How Keytruda Is Given:

Eating When You Have Nausea and Vomiting
Nausea and vomiting are two of the most feared cancer treatment-related side effects for cancer patients and their families. Holistic approach to diagnosis and clearing the body of disease Cancer can be caused by simply eating, breathing, or otherwise consuming something we should not have. The nausea was horrible so I had to take the nausea meds regularly. Look around and check out ALL alternatives before totally trusting the "standard" procedure. I still have my "little" compromises, and still maintain a "little" swelling. Antidotes Contrast media Radiopharmaceuticals Dressings Senotherapeutics. The Netherlands journal of medicine.

What Keytruda Is Used For:

Getting Chemotherapy

Some cancers do respond better to chemo than others. According to this research, the best results from chemotherapy are in treating testicular cancer. You can read and download the entire study HERE. Make sure you look at the tables on page 3 and 4. These tables show the survival rate in the US and Australia, with chemo treatments, for each type of cancer.

You will notice that the survival rate for some cancers after chemo treatment has a dash -. That means ZERO effectiveness of chemotherapy toward 5-year survival. This includes pancreatic cancer, soft tissue sarcoma, melanoma, kidney, bladder, and uterine cancers. And yet chemotherapy is still prescribed to treat many these cancers today, over a decade after this study was published.

As for mine and yours, chemotherapy was shown to be 1. Nowhere in the study does it say that the 3, patients 2. I would love to see a follow up on how many of the 5-year survivors actually lived to the 10 year mark. I imagine the results would be even more brutal.

I am not a doctor and cannot give cancer treatment advice, but as a friend I can certainly share what I did. One very powerful approach is converting to the Raw Plant-Based Diet to flood your body with the nutrients it needs to heal itself.

I also highly recommend Dr. Get it at herbdoc. I know this is probably going to cause a lot of doubt and confusion as to your treatment plan. But you asked and so I answered. My new book Chris Beat Cancer: Published by Hay House! Pre-order it and get free access to my Kitchen Masterclass here I've interviewed over 60 people who've healed all types and stages of cancer.

Check them out here. Or use the search bar to find survivors of specific cancer types. It contains the step-by-step strategies used by myself and everyone I know who has healed cancer with nutrition and natural, non-toxic therapies. I saw a naturopath who has put me on a program that is of a cleansing nature but does not involve drastic changes, as I am already a vegetarian and have a fairly balanced diet that includes organics most of the time.

This kept my mind functioning through the treatment. I have, however, developed Macular Degeneration and will have to deal with this side effect. I did not get sick during the process either. I hope this helps a bit — it worked for me. I look forward to my continued recovery and have remained positive for the most part.

My physician says she is amazed that I have maintained this disposition and she credits it to my recovery. I believe it kept me going. Thanks so much for your comment and for sharing this part of your journey with us. It just illustrates how important it is to be proactive with your self-care during treatments for breast cancer and what a positive difference that can make. Thanks again — Marnie. As of yesterday I just finished a 6 week treatment of both chemo and radiation for tongue cancer.

I know sugar is bad and I believe it promoted the tongue cancer. I have never smoked and never was a heavy drinker. Some people tell me not to detox too soon because the radiation is still doing its job in the treatment of it all…Thank you for your knowledge and insight. Hi Tina, Oh, my dear — I can just imagine how badly you want to feel better and I am hoping that happens for you soon. If I can help you with any of my suggestions on that page, I am glad to assist! Sending warm thoughts your way, Marnie.

Many health professionals feel that the mineral Clinoptilolite zeolite is the best and most efficient way to detox and remove radiation from the human body after chemotherapy! This is because the zeolite with its cage like structure grabs and holds onto the radiation all the way out of the body without re-releasing any radiation back into the body to recontaminate it and make you feel sick as many other detox products do. For more information on zeolite including on the only ingest able detox zeolite for human consumption see the website at http: I have throat cancer and begin treatment next month.

Denis, Thanks for your comment, much appreciated. If I can help you in any way, please let me know. I wish you well in your healing journey. Thanks for your information. I am currently on chemotherapy for ovarian cancer. Have been doing chemo on and off for 2 years. My naturopath thinks I should be doing the detox all along the way as I have gotten very sick from the chemo in the past. Basically, however, for the sake of others reading this reply, some gentle detoxing along the way is very helpful.

I found a combination of juicing, acupuncture, Chinese herbs always under the care of a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor to be very effective while I was going through chemotherapy.

I always felt it was better not to be a toxic waste dump! Hope that helps — Warmest regards, Marnie. I had Hodgkin lymphoma during my pregnancy 9 years ago. I recieved 6 chemo during my pregnancy and 6 after I delivered followed by 30 days of radiation.

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism a few years later and have suffered a lot from it. I have seen a few naturpaths and have had no luck with a good vitamin, herb, and mineral regimen. I want to complete detox my body.

Hi Lee — I have sent you a private email in answer to your comment. Please let me know if I can assist you further. I am at the end of chemo. There after 6 months of Herceptin. I have nasty blemishes on my face. What do you suggest I use for the blemishes. And does the numbness of fingers ansd the feet normally go away after chemo.

I had 4 cycles of the red devil and an having 12 taxol. Hello, thanks for your comment. The one thing that appears to help this quite a bit is acupuncture, I have written an article about that, see: I used acupuncture all during my chemotherapy treatments — and it helps to have begun this before chemo begins — or at the beginning — but you should get onto it right away.

I hope this helps and please feel free to sign up for my free newsletters and e-books, you can do that from any page on my site. They are full of my best information on healing from and preventing breast cancer. I had several severe reactions to the second type of chemotherapy they tried to give me.

I believe I came close to dieing from it. I only had one full dose of it and that was after stopping the treatments for an hour and the nurse kept a constant watch over me. It was then started back at a slow drip.. The next scheduled treatment was started as a slow drip but after about five minutes I had another reaction of struggling to get my breath and became very red and hot. At that point they stopped all chemotherapy treatments.

They did keep me the remaininer of the day for observation.. My surgeon had sent me to Physical Therapy as soon as I was healed enough for them to work with me. I receive lymphatic massage therapy and for a while some light treatments for the neorophathy. The light treatments reversed the neuropathy amazingly. In about a months time I no longer needed the walker to get around and was able to use my hands without the severe pain.

I hope that you are now well and all healed up. I have just been diagnosed with invasive breast cancer and had a lumpectomy with two sentinal lumph nodes removed for biopsy.

Waiting for the biopsy to confirm staging of the cancer, which will dictate my treatment of radiation and potential chemo. I am overwhelmed with all the information to digest and brace for the outcome of the recent biopsy; praying that it has not spread to any other part of my body. I want to prepare and maintain my system to withstand the comimg challenges. Review of your detox information appears to provide a stable beginning. Hi Linda, Thanks for your comment.

I have answered your message privately via email. Am sending blessings your way and please know that I will help you at every stage of your journey should you wish me to. Hi Marnie What is a fast and effective detoxification for my had who has lung cancer.

He stopped his chemo over 6 months ago and is weak and now losing weight fast. We are trying to fi d something to help build his immune system while juicing and eating organic food and vegetables. Do you have any suggestions for us. A desperate daughter, Jackie. Hi Jackie, I have just sent you a private email responding to your question. Please let me know if I can assist you. I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer 15 cm tumor.

Not spread to lymph nodes. Have been juicing and eating liquid diet. Any ideas on detox? Any ideas with medical marijuana. Cheryl, Thanks for your comment. I highly recommend everything on this page for purposes of detoxing and rebuilding your immune system which is crucial because the chemo and radiation will be working against it.

I wish you the very best and if I can assist you with anything specific, just let me know. Hi, I have used CBD oil made by Coyne during my radiation treatment to strengthen my vertebrae as I have bone cancer multiple Myeloma The day I started it was the day all my side effects stopped.

I used 3 drops a day. I still continue using it as my cancer is not curable medically as yet. I have not been ill at all through all my Chemo treatments. Pray this helps you too. Talitha, Yes, juice fasts are very good, I would just add that if a person is undergoing chemotherapy and radiation at the present time, they should do this under the care of an integrative oncologist or naturopath to ensure that they are well enough to do this.

Thanks for your input. Such a comparison would be meaningless, and impossible. That brochure is not used anymore because the technology used to make the product has been improved at least twice since then, so the data would be better, but different therefore, not scientifically accurate.

NSA has been investing in a vegan capsule for some time now, and currently the technology either requires petroleum added to vegetarian capsules or the capsules break too easily. They are very close and testing in Europe — stay tuned for vegan capsules. Meanwhile, if you are a strict vegan, you can take the chewable form or pour the capsule contents into food to consume. Every batch is tested for the absence of every herbicide, pesticide, and toxin known to man. It is about as pure as you can get.

Eating a whole food plant-based diet is the best way to protect your chances of preventing thrombosis and embolisms fancy words for formation and migration of blood clots. Coumadin is marketed as an anticoagulant to prevent thrombosis and embolisms also sold under brand names Warfarin, Jantoven and Waran. Like most pharmaceuticals, it is a synthetic derivative of courmarin which is naturally found in plants. They were developed as a way to kill rats and mice and still used for this purpose.

Fortunately, those patients who are so motivated will often eliminate taking blood thinners since improving circulation through all three blends of Juice Plus orchard, garde, and vineyard might be a more intelligent answer to the challenge at hand. So this information is for those few people — make sure you ask first if they are willing to take a closer look at what they are choosing to do before sharing this information. Here is the official NSA info from Dr. Please notice that the goal is to keep the intake of vitamin K consistent, not to eliminate it completely from the diet.

Two capsules of the Garden Blend contain approximately 10 micrograms of Vitamin K. Orchard and Vineyard Blend do not contain any measurable amounts of it. A serving of Complete contains 20 micrograms of Vitamin K.

Best regards, Carlos F. It may take double the dosage, however, if the MS is severe. Autoimmune disorders show up in different ways in different people, manifesting symptoms based on our own unique genetic weaknesses. Instead of focusing on the name of the disease, if we can go back to the cause of all autoimmune diseases — a trigger-happy immune system — then we do better.

People can live with the Epstein Barr virus and never show any signs of fatigue, lesions, weakness, sore muscles and so on.

How often will I need chemotherapy and how long will it last?