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Do you really think you can eat GF at McDonalds and be satisifed with their options? Ammonia gas is used to help eliminate bacteria. Plain cracker biscuits, Ginger Nut, Marie - but always check the label to make sure. Ford Explorer Sport Trac. I really get tired of ignorance! Mann's Broccoli Cole Slaw.

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Oahu Eateries Memorialized

To help keep your cholesterol levels down, the National Institutes of Health recommends that you not consume more than 30 percent of your total daily caloric intake from fat.

That amounts to about 66 g of fat per day for most adults. The fat content of a Sausage McMuffin with Egg is 27 g, 10 of which are saturated fat.

The National Institutes of Health recommends that your total daily consumption of cholesterol not exceed mg.

If you enjoy a Sausage McMuffin with Egg for breakfast, that means you can only consume 15 mg of cholesterol in the rest of the day if you stay within the recommended guidelines. Video of the Day. Nutritional Values of Pork Sausage Links. Calories in Subway Breakfast Sandwiches. Calories in Eggs Benedict. How Many Calories are in a Scotch Egg? Nutrition Facts for Egg Foo Young. Cheese and Ranch House are fascinating!

I would have never known Ranch House had at one time split into two restaurants. Mahalo for all that! Hawaiiana Group I assume? He also had a house well mansion really across Kalanianaole Hwy. I seem to recall that the same contractors which built McDonalds also built his house and that they shared the same red brick building materials.

Aina Haina itself also has some interesting history. Getting back to Hind, Robert Hind grew up in the sugar plantation on the big island, where he learned to handle livestock. In , he purchased land in Wailupe and the founded the Hind-Clarke dairy. He died before WWII and after the war, the dairy was sold and the land between East and West Hind drives were developed, creating the kernel of the area we now know as Aina Haina. I also enjoy learning just about anything. In the days before it was renovated, Parker Ranch Shopping Center was very reminiscent of Aina Haina, in my eyes anyway.

Both were strip malls with a super market on the left side, a central courtyard area. Yup, knew about that. It goes like this:. They ate at Washington Saimin and Boulevard Saimin. Sullivan secured deals with a local saimin noodle factory, fishcake supplier and a Japanese company, Ajinomoto, to manufacture a special soup base. Interesting story about the history of Aina Haina and Robert Hind. That shopping center has changed quite a lot lately.

The corner where Chuck E. Cheese was is all divided up now and opened up. As you know, Foodland wears many hats: Any other of those stores might pop up at Parker Ranch commercial properties perhaps. Served local coffee shop-style meals at reasonable prices, and had the best house salad dressing.

Very popular with local families and older patrons. Closed due to retirement? According to a Honolulu Magazine article by the late and great John Heckathorn, Spindrifter was owned by Jolly Roger, a competitor at the time to Spencecliff, and also an umbrella company that also owned Yum Yum Tree. Classic American family diner with a local twist, very similar in food and overall ambiance to what Wailana Coffee House is today. Time to add Wailana Coffee House to the list — I'm bummed, good breakfast place, and close to where I stay when I visit.

After 48 years, they are closing. Re the closing of the Wailana. It's the last place that's kind of in the old Spencecliff style, like Tops, which used to be across the street. Just check out Kaimuki today vs. Not to mention the general availability of sushi of all kinds: But for the nostalgic, there's still the Crack Seed Store on Koko Head which has been there for 60 years that I know of almost unchanged.

What's worse is that some fake Disneyland kind of development is going to replace it and another piece of dwindling Old Hawaii is gone. They should spend the money. It's been a goldmine for all these years and would continue to be if renovated.

There are always lines at the door and folks willing to pay the price for the retro experience. There's nothing wrong with their food either. There's a reason that all the old comfort foods are still popular — because locals still love them and eat them and lots of tourists do too.

I know it's Waikiki, and lots of locals stay the heck away from it due to prices, and there is better profit to be had by tearing it down, but what happens when the next huge downturn comes, those tourists disappear and it's just the locals again?

I agree with all of you about Wailana Coffee House. I'm curious if the owners would accept funds from a massive online GoFundMe drive. I thought they only owned the ground floor space where the restaurant is. I actually live only a block away from there, and admittedly don't eat there as often as I conveniently could or should.

I will definitely pay them a visit before they close for one last meal, and to get some photos of the place for memories.

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