and Redbak got nothing on this. Best protein blend on the market hands down.

Have notices huge improvements over the last 2 months along with a good diet Recommend to all who want to increase or maintain muscle mass. I have read with interest about how many powders taste great but haven't tried one as good as this. It honestly felt like i was treating myself to an awesome milkshake. The taste is unreal - easily absorbed without feeling bloated and helps to recover quickly. This is an awesome product.

The best tasting Protein that I've ever tried. It helps me gained 6kg in the last 8 weeks and I'm talking about muscle, not fat. Really recommended for people looking to gain a lean muscle build. Best tasting protein I have had compared to other high quality products. Honestly I bought this because of claims that it is one of the best tasting products. I bought strawberry, banana and chocolate.

They all taste like a delicious milk shake, no sculling or cringing. A lot of kids on my team say that I need to stop taking the creatine when the season starts because it dehydrates you. Would it be worth it to take once or twice a week during the season or would it not be enough to make a difference? Would that still dehydrate me too much? Hey… this is a serious question. I have been taking creatine for like weeks now and i swear to god my penis has gotten smaller….

Okay i just picked up this creatine stuff… all i wanna know is when to take it like before or after working out or both.. I also drink alot of whey protein and in a month I look swolen. People with high or low blood-pressure should probably avoid creatine. Actually, it appears that the second study monitored individuals ranging from. There were no differences in the reported incidence of muscle injury, cramps, or other side effects. These data suggest that long-term creatine supplementation does not result in adverse health effects.

There have been no significant confirmed side effects of creatine, only speculation. It can potentially raise blood pressure, as it stores extra water in the cells of your muscles. Some speculate that it could potentially be harmful to the liver or kidneys, as they have to process it. Best to not take drastically high amounts, though, like alcohol or any other chemical, etc. While no short-term side effects have been observed, no comprehensive long-term studies have been done either, so take creatine at your own risk.

Why am i not gaining weight. I run roughly 40 miles a week due to cross country practice but I wrestle too, I was considering taking creatine post wrestling up to fall cross country to get big for my senior year.

Thank God for you, Martin! I was scrolling down this thread wondering where all the sane people had gone. Creatine can be beneficial for helping you have harder short workouts, and, yes, therefore help you gain muscle, because… well…. If you do regular weight-based workouts, Creatine will help you workout slightly harder, which should help you gain some more muscle.

If you wanna pay through the nose for that, fine. And you stop eating shit. Hey just wondering if i am benching right now without Creatine and then get on creatine for a good months and then lets say i stop taking Creatine. How long should my workout be?

Should I try to lift as much as I can while using creatine or should I start out small since I have never worked out? Can I use creatine while running or doing push ups and sit ups and it still work?

My last question is what is the deal about the water retention or whatever? What does that mean and what are the effects of that and is it a big deal??? So i feel like im going to lose all of what ive gained when i go off creatine, in a month and a half ive gotten a bit bigger in all of my upper body and gained 11 pounds, i dont want to take creatine forever so once the jar is gone im done.

When i use a creatine do I have to stop using Caffeeine? And how much water shuld i drink when I use Creatine? Tell me if im wrong, but is this not a good way to describe creatine? Creatine is like a super-charged pair of runners. These runners help you run for longer, thus working your muscles harder and runners let out this gas which helps you gain mass. Hey Guys, Im planning to take creatine. The reason I lift weights is I just want to look good without a shirt on. I am going to start taking creatine in a few days.

I am going to record dosage, time of intake, gains, side effects, and post cycle effects of the powdered form. I am on bodyspace. My profile name is justjake81 I thought it would be great to see someone with a well documented experience with creatine.

Anybody who gives their kid creatine should be put in jail. Teens have ego issues as is. Its possible to get ripped without creatine. It just takes a little longer. All creatine is water weight.

Once you stop taking it, you lose everything you gain. Besides its expensive to keep buying over and over. Eat plenty of chicken and go easy on carbs. Any of these get ripped quick supplements are a health concern. Eat right no driver thrus greasy burgers pizzas taco bell at 4 in the morning. It takes real discipline not some magic shake to get a real gym body. Im 20 years female, I want to ask you guys if I take creatine with my chest grow???

In this case I will save some money on a plastic surgery? I then got arrested for running naked with a creatine pills on my mouth.. Oscar, yes you should use creatine or some other safe SAFE supplement if you want to reach , but rememebr you dont want to gain to much wieght for it will be bad for you at the same time.

Oscar if you ultimately want to reach bench press it is within reach with you being that big. SO just starting on NANo Vapor feeling a huge increase in endurance but my face is turning red everytime i take it anyone know why? Hey i just got some creatine, wondering if it will dissolve in the drink if i let it sit out for about hours? So i dont know if this has todo with my flu i had a week ago tht passed already or the creatine i started to take yesterday.

Hey i started taking creatine and my friend told me take it durring your lift. Also that when you stick it into your waterbottle drink it right away. For example dont make it at 7 am and drink it at 11 am because it can become poisonous to the body if left out too long. I want to start building size on my chest and arms faster and tone up my abs, would creatine be the best thign to take?

Also do I have the right equipment needed or do you guys advise me to get a gym membership? It occurs naturally in your body and helps to restore ATP energy.

When you do a rep your body releases ATPs that burst and give you energy. Your body releases creatine to restore your ATPs, now when you run out of creatine you no longer have energy to do another rep.

By putting more creatine into your body you can do more reps therefore gaining muscle. Now creatine also opens up the pores in your cells and allows whatever you take with it to enter and form a mass unless taken with water. I DO NOt recommend taking it with water! However, if taken with protein your putting protein into your muscle to form a hard mass. I recommend taking your creatine with protein and if you are doing a pre-work out you should take it with that aswell.

I do not recommend anyone under the age of 18 to take it for the fact that they do not have mature muscles and it will not be benefecial enough to them. You should cycle creatine- 1 month on 1 month off so your body doesnt get used to it and also because your body was not ment to have that much creatine at once therefore causing stomach problems. Now when combined with proper exercise and taken with PROTEIN you wont lose muscle but you will lose a little strength inbetween cycles but if you use creatine properly the amount of muscle that you put on will make your strength go right back up.

If your having stomach aches with creatine monohydrate then switch to kre-alkalyn. Kre-alkalyn contains magnesium which acts as a buffer therefore making you able to take it longer but once again you need to cycle it so your body doesnt get used to it. Just bought some greatine and i am wondering if i can put on about twenty pounds of muscle or so, right now i weight about pounds and would like to go up to about Does anyone out there in internet land think its possible tqaking creatine?

Im gay if i start using Creatine will i go straight? I am 21…my height is Also when should i take it how long before my work out. How many grams a day?? I have looked up this but i would like to hear it from some one that has exp.

Since i am consistently training, when i stop taking creatine, would i drop back to lbs or will i gain extra strength already since i have been using heavier weights and improve to lbs? Also, how much to take a day and how much water to go along with that, and should i take breaks once and a while for how long!!???

I ve heard that creatine causes hairloss,is that true? Hi, I weigh and can bench Except the creatine make me crap my drawers in middle of rep. Oh I heard creatine make you go gay too. Do i take protein with cell tech?????? Normally I would space it out without supplements and go straight but given time constraints I need to maximize my results asap. I was wanting to know given that basic is 8. Any feedback is greatly app.

Hi guys, currently I weigh about 65 pounds, im 25 years old, i bench and squat Creatine is an interesting substance. It will make you bigger, all around, but this is simply the water. Sure, when there is more water in your muscles, you tend to have more strength.

Think of it as an engine with a bigger capacity like 4 L vs 3 L. The majority of the size gained only by creatine will be lost after stopping. You would gain strength and muscle mass either way if you were working out, with creatine, or without. I have been bodybuilding for over 6 years and have taken creatine a number of years. I stopped taking it as it was having negative consequences on my health, particularly with the kidneys, the bladder, and the large intestines.

I was feeling random pains in my abdomen. My body felt bloated all the time and I could never reach a six pack on creatine. After taking creatine nonstop for over a year I stopped.

I lost a lot of weight 20 lbs and about 50 lbs from my bench press. So the time I took off definitely attributed to my loss in strength and some mass. However, the consequences from putting creatine and other such substances in your body far outweighs the benefits. I would rather have a substance-free body and know that my gains from lifting naturally are here to stay.

I would have praised creatine a year ago… but you live and you learn. Nitric oxide is not creatine. It expands your vascular system for better pumping of the blood. Some people have mentioned that it can have a positive effect on blood pressure by lowering it. I am not familiar enough to speak on it so take my word with a grain of salt.

If you are 14 there is no way you should be taking creatine. If you work out too much at your age, you risk damaging your body and this will effect you in later life. If you try and bulk up so young your body with start to focus growth and repair of muscles and it will not have enough supplements to continue your growth that should be happening during puberty.

Plus if you want to start building young. You should start off on whey proteins then ween yourself off onto creatine at a later stage. Hey guys, i was just curious in beginning taking creatine. I was thinking about taking purple k creatine pills, any opinions? Anyways Creatine is good for bulk but not long lasting gains in my opinion. Like any supplement research it and use it cautiously.

I have used many supplements on and off for various different reasons, I now stick with PHD products but only take half the reccomended dosage on protein in takes etc. I take creatine every week day and none on weekends. Seriously to be honest.. I weigh lbs and I can bench lbs. I started lifting in the summer of , at lbs and benching lbs.

I have took creatine once so I know it hasnt made any difference in my strength. Im just sayin all you need is dedication and scarifice. Im 17 and weight lbs, im going to start working out now, should i take creatine? I was told to take it when i wake up. I am trying to gain about 15lbs in muscle weight and not look fat, because i still wanna look defined for the ladies if you know what i mean.

So how much and when am i taking this stuff? On the days you do work out take it after you workout. Ya you will gain weight but most of it will be water weight and some will be muscle. When I started taking creatine after one month I gained 10 pounds. Hi again i train 3 times a week what would be the best time to take my creatine capsules.

Take five grams every day. And 3 days a week is fine as long as you are working hard on all your muscles. Or you can just take it right before you go to bed. But make sure to drink a lot of water but not too much. U can cycle it if u want. And curls are the best for your biceps. Stay on creatine as long as u want to. If u want to be extra safe than go ahead. And curls are definently the best way to get bigger byceps.

Cycling is when u take creatine for a month and stop for a couple weeks and then load up for five days and repeat. The reason people do this is because when u take creatine your body stops producing it. So when u stop taking creatine your body will start making it again. Creatine does not change your mood. A lot of people think that if steroids make you mad than creatine will but they are both completely different. A lot of people also think that when your taking creatine your puting some strange chemical into your body but your body already makes 2 grams of creatine every day and most meat has creatine.

Hello i am 16 and weight around lbs. I bench my weight. I have some questions about creatine. Well i have been lifting on and off for a few years and have been going hard the last 9 weeks with a one week break and am wondering if i start to take creatine, will it make my gut larger because one thing i want to do is cutdown on my bellyfat.

The rest of my body is decently toned but i want to get rid of my bellyfat so i feel good about taking my shirt off in public. Hey guys if I take creatine for the summer and load for a week then work out for 2 then load another week and so on for 2 weeks how would that affect me Im 15 btw and I weight I wanna take creatine for 2 months in the summer how should I work out and distribute it evenly?

I wanna get big for the 11th grade Im 15 and I weigh pounds I really need help. Hello i am 16, 6 feet tall and weight around lbs. Creatine is not anything like whey protein or muscle milk. Hi, im 16 i weigh but most of my body is muscle,i joined a gym and planning to workout atleast 5 times a week. If i take it for a month and i stop using it, will my muscles become saggy? Im going into 10th grade and i am thinking about buying some creatine monday.

I work out on my own, but right now i work with my football team for summer workouts. Everyday we run our asses off before we work out. Will creatine dehydrate me? Also, once the summer is over i will not be working out that often til after the season. Should i still take creatine in cycles? I drink wheybolic xtreme and muscle milk also.

Haha but your right. Buy multipacks of good quality 1. The best creatine ive found in 10 years is reflex creapure creatine monohydrate powder. The best protien drinks for good quality protien is sci-mx grs5 pure protien. The best protien and carbs drink is sci-mx mass system. These products use the best ingredients which stop any negative effects like acne or spots that can occur from putting shite in your system.

Eat lotts of whole grain cereal, brown bread, eggs and meat. Good quality fillet stakes and lotts of fresh fish. Take a strong multi-vitamin with a big list of shit in every mornin, also take a mg good quality vitamin c tablet at the same time.

Take a realy strong omega 3 fish oil capsule with lunch. For extra boosts of energy and a bit of a natural high, take mg of korean ginseng and a strong ginko capsule good quality with every meal.

This little concotion is realy good for you. After a week of this suplementation, as long as your eating well and not drinking ANY alchohol, i guarantee youl be feeling fuckin fantastic and litteraly bouncing around. This supplement schedule gets me so fuckin wired i feel like ive been plugged into the electricity mains.

Haha, im always like yaa yaa wohoo singin an dancin, damn, an some of the girls ive been bangin, fuckinell hahaa woohooo! Combine the creatine diet i laid out above, with this super supplement plan and i gaurantee youl never look back waaaa hahahaaa woohoooo, yeah! The number 1 rule for all this shit to work, is to let it build up in your system over weeks without drinking any alcohol, you can however smoke marijuana as this helps detox the body using complex plant sterols and cannabinoids, which are full of unique super-vitamins, wich is a good thing for the whole endocrine system.

So if you need to feel a buzz, use high quality cannabis instead of highly toxic alcohol. When youv been following the creatine diet and the super supplement diet for 6 months, go to jamaica for a holliday. I used to take creatine in High School and in college. I stopped taking it for a few years now. I was told that our bodies make creatine naturally, but when you take creatine your body can stop producing it. Is this true and should I be taking small amounts of creatine if my body did stop producing it.

Will this also help me loss weight. I think yall are all wasting your time. Ask a friend who you has expierienced the effects. Hey, im 15 and i was wondering because it says you have to be 18 and i dont really care but i want to know the bad side affects if i take it. I have found that I have had homosexual tendencies which I have never had before. I was wondering if anyone else has been having these issues… I am 20 years old and I have never had this issue before.. I have also gain alot in my strenght over the past few months having taken lots of creatine and protiene.