Nutrition education: a questionnaire for assessment and teaching

Survey contents

Food Habits Survey
The NDNS interview collects data on Demographic and socio-economic characteristics Dietary habits, food and nutrient intake and population trends in food consumption Physical activity Oral health General health and lifestyle, including smoking and alcohol consumption A spot urine sample for iodine status assessment Food intake data is collected using an estimated unweighed 4-day food diary. Trends in Food and Nutrient Intakes by Adults: Low carbohydrate diets also generally increase HDL good cholesterol while low fat diets lower HDL although this is somewhat less reliable than the triglyceride effect. Answers and comment were given to students immediately in exchange for their questionnaires. Am J Clin Nutr. They are also used by government to develop policy and monitor progress on diet and nutrition objectives, such as work to move the public towards a healthier diet or tackling obesity. The considerations above bear on the recommendation to add folic acid to manufactured food.

MRC EWL’s role for the NDNS RP

MRC Elsie Widdowson Laboratory

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