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A Three Block meal consists of 3 choices from each list…and so on. These longer, fructose-rich carbohydrate chains are called fructans inulin, which is a type of fiber, is also rich in fructose and problematic for those with FODMAP-intolerance. That initially helped a lot, especially with my arthritis. Life Cycle of Streptococcus Pyogenes. Caffeine increases insulin secretion, so ideally I should avoid it, although for people who just have to have a cup of coffee in the morning, my doctor says to do it consistently — the same amount at the same time every day.


2 Block Meal

I have probiotics, but maybe I should take more than one pill a day. I also plan on making coconut kefir yogurt though that might have sugar in it too. I also take 50 mg Amitriptyline, mg pregabalin, mg azathioprine, and mg valproic acid.

I was doing ok with BMs with all those meds, but only started having issues after I started the new diet. I talked to my doctor about stopping the pantaprazole. She says to go ahead, but my pharmacist said to stay on because of the prednisone.

It was prescribed by the original specialist that diagnosed my illness and who prescribed the prednisone as well. The digestive track issues I think I could get immediate feedback once I get the diet right. I might even be able to alleviate illness symptom mostly fatigue and pain peripheral neuropathy from the illness — fancy way of saying nerve damage in my lower limbs.

Ok so long post, I apologize. I hope you have some guidance for me. Sarah does recommend a low-FODMAP diet if you have been diagnosed with any kind of SIBO or fructose malabsorption or strongly suspect those foods are a problem for you based on how you feel after you eat them. Milk of magnesia and probiotics can help relieve constipation, as can any kind of fiber the general rule of thumb is to shoot for 9 cups of a variety of veggies and fruit per day as well as getting enough quality sleep and exercise.

Can coconut flour inulin actually cause bacteria overgrowth? Debating on whether just to cut back or cut them out completely for fear of creating an overgrowth.

Do you know if a fermenting process would change the polyol content? I am thinking of water kefir. I add various friuts to the 2nd ferment and was thinking cherry juice might be nice and tasty. I know that the fermentation process converts fructose, but am not sure if it has any effect on the polyols. On various lists I have seen almonds and cashews on the absolute no list and on the be careful list. Has there been an update?

Thank you for all of the information! I always read conflicting information on coffee. I love the taste of coffee and drink 2 cups of decaf in the morning organic, swiss mountain process decaf. What is your opinion on the type of decaf I drink…should I stay away from all forms of coffee for a while? Sarah discusses coffee in more depth here: What tests would you need to get done? Sarah discusses that here: Thank you for getting back to me!

I started the AIP diet a few months ago. Anyone else gone through that? Sarah explains why food reactions seem to get worse after eliminating those foods here: I never had such bad issues eating SAD food. Thanks for the reply Claire. Do you cook in cast iron pans and eat liver? Any kind of poor gut health can make it difficult for your body to absorb the nutrients you eat or supplement. Can you please explain what cooking with cast iron does? I almost exclusively cook with it.

Please try this one. I reacted to the vitamins and large doses of honey. I almost always get nauseated from B vitamins. My doc has switched me to the higher fat mixture, which I somehow lost track of — brain fog!

So the idea now is to take less of the multivitamin, supplement with a good mineral combination, extra electrolytes — a homemade version without sweeteners, and switch out half the honey with coconut oil for energy. Just in case anyone else needs to get rid of SIBO and does not want to go the antibiotic route. Regardless of the initial treatment, it has to be followed with a very strict diet that is very similar to the FODMAP plan. Everyone reacts differently and sometimes a little wise tweaking is necessary.

For comparison, here is the link for the post treatment SIBO food list. Can you clarify for me what was the initial treatment for you. How did you know you were ready to change to a maintenance diet? What is your maintenance diet? I am in the midst of the Elemental diet. For two weeks I can only ingest not eat! Bleh a mixture of vitamins, fat, honey and pure and complete protein powder. It is meant to starve the little beasties to death.

Because the bacteria feed on a specific type of carbohydrate regular food is limited to items on the safe list, gradually adding food from the cautionary list.

Link above several months on the very limited list. Ok thanks for clarifying. My doc told me about SIBO. I read a little about it here but she has had several people test and treat for it. She gave me a kit that measures gases. You breathe into the tube and there are little glass vials attached one at a time. Then when all the samples are collected — every 20 minutes for 3 hours — and labeled, you send the box off to the lab.

In about a week the doc gets the results and you decide which course to take. My doc suggested I try the Elemental diet because I am somewhat used to fasting and the antibiotics are harsh. There is another option that takes a month of strict food list, high dosage garlic and oregano oil or goldenseal. The garlic and goldenseal kill the bacteria and the strict diet keep it dead. I did not do this because I just wanted to get it over with.

I ordered it from Jo-Labs. It is kinda yucky but there are ways to make it better. The non-homemade version is Vivonex and it is very expensive. I go to a naturopath but the research and treatment was done by an Allopath M. Everything about my sleep patterns is the same and I allot myself 9 hours to get sleep. Sarah discusses insomnia here: And then began insomnia at the exact same time. I have a post that talks about insomnia and histamine intolerance here: I eat a lot of vegetables but still feel so hungry.

Is it possible I just need to try the digestive aids first? Are you getting enough fat? I pop a couple from time to time as a supplement and a little snack treat.

I like the flavor of the lemon but you could use something else. When I was on the elemental fast I used natural peppermint and orange flavoring to make it more palatable.

Your gut needs to heal and the coconut oil helps, as does gelatin. We make a gelatin using Tulsi tea, honey and pure beef gelatin but you could use almost any liquid to make it. We even tried coconut milk once. I eat a lot of coconut oil and gelatin. I drink lots of water and a fair amount of rooibos tea. I also have concerns about orthorexia. Coconut oil is not restricted.

Coconut flakes are limited to a quantity as is coconut milk. You can eat as much as you like during those meals and if you cannot make five hours, you do four.

Last night I had a company dinner and used Gather Paleo Entertaining cookbook and a recipe from the celiac site. There was plenty of food and I could eat most of it. I only changed a couple of items. I started reintroductions about two months ago, on a very slow schedule, beginning with FODMAPs as Sarah suggested, which seemed to go fine.

Same problem here Kelli! Yes, having to cook for other people not doing AIP is extra challenging. There are six in my family everyone with separate intolerances and allergies , so we often have four dinners to make. I have been diagnosed with Celiac for 2 years now. My doctor has been trying to put me on statins since then too, but I refuse. Says my cholesterol is way too high. I want to control everything natural by diet. I have cut out dairy now too and am trying to limit meats to possibly once a day if that.

He said I should incorporate beans into my diet for the protein, but I know that legumes are usually not tolerated well for celiacs. I know you are not a Dr but what is your opinion on this?

Sarah recommends the autoimmune protocol for all autoimmune patients, which includes meat and seafood for protein. Teresa, all of my counts are better since going Paleo. My doc even had to lower my prescription thyroid dosage. I urge you to get tested for SIBO too.

It is a drag to treat and follow up on but healing is the goal. I feel much the same as Kelli. During this period I have been addressing SIBO, gut healing, digestive enzymes, stomach acid, and colon bacterial undergrowth. Of course I am now supersensitive to small amount of these foods, and rechallenging foods, even after all of the above, has not proven benefitial. I have a particularly strong intolerance to fructans but not so much polyols.

Are there any digestive enzymes in particular you would recommend? Or just a general wide spectrum blend? Thank you so much! I think trying plant enzymes Thorne Research has one and Enriching Gifts is another good brand would be the best first thing to try. It seems more manageable than the one in the book. What do you mean by cream in the table? Do you mean the whipping cream? Thank you in advance! It seems like I can tolerate some of the foods when cooked, but not raw.

Some of this is outdated. I want the probiotics. Can you adapt this not only for fructose but also for a diabetic as I am both with a Wheat intolerance also! I developed symptoms of food intolerance after cancer treatment colorectal. Before that I ate a varied diet without pain, bloating and misery. Of course one of the methods of encouraging a return to intestinal normalcy is fiber.

I finally figured out that it was part of the problem. Do you have cancer survivors experience this? Does their gut ever calm down? I think I am doing all kinds of positive things and then I learn something that whacks me in the head.

I have been eating cabbage weekly. Sauteed like ribbons in a pan with coconut oil and spices. Sprinkled with Parmesan sometimes.

I thought I was doing a good thing. Where can I find a KETO nutritionist to review my meal plans without spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars?? I keep hearing that cutting out fodmaps should not be a permanent solution because it starves the good and bad bacteria in the gut.

The idea is that they ought be excluded for a certain amount of time and then slowly reintroduced. This has not been my experience, but I am interested to know if Paleomom has an opinion on the issue? Potatoes are good for health. There is plenty of evidence for this. Going to start reading Paleo Approach tonight, just got it. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge! I have had digestive issues for years relying on local Doctors advice…..

I am doing so much better! The Zone diet is primarily concerned with controlling your hormones. Hormonal balance affects all important components of your wellness: Food is a drug. This may seem shocking, but think about the definition of a drug. Loosely, ingesting drugs causes physiological changes in your body. Ingesting food has the same effect. It can bring about positive or negative changes in your body. Would you take 17 Tylenol capsules for a headache?

Would you consume expired, low-quality medicine? Then why should we expect different results when we feed our bodies 17 times our necessary food intake, and comprise our diet of low-quality processed garbage with no nutritional value?

You see the results of this lifestyle in America today. With the right balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats, you can control three major hormones generated by the human diet — insulin, glucagon and eicosanoids. Insulin — A storage hormone. Excess insulin makes you fat and keeps you fat. It also accelerates silent inflammation. All of these methods should put you in the ball park, so go with whichever one makes you feel fuzziest.

The Zone Diet is nice in that it really keeps you in line as far as what you are eating. If you want to feel like you ate a large satisfying meal, you can! You just need to pick the right foods. On the other hand though, it tends to work out that if you pick processed junky foods — those are going to be loaded with carbs among other chemical garbage and your blocks are going to fill up mighty fast!

Getting Started Blocks The first thing we need to do is establish a system to easily measure and create meals that are balanced with this Using Blocks Lets say you need to make yourself a 1 block snack. Resources Here are some links to zone block food lists: Ok, back to finding how many blocks we should eat! Next up, we can calculate it off of our activity level and body fat percentage: You can use this calculator for a general idea of your lean body mass: However, there are a few tweaks that will really make it count: Do the Paleo Zone.

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