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Piper WARRIOR III PA-28-161 Pilot Operating Handbook
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What happened to the Subaru Aircraft Engine?

The new guys comes along and wants instructions, instead they receive a thousand different ideas. They are confused, frustrated, and annoyed. They write a check, turn a couple of bolts, and go flying. Back to my comment about being successful. To measure success, one must know the goal.

My goal was to fly inexpensively with as little financial investment as possible. To me, this meant that I needed to buy an engine, convert it for aircraft use, and install it for little money. After installed, it needed to be affordable to feed and maintain. I flew two Subaru engines in my Quickie Q2. Neither of them cost much money relative to other engines used in general aviation. Both of them burnt a relatively small amount of fuel and were inexpensive to maintain.

Without getting into exact dollars, I judge the experience a success. Piles of information about these conversions is documented here. I am building an autogyro and picked up a 2. As of now I am enjoying the engineering and learning as I go, probably as much or perhaps more than flying.

That would be awesome Chris! Best of luck on your project and stay after it. I only has about 6, hrs in various planes and Jan explained the problem shaft fracture and separation just aft of the prop flange was that I was not an experienced pilot. I just trashed the engine in a dump an mounted a Lycoming. Jon, thanks for a great response,as I totally agree with everything you mentioned and that is why I will attempt to power my slow build rv4 with a direct drive recamed 2.

I am firmly convinced that people think they are smarter than the OEM people are wasting their time. I will use everything that my2. I think most of us are il prepared to remove varioable valve timing at this time. Jan Eggenfellner may have had a good idea but when he took money and failed to deliver props and hardware, he turned into a crook.

He is now selling Honda packages, after having stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from his original customers. I purchased one of his conversions from two friends who he ripped off. I am returning it to use as a vehicle motor in a sand rail. I enjoyed your article. My father and i have built a RV 9-A, and did not want a Lycoming engine. And decided on a Subaru EJ It was a challenge for us and at times frustrating trying to find help in our project.

We may find additional bugs to work out but, that is why we built an experimental. To other builders we would like to say keep the faith and you will have success. If we could do it, you can!!! It would be very very kind and useful for me. Hi Steve, I think it would be possible with a set of camshafts that are ground correctly sort of reversing the intake and exhaust valve timing and a modified EFI system that squirts and sparks at the right time. I like your site, very informative in every sense.

Like you, I chose EJ22 to make my homebuilt. One thing I noticed is, did you have to reprogram new codes into the ECU for fuel mixture at high altitudes? Thanks a lot and keep up the good job. Apparently you are the one who will open the market after time-rating your machine for life cycle of all components! I initially used the stock Subaru ECU.

This worked but I was not happy with the inability to tune it. I loved that unit and spent a lot of timing tuning it. The proper conclusion is the Subaru does not make a reliable, trustworthy, aircraft powerplant and has higher fuel consumption and failure rates than traditional aircraft engines.

Ask anybody operating one how many engine-outs or failures they have had. How many overheats, how many gearbox changes. Experimentation is fine, but this engine option has progressed past investigation and experimentation, and has decidedly become a non-player if you want a safe, reliable and efficient airplane powerplant. I have owned two avid flyers with ea81 and got over hrs of great flying be for tearing them down. For lighter planes I would suggest the stratus ea Good luck all, great little engines.

It really is a DIY project. Very nice article, Jon. He seems to be a gifted engineer and attention to detail on his engines was pretty impressive. Did he finally nail the design, albeit too late? In other words, is this an engine and PSRU you could buy, install, and fly behind without having to keep tweaking or otherwise re-engineering things?

He truly ran away from it. No firewall forward engine packages, and very few PSRU makers still active. Based only on the information that I heard from the owners of the later model Egg engines, I would stay away from them. These were the engines in which the internals were modified. I believe at least one of them failed due to the poorly made modifications to the variable valve timing system. If it were me, I would stay away from them.

Jarod, I have about on a 2. It is a great engine in cool or cold weather but does not have the climb performance in the hot summer months. I would estimate that you loose horsepower going through the PSRU. It is nice to burn regular fuel but the ethanol has made it much more difficult to find fuel. I have saved enough on fuel to pay for the engine but would not do it again because of the problems finding fuel now.

I just now saw your message. So, is it a no-no to run the Subaru on ethanol? I may be considering a Pulsar SP though, which would probably fly nicely with a 4-cylinder soob, around hp. Thanks again, Neil, and thanks Jon for the forum and great info. It would allow residents to load their cars into a commuter tunnel right from their garage. ProPilot Assist is available on cheaper trims now. GM to recall more than 1 million vehicles in the U. Daimler and Volvo factories and Carmax dealerships are closed.

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