Healthy, Energizing Smoothies for Pregnancy

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Pregnancy Nutrition
I made a post previously about not being able to eat lately aversions and just no interest in food lately! Consume more liquid-based foods, which are easier to keep down. Since moms still need to maintain normal protein ranges while breastfeeding, doctors like to have an allergen free protein source available for moms. Make it a meal: Mint makes it especially refreshing on hot days. Previous Article Slow Cooking — Simple rules.

Read the Nutrition Label

Quick and Healthy Smoothie Recipes for Pregnancy

Protein shakes with the right ingredients can be a healthy supplement to your diet as snack or a meal if:. It is important to know that if you have no problems with eating or gaining weight during your pregnancy, don't use protein shakes as a substitute for eating a variety of healthy whole foods.

In addition, examine the list of ingredients before you buy a brand of protein shake. When you are pregnant, it is more important than ever to know everything about what you eat or drink to ensure it is safe, for your baby's sake and yours. Scrutinize the nutrition label to find out if a protein powder or pre-made shake is safe to use during pregnancy.

While some products may be a good source of protein, minerals, and vitamins, many contain questionable additives. The following are the important things you want to know about your protein shake. Protein powder or ready-to-drink protein shakes vary in the types of protein they contain.

Avoid buying a product if you are allergic to any of the protein sources on the label. Brands may use a single or a combination of proteins including:. In decreasing order of measures of protein quality and amino acid content, egg albumin is first, followed by whey, milk, casein, and soy, based on a review in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine. Note that, according to the Mayo Clinic, though whey is not known to cause increased problems during pregnancy, it is associated with a risk for multiple medical problems, including diabetes, heart, bowel, and liver problems.

Some products have a high percentage of protein while others are low in protein content compared to other ingredients. Choose a brand where the main protein source is listed as the first ingredient, otherwise you might just as well be consuming a sugared smoothie instead of a protein-based shake.

Look for products with 10 to 20 grams of protein. A Cochrane Library database review suggested high levels of protein supplementation might be associated with a risk of small-for-gestational-age babies. A review in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition also suggested high protein supplementation 40 grams a day might cause an increased risk for low birth weight infants, preterm births, and stillbirths. Many brands of protein shakes are high in carbohydrates and various types of natural simple sugars, such as corn syrup.

Some have sugar listed as the first or second ingredient. This can add a lot of empty calories to what should be a healthy drink. In addition, if you are at risk for gestational diabetes or are already diabetic, the added sugar load could cause problems for you and your baby before and after birth.

Choose a brand with less than 10 grams of sugar per serving. I like them because they're not too too filling great for when I just need a little something but not starving and the chocolate one tastes really good to me.

I still drink one every day. Archived Discussion This discussion is archived and locked for posting See active discussions on December Babies. I'm meaning the kind with high vitamins and such that I can have while pregnant and safe for baby. Not the diet kind. I made a post previously about not being able to eat lately aversions and just no interest in food lately! I'm here crying because I tried to eat a whole banana and yogurt!

I felt like I was goig to throw up and had to stop and now my stomach is hurting really bad. I'm fine with cereal, pb and js and smoothies which I always get pro protien now because lack of appetite! I'm looking for shakes or drink mixes i can try as well until I get over this phase, which will hopefully be soon.

By the way I'm seeing OB the 28th and plan to talk to her about it then just looking for things to hold me over until then. Oldest Newest 19 Posts. Dashing out the door to the school bus before Mom could slip so much as a glass of OJ in your hand? Rushing from meeting to meeting — and vending machine to vending

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