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The Diet Manual is, quite frankly, the ultimate method for producing extremely fast fat loss results. This basically gives you tons of recipes so you will never run out of ideas for what to eat! This connection is now well supported by scientific studies. I ate a bag of Chili Lemon Peanuts! This usually means no baked goods, desserts, chocolate, grains like rice or wheat, breads, pasta, and processed foods like cereal or oatmeal. Heat the oil in a small saucepan over medium heat.

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Modern food manufacturers have overwhelmed grocery store shelves with foods that are nutrient poor, rotten, spoiled, dead, old, and contaminated with antibiotics, chemicals, and growth hormones. If selective breeding can do this to a wolf, imagine what they can do to a tomato. We need to return to a system that works with the land, with nature, and with our own physiology and spirit. Sure, it takes work to make or find fresh, wild, natural food these days. But the benefits for the health of our bodies and the land we inhabit are undeniable.

The Wild Diet is not a dietary bootcamp; it is a template for making healthy eating and lifestyle decisions. But as a rule, the closer you can get to eating plants and animals that would thrive in their wild and natural habitat, the better. Heirloom and heritage plants and animals are in themselves healthier as a result more nutritious then their industrial counterparts.

Imagine grain is expensive, hard physical work is necessary, and sweets are a treat. Recently, a lot of you have been writing in to share your stories.

Here are a few of my favorites. These folks have lost weight, reduced body fat, and even improved their breathing by transforming their bodies with delicious real food. I was lbs when I started on the Wild Diet back in April DaPoliticalPunk October 29, Experts have no idea.

Been eating wild and the cough is almost gone. The book is awesome. You can literally turn Twinkies into fingernails. Everything you think you know about diet and exercise is probably wrong. In a sea of marketing hype, Abel James is a powerful and authentic voice that speaks the truth. Abel James shows you how to optimize your workout, diet, and habits to take your health back into your own hands.

Abel rocks a chiseled 6 pack and makes it look easy. As the owner of a 1-pack, I marvel at his lean body mass! Abel has done his research, and his book shows you how to apply it to your life in a very realistic way. This book will change the way you look at food and exercise. More importantly, this book can help you take control of your life. He gives the health movement a personal voice that is fresh, approachable, and knowledgeable. In his book, The Wild Diet, Abel shares his own journey losing 20 pounds in 40 days and shows you how to do the same.

By focusing on not just what you eat, but how you eat it, Abel gives a unique perspective on how to think about our diet. Instead, The Wild Diet shows you how to lose fat while satisfying your personal cravings. Yeah, there are some yummy recipes in there— even desserts!

Everything he spoke about resonated with me. I can tell you that Abel is the real deal. He lives The Wild Diet. Abel has re-discovered these truths and he shares them all right here in this book… plus more. Speaking as a busy mom, these recipes not only taste great, but can help the whole family get fit as a fiddle!

Do you want to curl up with a nice book? Eat a palm-sized portion of protein from pasture-raised meats or wild seafood, and round out meals with high-quality fats like grass-fed butter , hard cheese, nuts, or avocado. Ditch added sugars, breads, and gluten grains. For breakfast, bacon and eggs are back on the menu!

This is our full fat-loss program with a complete 30 day step-by-step meal plan that includes full color photos and shopping lists to make everything really easy for you.

You get simple healthy, whole food recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert all broken down day-by-day to take any confusion out of the equation. Have you started eating Wild yet? Leave a comment below to let us know your favorite part about The Wild Diet. The Wild Diet is low in sugar and refined carbs, so it can help stabilize blood sugar.

I would almost go as far as saying his book could help you cure it for good!!! Abel, these are some great transformations. I believe if you have enough motivation to be healthy, and stay healthy then everything will be worth it. I like Tip 6 the best. Most young adults nowadays will skip meals to stay slim, and would consume unhealthy foods when they decide to eat. This tip emphasized that eating is actually OK, as long as you do it right. I was considering a paleo type diet — really love the emphasis on unprocessed food.

Reading a lot on the connection between raised levels of IGF-1 Insulin-like Growth Factor when eating meat and poultry and long-term health problems — prostate cancer, reduced fertility, etc. Will switching to grass-fed meat prevent the elevation of IGF-1 in the bloodstream? Whilst there are some real concern about the effect of meat and dairies on IGF-1 blood levels, not many of those studies seem to do a distinction between wild, non-wild grass-fed and grain-fed cattle, and the effect of a proper lifestock diet on the IGF content of the meat.

Also, there is the usual correlation problem: Risk of cancer increases with age. All were classified as consumption. Even blood cancers such as lymphomas or unidentified cancers such as liver cancer. Eating 6 mini-meals is bad for one as it triggers insulin release which causes weight gain. Just wish I could convince my family to give up those white carbs. Cavemen had poor health and died early. Just eat your fats, carbs and protein in untouched form, as in no chemicals, etc. I eat grains with little or no crap added or taken from them.

Before I mainly ate fats and protein which lead to an eating disorder, brittle bones so forth…. Real food is medicine! Add that to the fact that some of the paleo ideas eg. Hi Fi, Thanks for stopping by. Can you imagine life without double-cream Brie? The truth is that almost everyone can benefit, so we need to do our best not to scare people off!

I have just ordered your info.. Thank you and keep the good info coming! Can I imagine a world without double-cream brie? I cook with a mixture of butter and oil, cream My coffee, and eat at least 8 ounces of cheese a day as a snack. I shut the mouths of these judgmental, holier-than-Thou, Orthodox-Paleos with this: No, as archaeology has proven, They were spread out around the world.

In other words, does this entire world eat an Asian diet? We all have Our way of eating. If I am not eating grain, legumes, processed food, beaver butt-enhanced food, margarine, etc… then I am doing the right thing. Abel James is one of the most influential folks in my life for sure. Him and Cisson have really changed the way I look at health and nutrition and even exercising. I realized that I no longer have to run 10 miles a day to be healthy.

It is more important what I put into my body. Thanks a lot Abel, for what you have done and I really appreciate your courage in sharing these concepts with the world, despite all the contrary information out there.

I look younger, I feel younger, I feel like I have the perfect combination of feminized and masculine traits that we all inherently possess. Abel… Thank you so much for all your hard work! You are an inspiration to me. Why the heck did it take us so long to come full circle? Wow, 9 pounds in a week! Eating real food just works. And being full instead of hungry all the time? I still have 90 lbs to go. Any tips on how to tackle that?

Duh, minimize sugar, processed foods, and carbs and add more fruit and veggies. Many people are trained to think that what is offered to them as meals by stores and restaurants are actually nutritious. I guess Im lucky that my parents were raised on farms with chickens, eggs and gardens in the backyards untainted by food manufacturing and that we grew up gardening and going to the butcher for our meat. I feel sad for the children growing up with parents who did not have this nutritional foundation and are confused manipulated by confusing and mixed messages about food, fitness, meds and health.

From the thin Chinese to ancient Aztecs — humans have been eating high carb for thousands of years. Secondly is India for Tpe 2 Diabetes rate.

Third is the USA, but we have a very diverse popultaion. Downloaded all available episodes of your podcast recently and listened to them all one-by-one in the car. I made a contribution to the upkeep of the show because I see real value in what you and your guests have to say.

Great show and great informed guests providing fantastic information. Waiting for the next episode now. Thanks for stopping by. You can grab a hardcopy of The Wild Diet on Amazon here: Second, I would like to give a quick background of myself. I am 23 years old living in northern Michigan Boyne city. I work as a personal trainer and manage at a gym and am avidly researching more about nutrition and fitness, as well as sharing ideas in classes and hope to be in med school at U of M in the near future.

Third, in April of I was lb, had smoked cigarettes for 6 years, and was in catastrophic health. At 21 years old, my risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer was high to say the least. I decided to follow a high carb low fat diet rich in fruit, vegetables, lean protein, and no processed food or liquids.

No candy, no soda, only raw natural foods.. In 8 months I was down 80 lbs, and lost 40 more in the following year. I seemed to be stuck at my new weight, and am very interested in cutting more in preperation for a natural fitness show. Two months ago I decided to try nutritional ketosis. I found out about it while stumbling upon Dr. I feel like I have grown slightly in muscle and strength, and have tested numerous times and AM in ketosis according to test strips.

I seem to be storing a bit of weight in the stomach and butt. Vascularity in arms and shoulders remains the same, but am wondering if you can offer any advice or tips. I do mins of cardio times per week, high intensity moderate — heavy interval weight training 5 days a week. If you wanted to talk about me in your podcast I would be absolutely ecstatic about it, and even happier to answer more questions if your busy self had any.

But if possible I would appreciate any tips you may have, and am aware of my selfishness of this post. Truly appreciate all you do for the paleo movement, and am starting to feel as good as you. Lifts are getting better, endless energy, yet storing weight. From one caveman to another, thanks. Hi Dan, Wow, what a journey! But if you got down to , why did you go for ketosis? It sounds like you were in a pretty good spot. Abel, Love the podcast; reading the book. A Clarity podcast would be amazing.

Thanks for all the info, even if it can be overload!! Hey Jeff, I hear you. Glad there is a podcast to help with the other aspects of daily living.

Ha, I love this comment. I certainly enjoy mine. This looks healthy and a diet I can live with. Hi Suzanne, we cover food temptations in a recent episode of my show with Michael Fishman; you can check it out here: I was actually referred to you and your site by Antonio Centeno. Is it possible that grains, starches, and sugar can cause fat gain? Absolutely, but only in the context of excess consumption. Would like to get your feedback particularly on the quote above and any other insight you might have as far as how sustainable this would be for a business professional whose lifestyle is fast paced and involves restaurant outings.

Aside from not giving up wine thanks Abel! Hi Richard, Thanks so much for the update. Well, things like bacon and coconut oil are easy to swap out for other fats grassfed butter, macadamia, avocado, olive oil, other animal fats, etc. Yes, please listen to the shows. I just posted show number 65 — tons of info that will clear up ever question above. So, in a month, im turning You are a Fountain Of Information!

Your Podcast are an excellent source of good credible information I have 3 weeks of Sobriety from the chains of industrialized, processed, Contaminated,multi- ingredient foodstuffs!!! And i credit that to you and my new lifestyle…. I fired my Doctor!!!! Again Thanks your doing an Awesome job , helping people undestand the conventional wisdom is not wise, amen!

I know you personally eat a diet high in good fats but I was wondering what you thought about the fact that DR Loren Cordain says lots of lean meats which are high in protein are best. And then you have people like Colin Campbell says too much animal protein is problematic and linked to degenerative diseases.

Have you ever covered that topic and similarly the research of Dean Ornish and Mcdougall? It appears as this is not a diet for a vegetarian. If a vegetarian can do this diet how would they? It can certainly be adapted for vegetarians. The main tenet of a Wild Diet is just eating real, whole, unprocessed foods. Sounds good for anyone and everyone right?!

Hi Able, Just recently found your site, very interesting and will try. Would be interested in hearing your thoughts. No dairy, coconut is Bad???? This all gets sooo confusing. Conventional dairy is a good idea to avoid.

Read this new book, follow this new program, diet or food plan, take this pill or supplement and swallow these good bacteria. Make a raw egg and liver in a smoothie yikes! NOooo and drink it right out of the blender. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. The most important factor is to adjust according to what works best for your body. The idea of all of these podcast, books etc.

My personal success has been about 20 pounds off me in two months. Thankfully your delicious recipes will keep me on the right track.

Feel free to post some photos of your creations to the Facebook page, we would love to see them! Hi Abel I just thought I would let you know that the Anchor brand of butter in the UK is now not from New Zealand, so can no longer be relied on to be from grass fed cows all year round. It looks like we are left with Kerrigold from Ireland to guarantee year round grass fed dairy. Do you know if butter from Normandy is grass fed all year round? Unsalted Normandy butter tastes good, so I think it might be solely from grass fed cows, but you can never be sure.

Keep up the good work. If I am allergic to butter, what are the best fats to load up on to keep my ratios in fat burning mode and still keep my omegas balanced? I have quit sugar, bread, rice, potatoes, corn, legumes, etc. I have put 10 pounds back on frim where I was 2 years ago.

I am interested in eating a loosely based paleo diet. I know there are a lot of benefits to vinegar and balsamic vinegar, but what about flavored balsamic vinegar? Sorry if you posted about this elsewhere! Love your podcasts, they keep me going during workouts! In fact that is what I suggest we would do, as we have evolved on a wild diet until relatively recently.

The latest hypothesis in paleoantropology is that before we knew how to hunt we started as scavengers, following lion packs and getting their already-hunted leftovers. In that context, we would have, for a consistent part of our evolution, eaten bone marrow, brain fat and collagen-rich ribs.

New actualistic data on the ecology and energetics of hominin scavenging opportunitie http: Thank you so much for writing your book and sharing your story! Looking forward to learning from your work. Personally, I found this the blog http: As an individual who has struggled with weight for many years, I am grateful for Abel for three reasons. The Wild Diet helped me lose 22 pounds in 4 months. I sleep better on the wild diet. I used to have insomnia, but now, I can sleep with relative ease.

My eyes are brighter. This could be tied in to number two, as with less sleep, the less vibrant I looked. All in all, with the help of Abel James, my appearance has improved dramatically and I would like to thank him and his team if he has one for all the work put into this site and show.

The content is so rich. I am happy to be here and would not take advice from any other health guru without first consulting the wild diet. Just discovered your podcast and after listening to a fee episodes decided to buy your book. You can get the audio version of The Wild Diet on Audible here: Can you or anyone reading this point me in the right direction? I just bought your ebook and am reading it…. What do you think about low-carb diets vs your wild diet? Listened to your whole book in one day on Audible.

Always looking for other resources to use with my patients and when I am speaking at our national and international spine society meetings. I use many of these principles with my patients as we are dialing into what work best for them based on their unique clinical picture and physiology.

Love that you included your own story of struggles as well. My story is similar and being open about it, I have found, it is a very effective tool to motivate people by reassuring them we understand their struggles. Volunteering for Huntington's Disease Association of Tasmania. Paul began by congratulating Les on his recent award.

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Anglican Church horrified over how redress scheme calculates payments to victims. Let us know a little more about you and your goals. Apple Cider Vinegar Diet side effects, mentioned in customer comments, include headache, stomach pains, nausea and irregular bowel movements. Apple Cider Vinegar Diet ingredients include chromium, apple cider vinegar, apple pectin and gymnema sylvestre. Choosing the right product is the 1 question asked by DietSpotlight readers.

We recommend trying any product before buying it and know that finding a product with a sample offer is near impossible - so we created our own product, Burn TS, with scientifically backed ingredients.

Apple cider vinegar in a pill form has not been tested and proven to provide the same results when the ACV is ingested normally. The easiest way to enjoy the benefits of apple cider vinegar is to add a teaspoon to an 8oz glass of water each morning. You should take one Apple Cider Vinegar Diet capsule, three times per day. The company recommends taking the supplement prior to eating.

These a long history of using the Apple Cider Vinegar Diet for weight loss, but why people continue to follow it is a mystery. There are no set rules when using the Apple Cider Vinegar Diet for weight loss, but exercise is always a fantastic option when trying to lose weight.

Summer Banks, Director of Content at Dietspotlight, has researched over weight-loss programs, pills, shakes and diet plans. Previously, she managed 15 supplement brands, worked with professionals in the weight loss industry and completed coursework in nutrition at Stanford University. Do Not Send Email Notifications. I am a skinny diabetic 2 and recently heard about ACV helping with glucose. I have never been overweight so I hoped it would be good for my diabetes and hopefully not lose any weight.

It has really brought my numbers down. My A1C has gone from 7. The theory is the vinegar inhibits the breakdown of carbohydrates thereby decreasing the blood glucose spikes that occur in people with diabetes. Even the unhealthy studf I occasionally eat are healthu and homemade. Aome people really have a hard time losing weight. I mix 3 teaspoons of vinegar in an 8 ounce glass of cold water…I add 1 teaspoon of honey and a pinch of baking soda to it since vinegar is very acidic the baking soda cuts down the acidity.

Been on the up and down diet roller coaster most of my life. However, the diet that is most effective for me and the one I always fall back on is the Mayo Clinic with certain variations that are geared towards my body personally. ACV is important because it is a natural diuretic and so is lemon juice.

So be aware those lbs you are shedding might just be water. I have drank apple cider vinegar but can not find something to mix it with. I would like any suggestions from you on what to mix it with. I did not want to discourage anyone. Sorry for the typo. Vinegar is very good for you. Valerie, i would like to keep seeing how u are doing on the ACV drinks…i bought a huge bottle of it for my family a few weeks ago but didnt know what dosage it was good to take.

An old woman herbalist ect. Im gonna get on it right away after finally remembering to look it up and have now done some research on it.

All users have different results. There is no specific amount of weight that everyone will lose. Make sure to get the Raw, Unfiltered apple cider vineagar. And, shake well before use. The bacteria will act as natural probiotics. For more information, see our full Advertising Disclosure. Apple Cider Vinegar Diet Readers: Click here to find out why we're giving away samples of our product, Burn TS.

Need Help Finding a Diet? How many pounds do you want to lose? Please Select Less than 10 10 to 15 More than Please Select less than 4 times a month 1 - 2 times a week 3 or more times a week. Please Select 18 - 24 years old 25 - 34 years old 35 - 44 years old 45 - 54 years old 55 - 64 years old 65 - 74 years old 75 years or older. How much support do you have at home? Please Select A lot A little Almost none. What makes it hard to lose weight? Please Select Eating too much at meals Comforting myself with food Unhealthy food at home Food just tastes so good Snacking Eating out.

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