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Serve it for Mother's day brunch with a salad and some sparkling mineral water. I am told now by support that this is a "wearable" part and that its not covered by warranty even though it is clearly a defect. About This Item watt motor base 72 oz. Tell us if something is incorrect. Green onions, chives, sausages, red bell peppers, yellow or red onions, olives, zucchini, basil, and broccoli are also wonderful ingredients to add to your frittata! My children love to play with my brother's four children who are all about the same ages as mine. I've posted this review on several websites and come to find that this is a common problem without even having to scroll down in the reviews very far.

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How We Fight Hunger

Over the summer, however, these children are at risk of hunger and studies have shown that less than half of the children who qualify for free meals during the school year, do not receive them during the summer.

Learn more about the partnership at www. During the summer of , we began a new initiative by implementing a value-added processing VAP program to extend the shelf life of local agricultural products and make them more appealing for consumers — especially children.

Our VAP program includes workforce development training as we teach individuals valuable skills in the preparing, processing, packaging, and marketing of raw local products. The final products — a trained workforce and shelf-stable products — will benefit both producers and consumers in our regional food system. Today, local apples are washed, sliced, bagged, and distributed in individual serving sizes to schools in our region.

Foodlink will be increasing our apple production as more partnerships are formed with local distributors, and expanding to other products, such as squash puree, frozen blueberries and broccoli florets. With the completion of our state-of-the-art commercial kitchen and food-processing center, Foodlink will now be able to formalize and expand training opportunities for community members seeking a pathway toward career growth in the regional food sector.

The training aims to address the needs of local, hard-to-place and underemployed individuals, as well as employers who are looking to hire a trained, vetted workforce to meet the skills gap and projected growth in the regional food industry. Our training model is based in the understanding that individuals facing employment barriers succeed in programs that:.

Provide opportunities to develop, practice and master workplace readiness or soft skills 2. Offer clear, attainable and customized career pathways based on the participants assessed strengths, interests and aptitude and regional economic data 3.

Model real work environments and connect training to practical, in-demand work skills 4. Offer progressive educational and training opportunities to move participants along their career path 5. Address predominant barriers to employment though program design, community partnerships networking and collaborative solutions to issues such as child care and transportation 6. Provide job placement and retention support. Employers and local community colleges are engaged as partners to ensure an industry relevant training curriculum.

Foodlink staff are working with a variety of leading community organizations, industry experts and educational institutions to build trainings that reflect local economic development data and achievable educational goals for participants.

Doing our part to provide healthy and affordable food to all. The Curbside Market is a farm stand on wheels that brings fresh, affordable produce to areas where fresh fruits and vegetables are not easily accessible.

Foodlink assists with the operation of about 10 local farm stands throughout the City of Rochester, giving residents easier access to local fruits and vegetables. Children and adults who do not have enough healthy food can also suffer from inability to focus and may perform poorly in academic settings. Foodlink is committed not only to providing food, but helping individuals learn more about what they are eating so that they can take control over their own health and wellness.

Educators at Foodlink teach the principles of three main nutrition education programs: Foodlink offers the Just Say Yes to Fruits and Vegetables JSY Program to emergency agencies to provide nutrition education and obesity prevention programming to low-income clients of the emergency food network.

We also hold demonstrations and workshops at the City of Rochester Public Market throughout the year. The theme was Go Further with Food , which has a double meaning. It recognizes the importance of choosing the right foods to help you meet your potential every day.

It also urges people to make smart decisions to reduce food loss and food waste. March 5, 8, 12, 15, 19, 23, 26, March 4, 11, 18, A platter of fruits and vegetables arranged in a beautiful way is pleasing to the eyes, and even before we eat, our eyes send messages to our brain to begin producing digestive juices in preparation for what is before us.

If you make the vegetable presentation appetizing to your children, you might be more likely to naturally gain their acceptance in eating a plate of fresh vegetables. The key to children trying something new, and enjoying it, is patience and persistence keep offering it! Choose their favorite rainbow-colored fruits and vegetables for the salad!

For the red color, try diced red bell pepper, halved cherry tomatoes, chopped red radishes, or diced red apple.

For the orange color, try chopped orange carrots, diced orange bell peppers, cubed roasted sweet potatoes, or cubed roasted winter squash. For yellow try, Turmeric-Roasted Chickpeas recipe below , raw corn from the cob, yellow bell peppers, yellow carrots, sliced yellow zucchini, or grated yellow beets.

For the green color there are so many options! Try chopped cucumber, blanched green beans, diced avocado, chopped celery, chopped raw broccoli, blanched frozen peas, diced green bell peppers, or thinly sliced green kale. Let me know in the comment section below which vegetable combination you used and how your children liked it. Time to break out the ice cream maker and whip up some dairy-free ice cream.

Plus it's cherry season right now. This coconut milk-based ice cream is a perfect way to indulge in both antioxidant-rich cherries and dark chocolate. Serve it as a sweet treat after dinner, or a healthy mid-afternoon snack for your kids. This cherry chocolate chunk ice cream comes from my Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook. Be sure to use full fat coconut milk in this recipe. The hemp seeds give it some extra creaminess, healthy fats, and amino acids. You can also replace the cherries with blueberries, strawberries, or diced mango.

All variations are delicious! Frittatas are just about one of the easiest, nutrient-dense meals you can make I've posted this review on several websites and come to find that this is a common problem without even having to scroll down in the reviews very far.

SteveM, October 17, Very Happy With My Ninja. I did a TON of research on all of the different Ninja models and in the end it was this one that really fit the bill for what I was looking for.

I can't tell you how awesome this Ninja system is. First of all it really does blast ice cubes into fine snow perfect for snow cones or margaritas. It pulverizes everything in a matter of seconds.

I made some banana and strawberry "nice" cream using nothing but the frozen fruit and coconut milk and it was amazing. The mixing bowl and food processor options I have yet to try since I just got it but I can't see being disappointed with it. I don't like that you can't drizzle in olive oil when you're making a dressing or something. You can't open the lid while it's on because the contents would fly all over the place but that's just the sacrifice you make for the power that this appliance has.

I upgraded from a regular blender and let me tell you, it's changed my world. I would definitely recommend this product! RobinD, April 7, Works good when its not broke. I would love to say that this has been a good blender but it has broken 3 times with very little use.

The part that keeps breaking is the food processor bowl. The first time it was the gasket on the lid that broke and I was sent and entire bowl assembly as a replacement. I was happy with this but not long after the gear assembly on the bottom of the bowl broke off completely. The plastic is not strong enough where the four screws are attached. Since we still had the previous bowl we just put the new lid on it and it has broke in the same place on the bottom again.

This is after only having the blender since Christmas and only using the food processor part at most times a month. I am told now by support that this is a "wearable" part and that its not covered by warranty even though it is clearly a defect. Josh, July 28, We have been long time Vitamix users, but I wanted to try the Ninja for the food processor and single cup capability, and when Walmart had a sale, I decided to purchase one. I have been very pleased For no reason, while making a simple single serving smoothie, the motor stopped.

This proves to me that the machine is not the quality I had hoped for. I can't believe the new machine won't come with a new manufacturer warranty. I won't purchase Ninja products again.