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The topics vary and include awareness, the state laws concerning self-defense, personal conceal carry weapon, etc. Questions are either multiple choice or true or false. So should I drop it down to kg or 90kg and focus on getting the reps up higher? The surprising answer… How to build a successful and rewarding career in fitness. How many months did you try SCT? Or a combination of the two? Paleo Mom — Sarah Ballantyne writes about the science behind the Paleo diet, as well as how to practically implement a Paleo lifestyle when raising a family.

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Please don't go to IIN, it's a rip off. Rating nutrition certification by: I am thinking of taking the Venice nutrition certification. Has anyone taken this certification?

Rating I am in Intergrative Nutrition by: Anonymous I posted the first comment. I am in IiN and if you do decide join their mailing list. I love everything I am learning. Robert Notter teaches the business side and he charges for his business shops, you get to go to a conference learning from David Wolf and other top doctors from around the country, you get a website, free second year and your very own health coach. I think it's worth the money and you also can get college credit.

You don't have to do continuing CEUS. Now if you do it, do the Spencer Institute Wellness and start working and use the IIN as a write off since your a wellness coach.

You also learn over different dietary theory's. I feel it gives you a lot of bang for your dollar. Starting a Personal Training Business. Average Rating Click here to add your own comments.

I am in Intergrative Nutrition by: The gym have no more weights to put on.. I did not know I could hold kg! I do have some pain but I think its a good kind and a tingling sensation. I held it for 5 sec and perhaps I could experiment the possitions and length of time until I get to a better gym? I also have a challenge with my hands not being able to lift the weights that I otherwise could with my legs obviously but in such as deadlifts and shoulder shrugs..

Lat pulldown was also maxed at 95 kg.. I should go over to 1h but I think I need to work on posture.. This page might help you: Thank you Pete this is brilliant cheats! I will let you know how it works out for me after a while..

I think it will go simply awesome! I broke my training down and decided to give up the weights and focus on flexibility more. What is happening with that Pete and Greg? My best guess and it is a guess is that he was overtraining with weights and when he did less of it his performance improved.

It is a recurring theme though, as is the stronger you are the quicker you are, so it is confusing. What would be your advice? How should he train?

Hi Jerome, there is information on this page: To answer your question, Ronny, I bought a pair of lifting hooks and they work. Well it does now.

My shoulder shrug also went from to lbs. Hows that for 61 yrs old. Feb 4, was my SCT start date. I started with lbs on the leg press and on March 25th I pushed lbs. Oh, and I added a hold for my forearm at 70 lbs February 4th, and on April 17, did 85 lbs. Have a question about the tricepts, close grip press.

I went from pressing ,, down to lbs. So not being happy, I went to a tricept push down machine, and did per arm. Does it take longer for muscles to rebuild at age Is there any scale?? I ordered a pair of the lifting gloves that you recommend and boy was I glad I did. Takes a long time to get them, so if you want them quicker, go with a 2 or 3 day mailing.

Leaving for the gym, go every 10 or 12 days now, but will change soon to about 15 to 20 days. Older guys take longer. You mention using dumbbells. How are you restricting the range of motion to your strongest range? I use two hands to get to my strongest position, hold 5 seconds, then grab it with both hands and let it down. I also do my forearms the same way Ken. A barbell inside a power rack is better. It might help with your lagging arms.

Also, using a biceps machine with both hands and then doing the static hold with one hand can also be effective. Is this true, Pete? How much muscle weight can I expect to gain in the next month using SCT? Not sure how much weight I am losing is fat and how much is muscle. People do it all the time. But it takes careful control of training and calories. You need enough to build new muscle tissue but not so much that you gain fat. People who are already too fat often build muscle and lose fat at the same time.

That never, ever happens. Do you believe that? Nobody knows what you can gain or lose. You train hard and measure as you go. I have the same issue. Even if I try to provide some assistance with my grip, the weight is just too much.

The hooks slide down past my outstretched fingers. I am enjoying the PFT gains though. Hi Pete, I am using the programme since 19 April and am making great progress.

Will this feeling go away after a time and will my sleep return to normal? Are there any other guys out there experiencing the same?

How do I hasten overcoming this feeling? I thank you in advance for your help. Les, this will go away. Its just a release of hormones from the workouts. Your body will adjust. Pete, I have contributed to this blog, occasionally, but I feel compelled to tell you this tale. At least my record book, anyway. Has it been around that long? Even experimented with partials. I loved your workout and quickly brought my full range, max on the bench from a fairly steady , struggle with over to a couple reps with , in less than 3 months.

I was really impressed except I just could not quite make the leap from a regular workout to laying off for weeks at a time. I experimented with sct and actually came up with my own version of what you now call PFW. I mixed really heavy partials with longer lay offs, especially on the big movements like deadlift into my workouts.

Now, in my mid 50s, I had gotten up to six plates on the deadlift for My version of the workout went something like this: I would lift a weight heavy enough that at 5 seconds I am starting to lose it, at 7 it is down on the pins. I might give it a little bounce at each second, so it was almost like doing 7 reps. I would then wait about a minute and do it again but this time I can not hold it past 5 seconds. Then wait as much as 3 minutes and do it one more time and usually can not hold it for a full 5 seconds.

If I could hold it longer than 5 seconds on the second lift, I would increased it for the last lift. And, of course, on the third lift if I could hold it for 5 seconds I would increase the beginning weight on the next workout. I was not very scientific about it and would do that every so often, sometimes on a regular basis, like once a week, sometimes I would not get around to it again for a few weeks.

Today I lifted !!! I had about a 7 week lay off. Not to make excuses but, I had some work that backed up, had some crap piled up around my weight area, had a funeral to fly home for and a few other things that just got me out of the routine so I did not do a thing for this whole period. Oh I may have walked by the weight pile, felt guilty and did a quick set of presses or curls with dumb bells, but that was about it. Today, I finally cleaned up the area, warmed up with 4 plates and was shocked at how light it felt.

Jumped right to the 6 plates and was shocked again, actually did like 15 partial reps. First time I attempted it, I could not get it off the pins. Rested for about 30 seconds, psyched myself up, set, ready, lift. I workout in cycles, which I know is not healthy, but because of life I may go months without working out then get back in the routine.

Everytime I lay off, I gain weight as fat. For those who want to build their forearms, the information is in the arm training specialization workout — but only a fraction of people buy that compared to Train Smart. Yeah, I sort of wondered that maybe you didnt put it in your full body workouts because people just dont do forearm exercises. Which is kinda sad in my opinion, because as you said in your free report forearms are one of the most noticed bodyparts.

Hi Ken, Sorry for the late reply, thank you for your kind words of encouragement and sound advise! My grip strength have increased greatly, I can lift now kilos dead lift and on the shrug, did that one twice.. Hi Greg or Pete, Sorry if this sounds stupid but please could you explain to me why a standing bicep curl is better than a seated one. We say seated is better. We tested a few dozen experienced lifters and they scored better on average with the seated position.

Standing was a very close second. I have my own gym with squat cage and olympics bar with wight up to kg. I going to start training according to your program and did my first bench yesterday static hold with kg.

I will have to get some more plates soon. I have been lifting for almost 30yrs and I feel broken from all my hard work. Your program gives me new inspiration and I think this time I will achieve my goals. Looking forward to your reply. Hey, anything you do — including washing your car or cutting your lawn — will impact recovery somewhat. You never get something for nothing and all those other activities add to what your body has to deal with.

That said, you can do whatever other activities you need to do and still train with SCT because you have meaningful numbers to tell you whether or not you got enough rest between SCT workouts. You can get an idea how to adjust your frequency from this article: Hi Pete, I am increasing the weights all the time, however, my bench press and close grip just stopped progressing.

Is it possible to increase in all areas and not improve in one or two? Am I maybe stressing my muscles too much doing close grip on the one day and 8 days later doing the bench press? I look forward to your comments and those of the other guys as well. Soon some areas lag, usually because they need more rest. Just leave chest and triceps off your program for one cycle and see what happens when you try them again.

Now i would like to purchase one of your books. Can you tell what would be the best material for me? John, try the power factor routine. The problem is, and its the problem most our trainees have, is that they gain strength so quickly that they quickly outgrow the machines at the gym.

I doubt your home gym will be able to keep up with your strength gains. Hi Pete and Greg, I was just wondering, what should I do to strengthen my wrists? I find that on pushing exercises I naturally curl my wrists to be able to lift the weights.

In most cases though this results in the wrists giving out before the targeted muscle. Is there any thing I could do strengthen my wrists or is it just the same as strengthening the forearms? Rama, try to keep your wrist straight when you do the push. Think of it this way….. If you bend your wrist when you punch, you can and will hurt it, and possibly even break it because the force will not be supported by the bones in your arm. Do the same with the static lifts.

Well I dont know why but I felt I am able to push more this way…. I thought it might have to do with the smith machines in my current gym I never had this problem in the previous gym I went to. Thank you in advance for your answers. Les, it could be that your crunch is not as heavy as it should be. I know I can easily use the whole weight stack of any crunch machine that they have at the gym without so much as breaking a sweat.

So you may have to look at that. Some guys just find it harder to put muscle on the chest. That will definitely tax the fibers and the enzymes in the muscle and will push them to hypertrophy. Hi Pete, I have been practicing static and now power factor since when I purchased your Train Smart e-book. I know there is a slight difference on on the triceps and pecs betwen the two lifts, but it seems that, basically the pecs, front delts and triceps are working hard in both workouts, causing a need for more recovery between workouts.

I have experimented, regrouping the exercises with many different arrangements and like your XFT, 3 day split where the legs are one day, pulls another day and pushes on a 3rd workout.

Me and my brother are going to be living proof that this works, bring on the weights! Rene, congratulations on your results and welcome to the world of static contraction. Now, I train once every 3 weeks and I never lose my muscle. Its an amazing feeling not to be tied to a gym anymore. Thanks for spreading the good word.

With your help I believe static contraction will take off around the world! They are on different days because they are so similar. Most people have no trouble making steady progress with this split. If they did not I might suggest the A,B,C split but it is rarely needed. I had to laugh when I read it again. What would be so impressive about that? Pete or Greg, I have an equipment question. When doing close grip bench or curls, a straight bar really hurts my wrists so I use an EZ curl bar.

The problem is that it is too short for the spread of pins on the power rack. I have used a regular bench with a narrow spread and would keep the bar above the racks, but with really heavy weight it can obviously be dangerous. Do you have any other suggestions? I usually work out alone. How to train forearms? Pete are you still selling that jackhammer product or what else can I get? I never sold it, it was made by the folks who make the 1 ton hooks.

They recently stopped making it. Hi Pete, can I have both? You can have both but they require different exercises.

Grip machines are hard to find. A few years ago I started doing sct for forearms. No hanging my hands off a bench and curling my wrists, the weight I wanted to use was too heavy. I would lift the heaviest dumbell I could hold, hang it from my side or maybe lean against the dumbell rack so the dumbell hangs down a little in front of me. Then I would simply tighten my grip a pull it up tight. Very, very little movement.

My arm size and strength blew up in very short time. So, I made my own adjustable kettlebell with plumbing parts. In fact it kind of resembles the hammer strength thingy you advertise. Just has no moveable parts. I can probably send a pic if you need. It looked like a handle with a pipe hanging down.

You would load the pipe with weight then squeeze the handle. I have had the same issue. I have done three different things, and I have to say that the third one is giving me the most gains. Usually, when I ask for help, I do get the questions, and then I simply refer them to this site. Remember your form, I like to use the Scott curl bench for this.

For me this has been a great change for my biceps. My endurance has increased and I notice too, that my tolerance for heavier weights with the straight bar has gotten better too. Thanks Rob, Sorry for the misunderstanding but I was referring more to the triceps close grip bench press. And, yes, I do also like power factor training but still can go heavy enough that I would prefer some sort of safety device like the power rack. There is no one to ask for help, I work out in my own gym at odd hours.

I use it to great comfort for my wrists. FYI, they also make a shrug bar and Gripper machine. Should have it ready in a few days. I am pretty good at the mile: My question is this.

When does everyone work out at the gym? This question is preventing me from doing this workout. Try some Beta workouts. I got your PFW. I understand the Alpha training, but in Beta training do you just not increase weight but just increase duration? So the entire excersize for each muscle is just like one really long set?? Hey KC, I work out at night, but I am a night owl and I have always enjoyed training in the wee hours. I know that some guys on here work out in the afternoon and evening and have either come to enjoy the stares or learned to ignore them.

Just experiment and find a time that works best for you. You can get stronger in Alpha strength and you measure that with the Power Factor. You can get stronger in Beta strength and you measure that with the Power Index. Perhaps you can go to your gym at some different times, and figure out when the quiet period is and train then. I had to wait for someone to finish on the power-rack yesterday, then I was effectively hogging it for a while chest and lower back.

Like I said, no other training or exertion so my body is purely resting. So my scores went way down, because the 40rep effort sucked — maybe I was struggling too much with the kg weight it kinda felt heavy! So should I drop it down to kg or 90kg and focus on getting the reps up higher?

I love this workout, buying your book was a great investment! When I go home at night after one of these workouts, I am so drained that I actually have to take a nap and also go to bed early lol! Is it better to work this program alone, or with a partner? But I did want to know if a partner was good, or not. Other than the leg press, most people use about the same weight as the steroid monsters who train at the gym all day every day. OK…then I do feel better. I like it when my short sleeve tees are tight around the arm.

I like the comments about my chest. So which program would build me the quickest and the biggest without killing me?? But hate to be sore after a workout. The three days of dreading to sit or stand just are not fun.

And honestly Pete, how long does it take to really learn this system. I also hear about timing and reps. How do you do this part? With a stop watch, or what? Or should I just buy the book and find out?? And let us know how you do. Try the Train Smart workout — less wear and tear and soreness. Hi Pete When using a smith machine that does not have the saftey stop things on, is there anyway to improvise saftey stops so that if you lift more than you can re rack on a static contraction lift it wont all come falling down on you?

You Might have misunderstood me, it has the saftey catches all the way up that the bar rests on but it doesnt have those saftey stop things that you can adjust so that the bar cannot pass a certain point.

Sorry for being unclear do you see what I mean though now. But serious, why would anyone want to train to get old wear and tear , when we can get younger? Anyhow, I waited 10 days between workouts and felt the last workout was really heavy. I added 2 days and the workout yesterday was lesser heavy. Can I say that? I really felt strong and gained in every exercise! I want to let people know about SCT, how good it really works. When i think back, just months ago I really thought I never would train, ever, like I really hated training overall traditional weighttraining, Yuck!

To all who hesitate, just do it and feel it for yourselves! Nothing to lose, except your excessive fat! The smith machines at my gym do have the safety stops and I make sure they are set prior to lifting anything! I mainly train on Saturdays anytime between 1: Most gyms are not that busy at that time. I do have a workout partner, but when I am on my own I pretty much have the run of the place.

Plus, you will get to a point quickly where you are working out strength training less and less. I gained every time so far. Take more time off. Many advanced trainees go weeks between workouts. Your muscle will not evaporate, believe me. Will I still be increasing my speed by doing this workout like I was with the alpha workout?

Plus, am I right in saying if you continually try to increase the weight while at the very least doing the same amount of reps you are still going to be increasing alpha strength as well? Beta workouts are for endurance. Your peak speed might increase but your endurance is sure to. Life is full of trade-offs. You can run fast or you can run a long time, but.

Which workout will help performance on a soccer pitch the most in your opinion Pete, the beta or the alpha workout? Or maybe I could do a 5 sec hold and then do beta reps for 2 minutes like someone else suggested? Brian I have found that the torque that you generate from muscle due to alpha workouts is most useful in the midfield where you are always trying to win the ball and distribute.

Especially, the outside mid who recieves a ball in isolation, pushes a ball in to space and then explodes in to that space, as is often the case, the alpha is the better workout. A striker may benefit better from a beta workout but there too a striker can benefit from the alpha workout that strengthens and stoutly stabilizes quads, calves, hips, feet in challenges on a well placed ball in the open field. I like the stability and torque that you get from an alpha.

Besides soccer is all about letting the ball do the beta workout. Sounds like good advice. I just build the muscles. But just know that the balance and ability to keep your hips over the ball in a challenge will be greatly enhanced by alpha workouts.

As an ex defender a word of caution when going past a player, put as much space as possible between yourself and the defender to reduce the risk of being tripped up, When in a tight situation I find myself slowing down these days just due to self presevation,I just dont fancy hitting the astro turf at full speed.

Try a 45 degree incline and see if it hurts your shoulders. I found the power rack so thats one problem solved!!! I transfered the workout I do on the xf machine to the real gym with real weights for a change and found it harder work plus im feeling aching and stiffnes which I dont feel after using the xf! Any comments or reasons why please? The new gym does not have barbells-only machines and dumbles up to 80lbs. I do all my lifting on the machines but cannot do the deadlift and shrugs.

I did use the 80lbs dumbells but these are now far too light and just wondered whether you had a solution? Would alternating and balancing on one leg and lifting have the same effect?

Also, I used the Verticle Row machine for the bench press so will this give me the same results as the BB bench press? Kindly let me know and many thanks in advance. I always remind people that most gyms have a visitor rate that will let you pay a few bucks and get access to the good stuff. Doing lifts with one leg on the ground is inviting injury. However, here are some ways to cheat machines: The graphs on the spreadsheet show big improvements.

But today, an extra 5kg of strength, awesome. So I meant to try kg for the peak, but I counted up the weights on the bar incorrectly! The peak was really tough! I failed to get it off the power-rack bars about 3 times, and then on the 4th try I got it up. And as for the PFT results, this is absolutely fantastic, continued improvement over time.

A summary so you can see the improvements: On this article about the genetics between the 2 models that you commented on,that no matter what the guy on the right does he will never be as the guy on the left. I also agree,being a hardgainer type I am more towards the guy on the right than the left. In your power factor training,could I do a little better in mass gains than doing what I am doing now on the train smart routine-beta style?

As your chart showed for hardgainers. The power factor article you wrote on had shown to my understanding that PFT looked to be more effective for muscle gains than strength gains,or should I continue watching my numbers. If that is the case I would rather do a little more volume and see more mass than strength. If that being the case I would order the PFT e-book. Please let me know what you think about this,and thanks again for your time and help….

In general, if you are a person who does well with higher volume workouts then the PF routine is preferred. When people find it hard to gain muscle with quick, efficient workouts I steer them toward PF because it not only provides more volume it also gives you two ways to measure your intensity and that keeps you on track workout after workout.

On the topic of size vs strength they are directly related — as a muscle gets stronger it gets bigger and vice versa. The real issue is to make measurable progress every workout. I started out with these numbers: Workout B Lats one arm, easier to do for some reason Chest lbs Deadlift lbs Calves lbs both legs Quads lbs one leg! You have to try out the exercises which they are shown and some of them you need to adjust to your own physique, cause their can be some difference in where your static hold generates most intensity.

One more tip, 1toonhooks and the pads from newgrip is awesome, and at very low cost in my opinion. Both at this page: Thanks for posting, Rene.

I continue to see the same pattern here. People get better at holding heavier weights but they fail to build much muscle or improve their bodies very much. That was my result too and I believe I finally know why……… When one uses a heavier weight during a partial movement the actual resistance on the muscle is less not greater due to the mechanical advantage of the strong range limited range of motion.

The weight used is not as important as the resistance which means weight and leverage. A heavier weight in a smaller range of motion is less effective because you only use the strongest part of the movement. That is why I increased the weight in all of my exercises but looked no better after months of hard training with much heavier poundages. My log book looked great, the numbers were much heavier but I failed to build much visible muscle.

I read similiar stories here often. So, if you want to keep measuring your progress by holding heavier and heavier weights this is the program for you but I do not think it will ever build an impressive physique.

Is it possible, just possible, you and some others did something wrong in your training that prevented your muscle growth? I can see results on my body, tightened and I definitely see it on my arms 13 inch to I can see my chest is also growing slowly, and my legs.

Some people have the advantage of having a physique genetics? My chest opened-a-can of whoopass after 20 days of rest with to lbs! I found my rythm and are doing things right. An inch on each bicep last time I measured. I eat a good amount of calories and lots of protein so maybe the answer lies in diet? The funny thing is my muscles are growing in size but I could care less. I am a solid pounds and am happy with my build for the most part. I just want to get stronger.

I have never experienced consistent gains like this and I love it. Also, I wonder if some trainees are comparing their muscular development to those that are using heavy dosages of anabolic steroids. The majority of individuals you see on the infomercials or in the muscle mags are juicing. Heck most of the guys in your local gym are juicing. I think people have to get their minds wrapped around the fact that there are no shortcuts when it comes to putting on muscle safely.

Even top bodybuilders, loaded to the gills with steroids AND blessed with great genetics, take years to get to that level of freaky development. For me personally, if I am making steady gains I am satisfied. Do you have any videos on proper form? Did you get enough rest between workouts? Are you sure all your numbers increase?

How many months did you try SCT? How was your diet? For example, it could be that they are doing something wrong. Its like learning how to drive a car. Of course, congrats on the higher lifts and your progress there. You did not mention whether you were lean or had any weight to lose. There are so many factors when you are trying to change your physique such as metabolism, body fat level, lifestyle, age, ilness, stress, even food intake I know Pete has mixed feelings on this one…wink.

I would advise you give a little more detail to the guys so they can make the appropriate recommendation. Either way, stay educated on what really makes the body change.

There are a lot lies, mistruths, and just plain bullshit to sell programs. These guys took the time and tested everything. I seldom find that in other training programs.

Keep the faith and stay with it. Increasing your muscle mass and increasing your regulation bench press are two different goals. You have to decide where your priorities are. If you want a maximum regulation bench press then you have to practice that frequently. The biggest, most muscular man in the gym was on the next bench over doing multiple sets with He looked much better than I ever will. He was using much lighter poundages on all his exercises and he looked like he could win any state level competition.

I looked like a husky guy who could have played football a few years back. I did my curls with He used 35 pound dumbells and his arms were bigger, and more defined than mine. I concluded that holding heavy weights must not be the answer. How did he get so impressive using such light weights? Last year my 8th grader asked me what exercises he needed to do to get better in football. I answered, workout ALL the muscles you will use, the way you will use them.

I asked, for how long an exertion period. He did some research, and it was less than 10 seconds. I said, How much time between exertions. He said about seconds. I said how many repititions, He said about We then built a workout program based on his stated needs using the XF machine I had purchased years before. High School Football has started. My son is considered the strongest man on the team, and can block the biggest senior tackle and hold him.

He is a starting center. He beat out 3 other players to get the position. Figure out what you need for your sport. Figure out the strength requirements, the exertion period, the time between exertions, and the number of exertions you will need to do. Design your workout based on your sports requirements. Interesting, I went the opposite route. I did my workouts in the gym with real weights and felt like it was a lot more work because of lifting thousands of pounds on and off of bars, and was always sore and stiff.

Then I bought an XF machine, and I am rarely sore and stiff, and I am not exhausted from trying to load lbs. That you are experiencing what I used to experience is just confirmation, to me, that I moved in the right direction. I reccomend you switch back as bending over to lift all of those plates is like doing an extra hundred squats, lifts, … with a hundred lbs.

You will just plain tucker yourself out, stay sore and add a bunch of time to your recovery. On your new machine you are designing, eliminating the pain I feel when doing over , or more lbs. Maybe I need to put my iPhone on with earphones and put on a metronome app or some other beeping sound so that I can do each rep to a rhythm — this might make my comparisons more accurate. Ringo, why do u need full range bench press? Do u intend to enter one of those weightlifting competitions where u HAVE to lift through a full range?

Well there are many reasons. First of all his diet could be in check, that he ate the right amount of protein and a precise amount of calories per day. Second of all, its genetics. Third, it could be steroids. I mean when I started lifting weights like every other newbie I went up to the jacked up guy with the most impressive muscular physique in the gym.

Sure enough, he gave me advice. I followed his advice on training and diet to the letter and it failed for me. The thing is, Wryley, you could be going up to the most jacked up guy in the gym for advice and you could be doing what he does to the letter, it doesnt mean you can be close to getting the muscular physique that guy has.

Would it be wise to do an initial break in period where I get my body back used to training again? I plan on performing the PFW so I could do this by starting low on the weight? I never got to try PFW before I began the lay-off so I have no idea what weight I can handle for what amount of reps yet anyway.

If you want to do Power Factor just start with one set per exercise and record your numbers. I even changed my lat exercise where the singlehand machine exercise not giving me the feeling I needed. So by switching to the lat barbell exercise I truly felt my lats working with kg with 5 second hold at first attempt!

I train every 16 days. Tell me how to insert a graph between workouts A and B otdelnye training of hands? Of A and B, I exercise for arms removed. Workout B Lats barbell madness! Chest Back Calves Quads one leg.

Good gains all in all, and now understanding the full importance of enough rest, I will not be wasting more workouts because of to little recovery time. My life has really improved physically and mentally. So is muscular strength, and THAT is the ONLY factor in successful bench pressing and any other task-specific skill developed by static contraction training. To varying degrees depending on the sport, this is true for all sports.

IMO there is generally speaking a bell-curve type size vs. Pro bodybuilders are the size example, as most of them are nowhere near as strong as they appear. I gain much more size than strength as a result of resistance exercises. This can be equally frustrating to either group. How I envy you! The longest I could layoff was four months before succumbing to temptation…and to my suprise I had lost 0 strength or size.

The basic idea is to know how many units of exercise you can recover from per day then measure your workouts in those units. I suspect this is due how we use our bodies in our daily lives. Who knows for sure. They primarily get stronger. Almost always using way too light of weights. Well, you might interested to know that I went from to in a very short time,just by doing SCT alone. And nearly all of that weight was muscle.

I would like to emphasize,though, that the workout plan that I used to achieve that goal is actually a modified version of SCT;one that actually defines intensity correctly as it relates to muscle-growth stimulation for the first time in history, that I know of. And once I found that correct definition for intensity, everything else fell into place, just like the pieces of a puzzle; without the contradictions and inconsistencies found in all other workout plans.

I then applied that definition for intensity correctly to each of the motions that the human body can perform with weights, thereby enabling me to achieve maximum intensity and thus maximum muscle growth in all of the muscles that come into play for each of those motions.

And the results I obtained are simply beyond the reach of those obtainable by conventional workout plans, that use reps and a full-range of motion. In fact, the results of this unique,two-pronged approach were so good that I wrote a book about the plan. And I wrote the book, simply because I believe that anyone who has something of great value to share has no right to keep it to himself!

How did he get so big using such light weights? Well, consider the fact the that reknowned bodybuilder Mike Mentzer had huge forearm muscles; yet he claimed that he seldom did any direct training for his forearm muscles. So how do you explain that? The author claims that you can build maximum muscle and fully develop your physique,simply by doing compound exercises alone. So he tells you to shun isolation exercises entirely which he claims are a waste of time , saying that we should limit our weight-lifting to compound motions that he believes were commonly and naturally done by our Paleolithic ancestors.

But what did our Paleolithic ancestors know about strength-training for the purpose of building muscle? PaleOlympia Bodybuilding Competition were they? In any case, since there are no compound exercises that work the forearms, everyone who wants to build and develop their forearm muscles needs to do isolation exercises; unless you have the genetics of Mike Mentzer. Whenever anyone tells me they are unhappy with their gains in muscle mass from their workout plan,I tell them the same thing that I tell everyone else who voices a similar concern:.

In order to build maximum muscle,you obviously need more than just high-intensity training HIT ;you need maximum intensity training! And in order to achieve maximum intensity, you need to know what intensity actually is, as it relates to weight-training and muscle-growth stimulation.

The problem is that no workout plan in history that I know of , has ever fully defined intensity correctly. It also depends upon other factors that occur during the reps, in addition to the time-rate at which the rep is executed. So you will never achieve maximum intensity by using that definition alone.

But amazingly, most experts still accept that definition as correct and valid! And unfortunately, they have most other people believing it too. So for anyone who comes to me with the goal of building maximum muscle, I first define intensity correctly for them. And then I tell them that the only way anyone can achieve maximum intensity is by doing static contractions, as in SCT.

However, the static contractions must be done using the correct definition for intensity to achieve that goal. And I have a lot more to share later. One funny thing re: First, they are ridiculed.

Finally,they are accepted as self-evident. Nautilus suffered the same elongated fate. It takes hard-assed pain done day in day out. In addition to what Pete Sisco has written in this article, another reason people are dissatisfied with their gains in muscle size compared with their gains in strength is this:.

Most people measure their gains in strength by how much weight they can handle for any given exercise. So the higher your level of intensity is for the exercise, the greater your strength is for that exercise, and the greater the muscle growth.

Of course, the amount of weight you use is important for achieving maximum intensity; and you want to use the principle of progressive overload, and gradually use and progress to the heaviest weights possible. But the amount of weight you use is not the only determinant of intensity and muscle growth.

If it were, powerlifters would be the most muscular people around. And that brings us to one significant difference between my approach to strength training including SCT and that of most other trainers: The bench press is a good example of that, as I explain in detail in my book never published or made available , and I will on my blog once I get it going.

Any discussion of intensity should specify the duration of time of that intensity. The weight you lift to generate maximum intensity for 5 seconds is a lot more than what you lift for maximum intensity over 30 seconds. I always welcome your insight and always have, going all the way back to when I first read your books Power Factor Factor Training and Static Contraction Training.

In fact, those books inspired and motivated me to write my own book, not about the Power Factor approach, but about SCT. But I used a different definition for intensity from the one your use, in regards to strength-training and muscle growth stimulation; so the SCT exercises in the workout plan I wrote about are significantly different from the SCT exercises that you recommend in your workout plans. The defintion I used is more similar to the one John Little uses in his book Max Contraction Training,although I wrote my book just before his book came out.

And to prove that in my book, I used an example of the the eccentric phase of the biceps curl done two different ways: I have a little bit of an issue with this.. Greater recruitment produces higher muscular force. However, the pervasive faulty assumption that maximal or near maximal force very heavy resistance is required for recruitment of the higher-threshold motor units and optimal strength gains is not supported by the size principle, motor unit activation studies, or resistance training studies.

This flawed premise has resulted in the unsubstantiated heavier-is-better recommendation for resistance training. I prefer a less subjective measurement. Btw, when I click on News or Training up top it say I have to be registered for access.. And if intensity is actually what they mean by effort,then yes, I would agree that effort, not force is the ultimate determinant of muscle growth stimulation. I prefer the word intensity. Force, or more specifially the resistance that the muscles are working against,is certainly a big factor in triggering the muscle growth process.

There are other factors that come into play also,in regarads to intensity. But I never published the book, even though it got a lot of attention on amazon, when I introduced some of the concepts there years ago. The first definition is by Mike Mentzer. Allow Mike Mentzer to explain……. That would be the only rep of the set which is said to require literally percent intensity of effort.

This is also true when doing Static Holds. Anyone who truly wants the most stimulation, will continue to hold the static until they no longer are able to. So in this instance, it would be the final second of the hold, in the which your strength is literally at its MAX and then starts to decline muscular failure.

The last second of that static hold would essentially be equivalent to the last rep of a full range of motion set carried to failure. Mike Mentzer used this method as well, primary difference being he used full range of motion. But he still measured the amount of weight lifted in a unit of time TUL. By the way, Mentzer did incorporate statics also, even more so in his final years.

So I guess to sum it up, Mentzer defined Intensity on a Metabolic scale, while Sisco defines it on a Mechanical scale. Is there is a conflict? Mentzer is dead……so Pete is the only one!

Despite meeting all those subjective criteria. This happens all the time because of overtraining, lack of rest, bad diet, stress, illness, and on and on. You try really hard but you are weaker than you were. Ever since the lifting of mass has been objectively quantifiable and there is no reason whatsoever to not use simple arithmetic to measure the intensity of weightlifting in units per second or minute.

That is the way to guarantee progressive overload. Objective progressive overload instead of perceived overload. Jones would sent his ass home in a second had he found out Casey was using.

He died a fat, bald failure when he could still be around today. His last comp placement was dead last out of For example, is the last rep of a set carried to failure the muscles absolute limit? Because you literally cannot do another rep.

For instance, maybe only 67, 85 or 92 percent intensity of effort is all that is required. The problem here would be one in measuring intensity. The fact that there are only two accurate measures of intensity — 0 percent, when at complete rest, and percent, when exerting oneself maximally — makes it necessary that you train to failure.

So long as you are exerting yourself with percent intensity of effort you have passed through every possible break-over point, and growth will be stimulated.

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