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PointClickCare launches skin and wound app
Log in with Facebook Log in with Twitter. That's all there is to it. While rapid results represent an advantage, devices do not always deliver the best quality results. Connect matching butterflies to clear the board as quick as you can. Legend states that Army will beat Navy if the goats win, and the opposite if the engineers win. Battery life is limited, images generated from the Vscan device cannot be uploaded to the hospital's picture archiving and communication system , and images are less detailed than full echocardiograms, Mangion said. Providers need not change the way they practice just to accommodate an EMR.

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Do we have a green light? Can you beat the clock in this classic word search game? Five Nights at Freddy's. Compete and win awards. The use of structured notes instead of free text has a much higher value for reimbursement and clinical alerts.

All users are tracked within the system for all access, actions taken, and records viewed. Optimus uses a staff badge that has an embedded unique ID for electronic signatures and validated audit trials.

This audit function is required for CCHIT certification and is very important in the practical daily functions of surveys, compliance activities and defense in possible liability claims.

Many organizations have combined campuses and this module allows for the easy transfer of patients from one level of care to another, e. The transfer includes the demographic and clinical information with physician orders.

This is the front-end repository for all patient information with the history of all pertinent status changes that is used for clinical and billing transactions. Optimus has created several important technological differences that are important to our customers.

Our Evergreen device cache and recent local data repository protects against temporary Internet outages that occur frequently.

Clinical activities and access to documentation is mission critical and downtime or reverting to paper is not an acceptable solution. Redundant data centers have been installed to protect in case of a weather or other type of disaster or outage. The executive portal allows validated management and clinicians to access the system remotely using any computer device through its browser. Our unique software systems are designed to help you accomplish your objectives.

For example, he said that point-of-care glucose meters can be less accurate than full lab blood sugar tests. This can make a difference for diabetes patients who are on tight glucose control plans. Any variation in test results could throw off a patient's medication regimen.

Ultimately, Petersen said physicians need to know the strengths and weaknesses of point-of-care testing devices. Just because they do not offer the most accurate test results does not mean they shouldn't be used. The portability and rapid results they offer can help steer a physician in the right direction, giving them an idea of a patient's condition and allowing them to start the patient on a treatment plan.

This can buy the doctor time until a more complete workup is completed. She said that properly training users on all the functions of a point-of-care testing device is the key to making sure it is used correctly and delivers the greatest benefit possible. Without proper training, clinicians may expect more out of the device than it can effectively deliver.

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