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The rise in voice-activated devices and podcasts will continue to drive change among advertisers, according to a new study from DAX, the digital audio exchange created by Global. He was soon inundated with comments from his What is his main draw over other Realtors? Alain has more than 22 years of experience in the design, innovation and implementation of disruptive strategies. The fun is set to continue with more surprise guests dropping in to chat to the presenters. We help manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers get the raw materials or products they need for their business at the most competitive price. Making his debut at the ball, breakthrough artist Yungen will take to the stage on night one.

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In addition to this she is a member of several professional bodies and institutes across several business fields.

Obinwanne Okeke is the founder of Invictus Group and has been extensively involved in sourcing, structuring, implementing and monitoring various private equity investments in African and Australian markets and has over 10 years of investment experience. Prior to founding Invictus Group, he assisted with founding and running other entrepreneurial establishments.

He has received several leadership honorary awards from local as well as international organizations and has been recognized by Forbes as one of the 30 entrepreneurs under 30 to watch.

The leading publication also featured him on its cover for June He is passionate about people and strongly believes in giving back. Over the last decade he has inspired both businesses and individuals in the private sector to invest in the less privileged and the uneducated in countries across the world. He spear headed inter alia the Literacy Africa project which saw one hundred thousand books being donated to children in across the African continent in underprivileged schools.

He has also taken courses on resource development centering on project planning, development and implementation in developing countries. Osita Oparaugo is a Merit Award Winner in recognition of his selfless contribution and dedication to rural development in Africa. He is actively involved in various charitable causes around Africa and a lover of football and golf.

StraSec employs over staff with 18 satellite offices in all the 10 regions of Ghana, as well as offices in Hong Kong and Sierra Leone. Ofori Boateng brings more than 14 years of corporate experience in Ghana and USA, where he has held many sales and customer relations roles.

After a short stint with Dell in , Ofori transferred to serve as a customer relation associate and then manager with TD Bank in and then with Commerce Bank till In Ofori made the decision to move back to Ghana to help grow the family business.

Ofori possesses a strong business and leadership record as CEO and has a deep understanding of the consumer and sales landscape within the African region and beyond. A strong believer in globalisation and collaboration, he is an Executive member of the International Chamber of Commerce, Ghana.

Ofori led the rebranding of 3SIL to StratSec to position the company as a globally competitive organisation. In the company was also recognised for Best In Innovation at the United Kingdom Ghana Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards, in recognition for its commitment to proactively driving improvement through commercial, environmental, and social responsibility.

Married to Sonja, Ofori has 2 beautiful girls; Konamah and Nhyira. He is also an avid golfer and a member of the Achimota Golf Club. Ofori is a staunch Christian and believes in the power of collaboration to achieve success. I provide real time ground truth for businesses and development projects.

Philomena Desmond is an international development professional, promoting US-Africa trade and investment, advising investors and companies on doing business in Africa. Desmond has been very successful at building relationships and strategic partnerships between US investors and companies interested in exploring the African market.

She is an accomplished executive with over twenty years of experience in Africa market entry, project and deal identification, investment facilitation, and in-depth work in infrastructure, energy, agribusiness, financial services, healthcare and the education sectors. In her business development capacity, Ms.

Desmond is responsible for driving the development of new business opportunities through developing strategic relationships and joint ventures through integration and cooperation. Previously, Philomena Desmond was a Senior Consultant for Business Women Network on International Business, where she headed their international product strategy, including international product research, brand development, and market entry strategy implementation.

She has organized numerous successful trade missions to Africa from the United States and vice versa. She is the Executive Director for Horizon Africa. Member, Association of Women in International Business. Member, Nigeria Peoples Forum. Growing up, it always puzzled him why only a few people enjoyed wealth and financial freedom while the vast majority languished in abject poverty. Driven to seek solutions and do his little bit to change the world he lived in, he pursued and attained CPA qualification in the year and subsequently launched his career in the field of accounting.

Whilst accounting gave him a solid foundation on the basics of finance, it failed to satisfy his desire for a platform to change the economic fortunes of many. A timely opportunity presented itself in , when he joined the prestigious Centum Investment Plc; the largest private equity firm in East and Central Africa.

Still burning with the passionate flame to create and grow wealth for others, the move to Centum was a natural fit that ushered him into the world of investments. He gladly switched careers and has since become one of that exalted fraternity of the less than CFA Charter-holders in East Africa.

For 5 years, Pius and his team dedicated themselves to traveling across the continent, finding and investing in securities that were under-researched, below-the-radar, but that harboured significant growth potential.

The strategy proved so fruitful that the portfolio more than quadrupled. Encouraged by this unprecedented success, Pius and his entire team, urged on by colleagues and satisfied investors, made yet another trailblazing decision to spin-off from Centum and form a fully-fledged and independent asset management firm, licensed by the Capital Markets Authority CMA. In , they incorporated Nabo Capital Ltd, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Centum in the business of helping individuals and institutions to create multi-generational wealth.

Today, Pius manages portfolios on behalf of some of the largest Sovereign Wealth Funds in the world, insurance companies, investment companies and ultra-high net-worth individuals. He is not shy to note that he has the best job in the world; he believes Africa is the place to be for anyone wishing to make a remarkable difference and leave a legacy. Despite his obviously demanding schedule, he remains the happily married father of three wonderful boys, and enjoys reading, traveling, fishing and swimming for rest and recuperation away from the daily grind.

He is also an active member of his local Church. Obviously, maintaining a healthy work-life balance is yet another of his many talents. Sussan has over 20 years of experience in the world of higher education, where he had taught graduate and undergraduate students at New York Institute of Technology, University of Central Florida, and at the University of South Florida, as well as at Florida Institute of Technology.

He had served as a Dean of Academic Affairs U. Currently, serving in the Editorial Board as a reviewer in six academic journals. Sussan is a senior member of the I.

He completed his B. Afterward he earned his M. He was born on He is an academician, top executive and a management Practitioner. His educational accolades are B. PhD Honoris causa-Uganda - He is Cleared by WES USA for teaching in US Universities His experience in dealing with many projects came about because he was a Managing Director of a premier Consulting Organization for 15 years, dealing with many global projects in all aspects of conceptualization, designing and execution of large projects.

His Consulting career, academic career and industry career have run almost parallel. His area of specialty is, creating a congenial environment for entry of firms into a foreign land leveling the field for sustainable and profitable businesses.

His PhD thesis is a Global study of 25 countries about the Export and Trade Promotion Policies in finance and business development and directly relates to his actual work experience. A leading Pan African Investment advisory and financial communication firm serving African governments and private companies on strategic communications, financial PR and lobbying to help effectively position them with the financial markets in the process of the identification of source of funding and crisis communication Headquarter in London the firm serves through its liaisons offices in Africa multinationals already doing business in Africa or exploring new business opportunities in Africa.

Sugewe is considered as one of the most experienced professionals for lobbying, investor relations, crisis communications and Litigation PR in Africa markets. He founded HPS International Consulting Ltd in and transformed it from a company with one small London office to a multinational consulting firm in major business, financial and political capitals throughout the Africa, Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific regions. He is the author of numerous articles in the fields of foreign direct investment and economic communication, and has been a guest lecturer throughout the world.

Roland is a Business Development Practitioner with specialization in agribusiness, trade and investment facilitation. Since year , he has been involved in value chain assessment, design and development and has developed knowledge and established contacts in value chains such as rice, cashew, garments, cocoa, maize, sesame, sheanut, soybeans and processed agricultural foods for export from Nigeria to the U.

He has also worked in government engagement, public- private partnerships, investment facilitation and promotion, trade corridor development in Nigeria including the Lagos-Kano-Jibiya LAKAJI trade and investment corridor.

He has worked and continues to work for international development assistance projects and agencies including the U. Roland is the founder of Rossland Group www. He is a firm believer in African entrepreneurship as a solution to the development challenges in the continent.

Recently, he launched a unique program that helps employees transit to become employers through a mentorship and BDS support program called EnRise rise with entrepreneurship!

He was born in October , and is married with a son. Rural energy access typically gets configured along the lines of traditional distribution networks albeit on a smaller scale. This results in a fixed architecture that is not easily scalable from a few hundred watts to 5KW.

With the aspirational growth in the community for economic development in a few years, the initial power network has to be torn down and replaced with a larger one. In other cases, the initial network is overbuilt based on key anchor loads and growth assumptions, that do not materialize. This makes the financial aspects unviable. The best network architectures are ones that allow for plug and play inverter power blocks 1 KW each , that can accommodate several smaller DC inputs such as PV, Batteries or other in various combinations as required.

When the load grows, more power modules can be just daisy chained in a plug and play fashion. The best architectures allow for community development that includes clean water, medicinal refrigerators, freezers, hot water, power tools, etc.

At the grassroots level, the energy interchangeability between thermal and electricity must co-exist based on need and size. Ruben Atekpe is an accomplished investment banker with experience in structured finance transactions and projects.

HartNamtemah is to not only invest from a financial perspective but also believes in investing in the people behind the idea. Our philosophy is that through the mentorship and development of strong leaders and entrepreneurs and the sharing of our network of connections we can we can shed light on the amazing continent that is Africa, the continent on the move and allow it to shine.

He is also an active mentor and member of VC4Africa and Enablis. For more on Rod follow AfricaConnects on all major social media outlets. Ruthe Farmer has focused her efforts on diversity and inclusion in tech and engineering since and is currently Chief Evangelist for the CSforAll Consortium. Over the course of her career, Ms. To obtain a position in a Christian ministry or church that allows me the opportunity to combine my gifts of expository preaching, administration, community development corporation enterprise expansion, and world missions, for the glory of God and for the good of His people.

Sable shares from her over 20 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience that spans across the USA and several countries in Africa. She launched her first international organization providing HR services to clients in aviation, manufacturing, financial institutions, and telecommunications in private and government sector in Nigeria and Ethiopia.

She brings to her audiences global business experience with in-depth understanding of business start-up, building scalable and global businesses, with sensitivity to the impact of women businesses on family life. She incorporates her life experience, entrepreneurial training, and business building experience into her presentations. She is passionate about supporting female entrepreneurs build international partnerships that can open global doors to create profitable businesses.

She holds an M. Simon has over 15 years investment banking experience in New York, London and Tokyo. Since he has built commodity business in Europe, Africa and Asia, successfully building many supply chains from inception, as well as providing start-up capital, financing and producing significant global International export volumes. Simon has been involved in many successful start-up businesses notably Credit Market Analysis Limited. Astute at delivering business solutions that drive strategy implementation through a professional and results oriented approach.

At ease with interacting with Board of Directors and Business Executives in shaping strategy to optimize their leadership and human resource capacity.

Analytical in approach; takes calculated risks and applies business acumen to drive financial results. Built a successful Human Resource Advisory firm with a brand recognized for delivery, professionalism, innovation and customization, best practice and market leadership in Kenya and the region.

Born in Kenya and raised in Kiambu, Simon moved to U. This innovation is a Multi-Billion Dollar industry which will make a considerable contribution providing alternative solutions in both private and public sectors. If you want to Fly Drones, Do it Legally. Sky-View Consultants has experienced Experts and resources to empower your business or organization with the power of UAV technology — regardless of your industry.

Whether you need FAA approval for your employees to be able to fly legally, FAA Part , or if you need us to fly an important job for you, we are here to help. Our Clients base includes the following industries: Our goal is to empower children and women between the ages of 8 and 40 with technology and entrepreneurship skills through our weekly classes.

Todays studies note that women make up nearly half of the workforce, yet only three out of ten computer systems analysts, engineers, and scientists and only one out of four computer programmers are women. This is one of the many examples of our dedication and commitment to our mission. We plan to serve the communities of Southern California. We have a special emphasis on low-income communities, women, youth, and minorities.

The Tracy Repchuk International Foundation is open to all, and our programs serve children, and women within our community at large. Our board has been following your grant making trends and feel that your mission statement aligns well with our mission to help empower children, and women in California equipping them with the skills and knowledge to become self sustainable for income production and to become proactive leaders in society.

On behalf of the Tracy Repchuk International Foundation board members, I invite you to review our request and consider a partnership in an initiative that has potential to be a national model for proven ways of effectively empowering children and women in technology and entrepreneurship in the Southern California region, across the country, and internationally.

Our foundation will be sustained after your investment by special fundraising events and as we pursue other grant opportunities from public and private grants. Sincerely, Zurich Solomon Director of Outreach. He has served as the Regional Capability Area Lead — database technologies, at Accenture, a leading systems integration and technology consulting company.

While at Accenture, he served as Information Technology Security subject matter expert and led Gap Analysis and Security compliance solution for a major European bank and State Government projects.

Notably, while working at State of Georgia, he managed public health information technology projects and served as technical resource for an Enterprise Data Warehouse solution project.

He is a member of the Rotary Club of Dallas, and has a passionate love for traveling. Tanya is passionate about human and organisational development. During her time as a learning and development specialist focusing on management and leadership development, Tanya gained valuable experience working with various companies across a wide range of sectors. Tanya is the mother of a teenage son and a sports enthusiast.

Llewellyn oversees strategic implementation, investor communications, and global business development for Ovamba. She was born, raised and educated in the U. Vanessa Adams joined DAI in with more than 20 years of professional experience, including with Fortune companies in the United States. Vanessa has worked in 29 African countries with businesses and farmer cooperatives to increase productivity, meet buyer specifications, access finance, and compete in international markets.

She partners with governments, donors, and businesses to develop and implement strategies that increase productivity, competitiveness, and trade, expand investments, improve business environments, access financial services, and reduce constraints to economic growth. Yrenilsa was previously with BlueOrchard Finance in Lima, Peru where she executed private debt investments and managed a portfolio of private debt investments to financial institutions serving the bottom of the pyramid.

She has completed all three levels of the CFA Institute exam series. She speaks fluent Spanish and conversational Portuguese. Cultural Ambassador that has become her greatest achievement. Austin has been credited with improving the climate of nearly 3, academic institutions, government agencies and non-profit organizations through evidence-based strategies as an innovative educator, keynote speaker and social impact leader for 14 years.

With the success of this 3-credit course, Ms. Through a combination of education, sustainable skill development and the arts, her humanitarian organization, the Change Rocks Foundation, has taught over , vulnerable youth, advocates and educators in 18 countries from North and Latin America to Africa and Europe how to create sustainable solutions that reduce poverty and injustice.

Austin has served as a consultant to the U. State Department under which she has produced conflict resolution, peace building, youth empowerment and economic development programs across the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, Botswana, Namibia and Malawi. She was recently awarded her 6th U. State Department grant to expand programs in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda for former child soldiers and genocide orphans respectively.

Nominated as a CNN Hero for her global humanitarian efforts in , and , Yewande is currently building Alheri Village — a sustainable community that will provide housing, education, job training and healthcare services to some of the nearly 2 million survivors displaced by conflict with Boko Haram terrorists in Abuja, Nigeria.

Her dream is for this transformational rehabilitation model to revolutionize how the world treats, manages and empowers vulnerable populations in our global community. It is this extraordinary mission that is inspiring a legion of everyday heroes to change the world.

Zekarias has been at the forefront of providing deal sourcing, research, buy-side and sale-side Investment advisory and negotiation, and guiding international investors on bankable opportunities in Ethiopia.

He has re-tuned his focus on Ethiopia and Africa and as a result has founded the London based IBEX Financial Consultancy Ltd in early and has been providing route-to-market and deal sourcing services for Ethiopian focused international investors and investment advisory to Ethiopian businesses. Zéluis Teixeira worked with UNICEF of Belize for 6 years and held executive leadership roles in multiple Fortune companies before evolving his career to full-time entrepreneur. Annona is a social enterprise with a mission to improve global supply chains for the benefit of smallholder farmers and producers.

Muhammad has been in charge of business operations, distribution, programming, syndication, advertising, media and business consulting for more than 22 years. He often advises companies on how to effectively market on digital, mobile, social media, television, and radio. Muhammad travels around the world participating and presenting at various international themed seminars and events while introducing and bringing awareness to U. Reporter on Africa, Devex - United States. Founder, Debbie Peters Consulting - Zimbabwe.

Founder, Whats in it for Africa - Belgium. Sawyerr particularly focuses on financial technology solutions including: He serves as Director of Splash Mobile Money, a mobile payments company in Sierra Leone where he provides strategic guidance on all matters concerning the company.

He is also an advisor to several Fintech companies that have aspirations to be Global platforms. Prior to Feleman, Mr. Sawyerr spent fifteen years in management consulting and Fortune corporations.

Bofta has been honored for her work nearly every year in her journalism career, including a Regional Emmy award and the prestigious Edward R. Bofta is the first Ethiopian-American newscaster to receive an Emmy for her work. As a speaker and workshop facilitator, Bofta mixes high energy storytelling and strong content to empower audiences. Using her coaching skills, Bofta works with entrepreneurs, executives, authors and corporate professionals on crafting their signature talk, developing strong delivery and increasing their visibility.

Courtney Ashley Vaughan is the principal of a year-old boutique strategy-consulting firm providing management consulting and cross-border transaction advisory services for institutional building and infrastructure development.

Vaughan is a multi-sectoral and multi-skilled strategist and an out-of-the-box thinker who advises in the financial, private, and government sectors about financing strategies to support growth.

She is an effective coordinator, due diligence expert and negotiator who understands how organizations and markets work. Over the last two decades, Ms. Vaughan led several missions to Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean and the Middle East for the World Bank and private sector stakeholders, serving in various capacities on high-level and complex business cases across 40 countries worldwide.

She is a leading advisor in the West African Sub-regional electricity infrastructure advisory space and has engaged the highest level of government in West African States and the United States.

Vaughan is a member of The Bretton Woods Committee. Vaughan previously served as a Managing Director of a Washington-DC based full-service economic consulting firm, leveraging her Wall Street and international development banking experience to bring multiple resources to support major investments in developing countries.

Vaughan previously served four Wall Street-based financial institutions, including Chase Manhattan Bank and Bank of New York and provided operational-level support for billions of dollars in syndicated loans. She also contributed to the restructuring of sovereign debt for Latin American countries under the Brady Bonds Guidelines.

She has served the World Bank as a consultant and developed the baseline for financial sector vulnerability of eight countries in Europe and Central Asia — after Russia defaulted on its domestic debt in — and a consolidated private and financial sector development note for seven countries in Middle East and North Africa MENA.

Remi Duyile has Over 35 years of combined experience, and accomplishment as an International executive leader and project manager with a proven record of innovation, effective communication, and ability to enhance team performance and deliver results.

She managed over financial portfolios for high net worth companies in the financial Institution in tune of millions of dollars. Her 17 years Career span in Corporate America Banking range from retail, commercial, private and mortgage banking, where she rose from teller to Vice President in the 90s. She is a serial entrepreneur doing it big globally with her sound experience and exposure.

Certified John Maxwell coach , speaker and trainer. A Les Brown Platinum Speaker. Duyile an eloquent International Keynote speaker is intentionally active in the Diaspora and abroad impacting the next generation and being a business bridge to Global Investors.

She is an astute legislative advocate and trusted community leader. An example of how faith, hard work and perseverance can lead to numerous exposure and growth. Fondly supported by her loving husband for over 28years and her adorable grown responsible young adults. He specialises in international politics, business, and health and education. Henry started his career in the early 90s as a print journalist initially writing for black diaspora publications like The Voice, and the Caribbean Times, then for mainstream newspapers including The Times, Daily Express, The Guardian and the London Evening Standard.

He has also provided media advice and training to politicians, business and charity leaders at home and abroad. Henry is currently an international moderator and Master of Ceremonies, specialising in business and economic development and the Sustainable Development Goals. His corporate clients include Maersk, KPMG, Amaris and Cartier International for whom he has facilitated conferences and ceremonies on key issues ranging from diversity to sustainability. So far this year Henry has moderated several events, including the GPE replenishment in Dakar, which was the largest such education gathering of its kind.

Here are some clips of Henry Bonsu in action. Hassanatu Blake is Co-Founding Director and President of Focal Point Global, a c 3 Edtech youth nonprofit organization empowering disadvantaged youth to tackle community issues through global education and innovative technology. In addition, Hassanatu also is passionate about improving health globally.

She has also written on a variety of health topics for the African-American online health resource BlackDoctor. After acquiring experience in the International Development and Government sector as a former UN and Cameroon Government staff, Iynna Halilou found her passions in entrepreneurship and its interplay with tech. In her capacity, she works with international governments and other partners to support global startups looking to scale their operations in the US market.

She also was instrumental in the launch of the edtech startup Enza Academy as COO, where she now serves as an advisor.

She was the first Archimedes Project Fellow and started a sanitation enterprise in Cameroon — her home country.

Iynna has been very outspoken about the role and advancement of women in tech and in societies. She is a Community Lead of AnitaB.

She teaches coding to younger girls and enjoys geeking at tech conferences where she is a fierce advocate of women in tech and in leadership positions. A Franklin Fellow with the U. State Department advising on communications outreach issues.

Country Manager with Djembe Communications, an African-focused communications consultancy that puts a lens on game-changing innovation, entrepreneurship and social impact issues on the continent and diaspora.

Our engagements and collaborations include: Scott has enjoyed a long-standing career, bringing over 30 years of experience in the field of international development, spanning the private, non-profit, multi-lateral agency and US government sectors, both domestically and globally. As Principal of A2A Ms. Scott focuses on brokering sound trade and investment linkages between? American and African companies. She provides strategic guidance, policy advice and partnership facilitation. As part of her services, Ms.

Scott regularly oversees trade missions, and business-related symposia, provides linkages for capacity building and management training, as needed, and holds policy dialog with high-ranking officials as well as with businessmen from both the US and African countries. Scott served as President of the U. USACC counts amongst its members Fortune and firms as well as SMEs, representing a complex array of policy, economic and operational challenges.

Scott provided strategic guidance for companies and investors; carried out trade missions; facilitated a number of business-related symposia across the U. She also provided linkages for capacity building and management training programs targeted especially towards SMEs and Local Content companies seeking to reach the next stage in business.

Over the years, he has worked closely with national, regional, continental and international agencies in a bid to help promote social and economic development in Africa with a view to contributing to shape a better future for Africa and its teaming youth population. As a trade and social development expert, he is involved in many ongoing projects and programmes aimed at promoting intra-African trade cooperation, increasing fdi flow to Africa, advocating for trade balance between Africa and its trading partners, reducing the number of out-of-school population in Africa, improving technology utilization and internet penetration, promote community action towards sustainable development, improving the standard of education and developing strategies for mitigating corruption and financial crimes in Nigeria and other parts of Africa.

Investment Manager at GroFin - Senegal. Partner, Baylis Emerging Markets - Nigeria. Investment Management Officer, Shuraako - Colorado. President, Council of Africa - Uganda. Global Chairman, Tokunbo Orimobi - Nigeria.

Managing Director, Mercton Resources - Ghana. Executive Chairman, Mainstrategy - United Kingdom. Born on the 10th April Abdulkadir speaks regularly on renewable energy and green economy, agribusiness, natural resources and MSME development within Africa and beyond.

Anglophone but perfectly bilingual. More than 18years of working experience. Expert in SME development. Cameroon has enormous potential. Coming from the biggest SME organisation in Cameroon- ECAM, I would like to showcase the business potential, opportunities which the Cameroonian SMEs have, and equally present the channels through which foreign companies could be assisted in their venture to do business in Cameroon.

She is a staunch supporter of education of the girl-child as a way of giving them agency. Aures Tchana is the Managing Director of LoopSight Company Inc, a global Operations Consulting Plateform, which mission is to help organizations succeed in the 21st century by enhancing their agility to rethink, reimagine, and redefine their customer experience.

As a Continuous Improvement practitioner and system thinker, his focus is to support businesses to reach a sustainable performance by resolving wicked problems consequent of our VUCA world, full of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity.

Aures has accompanied many organizations in the design, the implementation and deployment of Continuous Improvement Strategy, Culture, Principles and Techniques, around business and customer requirements within an effective change management framework. Lean and Process control principles were embedded into employees on their day to day working environment through a smart Process Improvement deployment strategy. The customer experience in relation with Symcor-IPC processes needs and expectations was improved significantly.

Aures coached 2 Black Belts and 3 Green Belts and business analysts to achieve the required business process sustainability. At the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Aures provide business improvement solutions to Small and Medium Businesses up to employees by conducting business strategic analysis and End 2 End process performance review and optimization. He has supported several business Innovation by design sessions to improve departments and Business Units.

He has also played a role of strategist and an leadership coach for team leaders and Executives. Amadou has two passions in life: Africa and software engineering. Over the last five years he has travelled across Africa searching for top software engineers and in the process, Amadou acquired a lot of knowledge on the IT landscape in Africa and the opportunities it presents. It is through his quest that he saw the potential of software improving African economies and solving socio economic issues across developing countries.

This motivated him to Co-Found a Pan — African company, Gebeya Inc so as to nurture a-self-sustainable ecosystem that trains, hires, and incubates the best of IT African talent. Berthran is the Managing Director of the Tendy group of companies invested in logistics, distribution and retail. Prior to joining Tendy, Berthran served in various general management and technical positions. In his roles he managed several Fortune clients like Honda Canada, Yamaha and BMW; providing market research insights and technology to drive revenue growth at dealerships.

He is a passionate advocate of building strong private and public African institutions to drive the growth story of the continent. He is focused on developing sustainable models and ushering Africa into economic fruition through business development and global partnerships. Bradley has fast established himself as one of the leading business development professionals in the African telecoms, media and technology TMT sector — specializing in SMEs and startups with unique offerings.

Africa needs to increase trade, not aid. Bradley lives in Cape Town with his wife and three children but travels widely across the African continent.

His practices range from leadership, civil engineering, project management, adjudication, mediation and arbitration. Franklin also serves as Chairman and Managing Director of the Whitman Group, a privately held Africa focused investment holding and advisory company with a portfolio of 13 operating companies — 8 of which are in Nigeria.

At Mizuho, Franklin reported to the CEO and helped establish the CLO, High Yield sales and trading, secondary loan trading, structured finance and asset finance businesses; his mandate included originating, structuring and syndicating private capital raising and overseeing the secondary loan and trade claims trading businesses. He has developed recognized expertise in macroeconomic and fundamental credit analysis.

Mitchell and a Venture Incubation Program Fellow. With its global network Japan, Africa, Asia, Middle East, USA, Europe, South Latin America, etc and based on trust from companies in various industries and from consumers in each region and nation, his Onebloom Corporation engages in multifaceted business activities by making the most of its Integrated Corporate Strength. She joined Shuraako in , bringing extensive experience in and international political and economic development and finance.

Now an Author of the coffee table book Fashion Africa, an International Public Speaker, a University Fashion lecturer an African Fashion Business Consultant and researcher, Jacqueline who owns a Masters degree in Ethical Fashion and completing a Masters in Social Research is known for being an expert and most proudly an ambassador in the Ethical African fashion landscape championing for a more responsible way of doing fashion business and doing it well in Africa. Jacqueline is unapologetically a champion for fashion in Africa and her work and reputation represents her enthusiasm and belief in this.

After her fifteen-years career in the Healthcare sector,as a Business Analyst and regulatory subject matter expert, Ms. Halliday decided it was time to follow her passion to serve the marginalized.

While working as a Healthcare Business Analyst, she found time to volunteer in several charities and help to organize and structure new non-profit organizations. She serves as an advisor and strategist for several non- profit organizations in Africa, Caribbean and Latin America. She has spear-headed several projects to raise funds for non- profit organizations globally. She is a recipient of a lifetime achievement award from the African Women Cancer Awareness Organization for outstanding work in the support of African Women battling breast cancer globally.

Halliday also served as the membership chair for the National Association of Professional Women Maryland Chapter and currently serves as a subject matter expert on healthcare regulatory issues for the Gerson Lehrman Group, Inc. Halliday is also the founder of the International Business Strategies, a global business consulting firm that facilitates trade and investments in Africa and beyond. With offices in the United States and major African countries, he and his team of well-trained.

Their focus is to. Each year, they work. They provide project-funding facilitation, escrow and paymaster services, foreign. I will like to provide real information to foreign companies and investors regarding how to succeed in Africa and also provide to Africans real information regarding. In , Jarju began to address global food insecurity by studying abroad in The Gambia focusing on West African culture, foods and interventions.

Jarju has a professional background in public and community affairs journalism, program development, community engagement and mass media marketing. She is an active member of the National Association of Black Journalists.

At the African Trade and Investment Global Summit, Jarju will explain how these components impact food insecurity in Africa and possible strategies to address this issue. Jarju is continuing her work with support of the Graduate Student Research grant from the University of Illinois at Springfield.

We have a particular focus on West Africa including Cameroon. Retired from active athletics in a year short of the Sydney Olympics he now focuses on building capacity for African Sports at the Global Stage in Media, Athlete and Event Management.

He is recognized as one of the foremost experts in the African Sports landscape and is highly regarded as insightful and very Thorough in his work. He started his career working alongside internationally known academicians, using econometric modelling for policy analysis and forecasts.

He then joined the World Bank for nine years, before establishing his consultancy company. He is now a highly qualified and internationally recognised expert in the field of economic development, regularly invited to prestigious conferences as speaker or panellist.

Over his year economic development career, he has worked extensively with the European Commission and the ACP Secretariat, mostly as Team Leader, providing advice at all levels of government to develop, implement and monitor policy reforms in a wide range of sectors.

From to he managed the Ai Award winning BizClim programme which worked to improve the business and investment climate of ACP countries. Throughout his career, Mr Cherif has built a large network of relevant contacts for the TSF project, including at very high level.

This includes privileged relationships in both in public and private sectors, such as within international financial institutions, Regional Economic Communities and private sector organisations.

He was the main driver behind the organisation of the EU-Africa Business Forum and other inter-continental forums. He has been involved in a large number of projects and initiatives, often marking significant new beginnings and innovations. Mr Cherif has accumulated extremely valuable experience in various areas of development assistance related to private sector development and business environment reforms, structural adjustment programmes, development finance, food security, budgetary support and sector reforms health, education, transport, fisheries, financial sector and agriculture, to name but a few.

He has helped prepare more than 50 economic development programmes for the EU, and supported the development of hundreds of financially smaller but important projects aimed at fostering growth and employment. He has served as strategic director for hundreds of events and conducted training for EC officials on budgetary aid, as well as on economic and financial analysis.

In a nutshell, I have over ten years of progressive experience in the civil society sector, specifically focusing on democratic governance, youth empowerment and trade development.

Michael, in the course of his legal career has been able to perfectly combine his legal background with his investment banking experience in proffering highest quality legal advisory services to clients.

Haromaya University and BSc. I have 9 years of working experience in social and business environments both in Ethiopia and Sweden. I am also part of a Young Innovation Hub, an organization that works on youth empowerment and leadership skills that advocate for matters of sustainable development, youth, entrepreneurship, environment and education. Currently, Rudy is the Founding Partner of Ceres Law, a minority international corporate law firm based in New York, serving domestic and international clients in a variety of disciplines and industries.

Ceres Law develops outstanding and diverse legal teams to deliver effective legal advice and results for our clients in, among others, the U.

The African Alliance will help to incubate and grow human capacity in Africa to leverage the power of the digital in health across the continent. He is particularly passionate about country leadership and governance of digital health investments and activities in LMICs.

Exporting success is vital. Passionate about the huge export growth potential across Africa. It is however a specialized skill. Poverty alleviation solution by training thousands of beekeepers to construct beehives and produce tons of honey and beeswax as a self-help family income source.

Benefits also some refugees. Simbarashe is 33 years old and is the Founder and Managing Director of Oxygen Africa, a Zimbabwean renewable energy development company focused on commercial and industrial rooftop solar photovoltaic projects. Oxygen is currently developing 50MW rooftop solar project with Old Mutual Property Zimbabwe, the largest property investment managers in Zimbabwe; as well as a second with Minerva Risk Advisors, a leading provider of risk management services, insurance and reinsurance brokerage and employee benefits consulting in Zimbabwe.

In September , Tony launched Renewables in Africa www. As much as helping businesses primarily, it is also about getting the civil society understanding what they need, what they buy and to some extent as well, how to better use this energy. Tony is also the co-Director of Reach Society, a social enterprise that is aiming to encourage, motivate and inspire young Black people. Partner, Strachan Partners - Nigeria. Chairman, African Youth Panel - Nigeria.

The company was founded in by Mr. Mesuna Osman and Mr. Sumaila Mesuna, co-owners of Naagamni Oil Limited. Mole engages in the following activities: We work closely with our clients to provide tailor-made services to satisfy their needs. This includes plant and equipment hire as well as sales of excavation and earthmoving equipment. For many businesses, timely, efficient and reliable logistical support is central to the success of their business.

We ensure that this is taken care of to enable our clients focus on their core business for efficiency and higher productivity. To become one of the market leaders in the delivery of timely logistics and construction services in Ghana and beyond. Our values are built on excellent and timely service delivery by nurturing trust between us and our clients. Mole Plants and Machinery provides a broad range of equipment and transportation services. Our rich experience and expertise in logistics puts us in pole position to provide haulage and transportation services across the country.

Aside theses services, we offer customized services to fit the needs of each client to ensure efficient and effective delivery of their core services.

Plant and Equipment Hire 3. Excavation and Earth works 4. Transportation and Haulage Services 5. General Trading and supplies 7. To advice, train and equip clients with the technical knowhow on equipment. Through our operating lease, we take off your burden of having to deal with the daily hassles of repair and maintenance costs. Under this system, the following benefits could be gained;. Instant reduction of maintenance and repair cost.

Efficiency and Effectiveness of transport services 3. Clients would have an Off balance sheet financing method 4. No down payment for the vehicle which certainly enhances clients cash flows 6. All other related issues on the road including regulatory requirements are taken up by us.

Clients would drive any car of their choices without worrying about how it was acquired and how it is managed. Clients are only to call on Mole and we will be there to answer. This is to ensure no disruptions in service delivery. Clients are not affected by currency fluctuations as our arrangements are done in the local currency and as a hedge against inflation. At a small premium, executive and luxury vehicles can be changed annually to ensure that executives drive current models of vehicles and to reflect their status in the industry.

Vehicles could be branded for clients to promote their corporate image. This is done to ensure clients work within their budgets and to have best of services they require.

Fleet management is part of our services and in some peculiar instances we buy off assets from clients. We listen to clients and present to them unique and effective solutions. Parliament of Ghana 2. Shantui West and Central Africa Ltd 4. Smaes West Africa 5.

Stanbic Bank Ltd 6. Nerjet Ghana Ltd 8. Africa Centre for Energy Policy Oleum Ghana Limited Homeland Petroleum Limited I am a legal practitioner in Nigeria and a partner in the law firm, Strachan Partners. I generally provide legal advisory services to foreign businesses and investors interested in doing business in Nigeria- the legal requirements of doing business and sustainability in diverse sectors of the economy.

Founder and CEO of Pfortner. Aubrey founded Pfortner in From humble beginnings in his garage, the business has grown and now serves customers in 15 countries. I am a self-motivated Young Entrepreneur with over 4years practical experience in Agribusiness Entrepreneurship and Grant Management.

Berthin represents Afrinet Capital, a venture fund focusing on strategic investments in Sub-Saharan Africa. His vision for the impact of technology on emerging markets has led him to focus on connecting entrepreneurs and investors across the globe.

His background plays a role in his passion with the East African Region, this allows for an extraordinary understanding of the top startups in Africa and their potential.

Through partnerships with local experts, Berthin has created a network of the next generation of entrepreneurs in Africa. Brian Asingia is a NY based Ugandan using people, technology and process skills to create social-economic inclusion and build meaningful ecosystems such as DreamAfrica, a global subscription and revenue share based streaming platform for multicultural content backed by a cross-cultural storytellers network and AskAingia, a global network for early adopters and customer driven innovators.

He is a writer, speaker, analyst, lifelong learner of DevSecOps with a passion for AI, AR and Cryptocurrency on blockchain, the platforms beyond mobile with potential for global identities and transparent value exchange. Asingia is the global citizen brianasingia, of AskAsingia by BrianAsingia. I am a young entrepreneur from Zimbabwe.

YPO member harare chapter, I have been doing business in Zimbabwe for over 15 years and survived the economic meltdown. Chike is an Educator, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Investor, Humanitarian, Entertainer and Biomedical Engineer who is passionate about empowering untapped communities and increasing representation through diversity and inclusion in tech and entrepreneurial spaces.

Born in Nigeria, Chike is one of six siblings currently living in 5 countries on 4 continents. A well travelled lover of people and cultures, Chike draws inspiration from the beauty in the things that both bind us together as well as those that make us unique. He is an ardent believer in the social and economic benefits of inclusive diversity and continues to advocate for its adoption. Daineth Enterprises was incorporated in with its head office in Nairobi. Since its inception, it has provided standardized quality services and strives to meet its customer needs.

His co-option to Nairobi Chamber will immensely rejuvenate the county due to her connections and goodwill.

I stepped away for a moment to handle something at my desk, but I returned to see the young men holding court with a variety of NBC and HBO employees, building relationships and making connections. As The event came to a close, I thanked them for representing themselves and their hosts with the utmost integrity and told them they have a new uncle in New York.

I Salute you all for your commitment, dedication, and sacrifice to embark upon success!!!! We've sliced the time into the following 1-hour slots, to try and serve all:.

Open Programming Clinics, etc. Open to players to work on your skills, footwork, face-offs. Coaches may or may not be available during this time.

Any clinics will be announced prior to the session. Hope to see those of you who are in town, wanting to improve your skills and prepping for Fall Ball! Junior lacrosse phenom, Stone Evans, showing love for the work Joe Nocella has done for the City of New York and the borough of Brooklyn, with the Brooklyn Lacrosse Club, by removing barriers of access to the game.

The video message was sent to us from the Evans family, in honor of Joe stepping down from leadership. It was presented at the May 31st, 3rd Annual Spring Fundraiser event.

Thank you to all who came out to show support and to all who contributed in any way they could. I know Joe felt the love.

Feel free to continue to donate to our efforts via GoFundMe. For the full event recap, check here. Check out this great article by US Lacrosse regarding our innovative training methods.