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It might help to watch the video again. Did your A1c lower over time how long did it take? My son wants to eat only sandwiches whit this bread. So Soft and easy to slice. Certainly relevant for my situation. White flour will always make a lighter bread or cake.

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Simple Whole Wheat Bread

Skim milk powder meal replacement for 2 meals per day causes weight loss of Posted by Larry Hobbs on Mon, Jul 30, 3: Skim milk powder meal replacement causes weight loss of Whey protein meal replacement for 2 meals per day causes weight loss of Posted by Larry Hobbs on Mon, Jul 30, 2: Whey protein meal replacement causes weight loss of People who used beta blockers in a Diabetic Clinic weighed Beta blockers are drugs are given for: Posted by Larry Hobbs on Sat, Jul 14, 6: People who used beta blockers in a Hypertension Clinic weighed Posted by Larry Hobbs on Sat, Jul 14, 5: The average number of steps taken in a week was 38, steps in the Beta-blocker group versus 58, steps in the control group.

Men taking prescription antihistamines weigh Posted by Larry Hobbs on Thu, Jul 12, Women taking prescription antihistamines weigh 9. Posted by Larry Hobbs on Tue, Jul 10, Posted by Larry Hobbs on Mon, Jul 09, 1: Posted by Larry Hobbs on Sun, Jul 08, 1: Food allergies are the most common cause of depression notes Joan Mathews-Larson, PhD The most common cause of depression and most mood disorders, including many schizophrenics, are brain allergies caused by foods that we are allergic to according to Joan Mathews-Larson, PhD, author of Depression-Free, Naturally: Posted by Larry Hobbs on Sat, Jul 07, Posted by Larry Hobbs on Fri, Jul 06, 9: Posted by Larry Hobbs on Thu, Jul 05, 2: Posted by Larry Hobbs on Thu, Jul 05, 1: Articles with Recent Comments from Readers Click here to see a complete list mg potassium supplement per day improves heart function Diet Pills: Lunch options from Jenny Craig include beef sliders, quesadillas, fajitas, stuffed shells, pizza, chicken sandwiches, stuffed potatoes and tuna salad.

The dinner entrees also offer a wide variety of options, including cheese ravioli, chicken fettuccine, meat loaf, fish and chips, garlic shrimp, mac and cheese, roasted turkey, and spaghetti and meatballs. You can find similar entrees in the frozen food section of your grocery store; just be sure the brand you buy stays within to calories per serving. Jenny Craig lunch and dinner meals have about the same amounts of carbs and fat as breakfast, but they supply as much as 20 grams of dietary fiber and 8 grams to 22 grams of protein.

While freezing retains most of the frozen entrees' natural nutrients, some may not be well balanced. Prepared foods are also known for being high in sodium, which is added during cooking. The Institute of Medicine recommends limiting your total daily sodium to no more than 1, milligrams. Jenny Craig offers the advantage of providing pre-measured, portion-controlled condiments. Grocery stores stock a variety of low-calorie and low-fat options, but your most accurate bet with these is to use a measuring spoon to keep track of calories and portions.

Video of the Day. Is that something to worry about? Yes — that definitely fits a Hyper-responder. Is she thin or average, but not overweight? Honestly, I think this lab looks good from a lipid standpoint. Oh — and by the way — let me cut paste these comments I made regarding women and high cholesterol. To adipose fat tissue: Chylomicrons deliver TG from the gut to various parts of the body, including adipose. Adipose releases FFA free fatty acid , which gets picked up by Albium and returned to the liver.

Especially during periods of energy demands, like exercise. My bloodwork prior to keto was all great. Your numbers are actually very standard for a hyper-responder. Just watched your presentation at Low Carb Breckenridge and thought it was great.

I am going to lef. I think that is the best price around for blood work. Do you know of another I should look into? Just started following you on Twitter as well. Thanks for your work. These will give you cholesterol markers. The latter will give you all those and a complete breakdown of your LDL particles total, small, etc. Just noticed they call it this: Sorry for the confusion.

However, not sure what the implications are or what I can do about it. Been LCHF for 7 months. Was lbs, Hba1c of 68, cholesterol 5. In December still on drugs, but low carb AND relatively low fat — due gall bladder flare Hb1ac was 32, total cholesterol 3. Since Xmas, have upped the fats, but still low carb aim for about 50gms or less a day.

Should I be concerned? Should I do something to improve the profile? All help gratefully received! Anecdotally, there appears to be a period of time where the cholesterol numbers are varied and fluid in unpredictable ways. Many thanks for taking the time to reply. Thanks again for your reassurances. Hi Dave, thank you so much for the awesome research that you are doing.

I also lift weights and do yoga. I just got my fasting bloodwork results. I eat very low carb, do intermittent fasting. And have started back on marathon training. Started back up with 6 miles and struggling on energy levels. Read your article on adding more carbs in. And really, this is only to demonstrate changes in lipid numbers. Not that this is even a desired result. Of course your trigs are just a little shy of the Lean Mass Hyper-responder cut points. Thanks Dave for taking the time to reply.

I will look more into electrolytes. I also take potassium and magnesium. Thanks for the suggestions. Yeah— truly, I only came to the level of salt intake I have now through a lot of trial and error.

But their actual setpoint can also be heavily influenced by genetics. Sorry I am a little confused about some terminology, I hope you can help me. I wish I could include a graphic with my question. But I will try to explain why I am asking. Then in this presentation at https: I am so interested in this!!!

First of all- this is an amazing resource that you created- thank you so much. Currently cardio sessions per week plus weight training sessions.

Started keto 12 weeks ago for general health and some GI issues. If I understand correctly this is somewhat expected on keto, especially if someone is a hyper-responder. Again, thanks so much for this blog. Currently devouring every article on it and sending links to friends and family.

More on remnant cholesterol here. As for checking for a genetic predisposition, one thing you could do to help figure that out, is just to change the energy input. In other words, you could try to do the Feldman Protocol , and see if you get a drop. Not a guarantee, but would help to suss out which it is. Just be sure to avoid common confounders like coconut and MCT oil, heavy coffee drinking or coffee drinking on the morning of the test, and make sure to fast hours before each test.

Thanks so much for the response- makes a lot of sense. I will definitely plan on implementing the Feldman protocol to test that hypothesis in the next 2 weeks. In terms of additional tests: Is it advisable to have an NMR done? Or will the confirmation via Feldman protocol be a sufficient indication along with very low CRP-. Perfect, thanks so much! Last question- I promise: I understand the mechanism of lowering LDL by switching to carbs Feldman protocol.

But what is the mechanism for lowering the LDL by increasing the calories with high fat? This is because the body balances two sources of fat energy — dietary fat you just ate transported by chylomicrons , and fat from storage transported by VLDL, which turn into LDL once they drop off the triglycerides.

As access to dietary fat goes up, need for stored fat to be transported goes down. Chylomicrons are cleared from the system by the 12 hour mark, and when you get bloodwork done you are or we recommend you are hours fasted. If you increase the amount of dietary fat you take in, you decrease the need to use fat from storage, and LDL goes down as a result. The nitty gritty is explained in an article I wrote here. This is simply brilliant! Thanks for demystifying cholesterol and more important, removing the scary halo around it.

I am now in month 14 on keto. I just got back blood results and they were consistent with this blog post. Remnant cholesterol has gone down from 12 to 8.

Glad to hear the site has been helping you on your health journey, Shantanu! Congrats on the weight loss, and health gains! Thanks for the feedback Dr. My thought was simply that if someone like me is having some difficulty following everything you say, a lot if not most of your other readers must also have difficulty.

Perlmutter, Jimmy Moore, Dr. I just think it was a lot easier to follow with only some cartoons. Feedback is highly appreciated, especially from someone who has already done their research into the nutrition science environment as a whole. How can you lower you remnant cholesterol?

The calculator has me at medium risk — 25 remnant cholesterol. Was at total cholesterol , LDL , Trig. The higher remnants are due to the increase in triglycerides. I just wanted to tell you my case i am currently on keto since 2 months and i have blood test done, please check below and let me know if i need to take any precautionary measures. Do you know if one or both of your parents have had historically low HDL?

Think of HDL as a status indicator more than ammo to shoot. Also consider getting a 23andMe and looking through different genes of yours to see if one or more are highly associated with lower HDL. I got to say I love the low carb Community. Before keto tc , hdl 51, ldl , tg After 2 years keto tc hdl 62 ldl tg 76 After 5 mo.

I will be 62 next month and I have eaten a standard diet interspersed with periods of Adkins on and off for 40 years, I have been 60 to 70 lb overweight my entire adult life, and lost about 50 on keto. I have gained back 5 lb on Carnivore however I expected to because sarcopenia..

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